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Optical Thin Films IV: New Developments
Editor(s): James D. Rancourt

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Volume Number: 2262
Date Published: 7 September 1994

Table of Contents
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Low-energy high-flux reactive ion-assisted deposition of oxide optical coatings: performance, durability, stability, and scalability
Author(s): Walter T. Pawlewicz; Thomas R. Culver; Michael W. Chiello; John H. Zachistal; Sherman R. Walters; D. A. Allen
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Some comparisons in the application of End-Hall and Cold Cathode ion sources in the conversion of SiO to SiO2
Author(s): Ronald R. Willey
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Rate-controlled synthesis of composition-modulated metal oxide thin films
Author(s): Alan F. Jankowski
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Microwave and rf PECVD of SiOx and SiOxNy thin films
Author(s): Nancy L.S. Yamasaki; William P. Klapp; Larry Malon
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Stable ultranarrow bandpass filters
Author(s): Mike A. Scobey; Paul D. Stupik
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Future trends in optical coatings for high-power laser applications
Author(s): Mark R. Kozlowski; Ian M. Thomas
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Defect geometries and laser-induced damage in multilayer coatings
Author(s): Robert J. Tench; Mark R. Kozlowski; Robert Chow
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Roughness and scattering measurements on thin films for UV/VIS applications
Author(s): Angela Duparre; Axel Kiesel; Norbert Kaiser; Horst Truckenbrodt; Uwe Schuhmann
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X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy depth profiling of oxidized aluminum thin films
Author(s): Jongmin Kim; Jeffrey J. Weimer; Muamer Zukic; Charles E. Keffer; Douglas G. Torr
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Optical scattering and microstructure of ion beam deposited metal coatings
Author(s): Ghanim A. Al-Jumaily; Nasrat A. Raouf; Samad M. Edlou; John C. Simons
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Optical and electrical properties of reactively sputtered TiN, ZrN, and HfN thin films
Author(s): Samad M. Edlou; John C. Simons; Ghanim A. Al-Jumaily; Nasrat A. Raouf
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Characterization of optically variable film using goniospectroscopy
Author(s): Shari Powell Fisher; Roger W. Phillips; Mike Nofi; Robert G. Slusser
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Use of nematic thin-film coatings for visualizing the defects on polished glass surfaces
Author(s): Maxim Georg Tomilin; Raymond Mercier; Jean-Paul Marioge; Michel Mullot; Gerard Tissot; L. Bernstein; Gerard Roblin
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Imaging ellipsometry of optical coatings in situ
Author(s): Russell A. Chipman; J. Larry Pezzaniti
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Enhanced absorption diagnostic coatings
Author(s): Robert A. Field
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MIR/NIR/VIS spectrophotometric investigation of absorbing thin-film materials based on error function minimization by the method of conjugated gradients
Author(s): Olaf Stenzel; Ralf Petrich
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Bandpass filters and Fourier transform thin-film design techniques
Author(s): Bertrand G. Bovard
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Use of a new synthesis algorithm to design polarization insensitive optical coatings
Author(s): Gary W. DeBell; Alexander V. Tikhonravov; Michael K. Trubetskov
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Evaluation of coating deposition geometries for annular resonator optics
Author(s): Robert A. Field
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Coatings for temperature reduction in space: a case study of solar cell covers
Author(s): William T. Beauchamp
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Coatings for large-area low-cost solar concentrators and reflectors
Author(s): Peter M. Martin; John D. Affinito; Mark E. Gross; Wendy D. Bennett
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Genetic algorithm and thin-film design
Author(s): Kopel Rabinovitch; Gregory Toker
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Thin-film birefringent devices based on form birefringence
Author(s): John P. Eblen Jr.; William J. Gunning; Donald B. Taber; Pochi Yeh; Mohsen Khoshnevisan; James Beedy; Leonard G. Hale
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Indium tin oxide (ITO) coating of curved polymer substrates
Author(s): Harold S. Gurev; Kim Jeffrey Bicking
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Optical multilayers with an amorphous fluoropolymer
Author(s): Robert Chow; Gary E. Loomis; Edward F. Lindsey
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Rapid production of large-area polymeric cold mirror via a simultaneous layer formation process
Author(s): John A. Wheatley; Ray A. Lewis; Walter J. Schrenk; W. Lutz; Gregg A. Motter
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Vacuum-deposited polymer/silver reflector material
Author(s): John D. Affinito; Peter M. Martin; Mark E. Gross; Wendy D. Bennett
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Methods for influencing the optical properties of dichromated gelatin films
Author(s): Hartmut Schuette; Vera Dederichs; Christo G. Stojanoff
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Plastic substrate hardening by PE-CVD
Author(s): Stefania Menichella; Carlo Misiano; Enrico Simonetti; L. De Carlo
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Preparation and properties of SnO2 films doped with phosphorous and phosphorous plus fluorine
Author(s): Kroum M. Kolentsov; A. S. Rachkova; Lilyana S. Yourukova; Vesela Pamukchieva
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Logarithmically variable infrared etalon filters
Author(s): Kenneth P. Rosenberg; Karen D. Hendrix; Donald E. Jennings; Dennis C. Reuter; Murzy D. Jhabvala; Anh T. La
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Direct-current (DC) magnetron sputtering for optical coatings
Author(s): Paolo Lagana; Carlo Misiano; Enrico Simonetti
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