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Optical System Contamination: Effects, Measurements, and Control IV
Editor(s): A. Peter M. Glassford

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Volume Number: 2261
Date Published: 19 October 1994

Table of Contents
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Results of STS-51 orbiter crew compartment contamination generation and extravehicular activity (EVA) payload bay transfer experiment
Author(s): Patricia A. Hansen; Randy J. Hedgeland; Carl R. Maag; Calvin H. Seaman
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Integrated approach for contamination control and verification for the Hubble Space Telescope first servicing mission
Author(s): Randy J. Hedgeland; Patricia A. Hansen; David W. Hughes
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Protective bag design for the Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission carriers
Author(s): Randy J. Hedgeland; Barry N. Greenberg; Wayne C. Geer; Joe Hammerbacher; Leon Bailey; John DiBartolo; Don Gabbert
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Monitoring deposition of molecular contamination on optics using a temperature-controlled quartz crystal microbalance (TQCM)
Author(s): William J. Mitchell
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Maintaining a Class M 5.5 environment in a Class M 6.5 cleanroom
Author(s): David W. Hughes; Randy J. Hedgeland; Wayne C. Geer; Barry N. Greenberg
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Flight measurement of molecular contaminant deposition
Author(s): David F. Hall
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Verification of molecular contaminant and atomic oxygen modeling for the Environmental Verification Experiment for the Explorer Platform (EVEEP)
Author(s): Charles C. Lorentson; Laura Ottenstein; Philip T. C. Chen; Rose T. Rodriguez
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Role of contamination analysis in resolving concerns relating to the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) open-door deployment at the conclusion of the first servicing mission
Author(s): Steve C. Kwan; Loren C. Zumwalt; Aleck L. Lee
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Derivation of cleanliness requirements for the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS)
Author(s): Thomas McKay
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Contamination studies of the Pegasus fairing separation
Author(s): Kenneth T. Luey; Joseph C. Uht
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Particle-in-cell/Monte Carlo simulation of dusty plasmas near spacecraft surfaces
Author(s): Robert E. Erlandson; N. A. Gatsonis
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Effects of cryogenic contaminants on optical surfaces: calculations of reflectance and transmittance (CALCRT) thin-film reflectance/transmittance model
Author(s): William T. Bertrand; Bob E. Wood; Kent F. Palmer
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Characterization of surface cleanliness with particulate obscuration
Author(s): Michael C. Fong; Aleck L. Lee
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Method of conservatively predicting long-term outgassing and deposition levels based on diffusion-limited outgassing theory
Author(s): Timothy J. Girard; Richard M. Payton
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Outgassing issues and measurement protocols for spacecraft coatings
Author(s): David M. Silver; Richard C. Benson; Jeffrey W. Garrett; A. Peter M. Glassford
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Cryogenic bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) measurements at 10.6 um on contaminated mirrors for the Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX) satellite program
Author(s): Bryan L. Seiber; Robert J. Bryson; Bob E. Wood
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Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX) ion mass spectrometer: measurement of contaminant and ambient ions
Author(s): Robert E. Erlandson; Mark T. Boies; O. Manuel Uy; J. M. Grebowsky; Jack T. Coulson
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Thermogravimetric analysis of selected condensed materials on a quartz crystal microbalance
Author(s): C. Brent Bargeron; Terry E. Phillips; Richard C. Benson
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Prediction and on-orbit calculation of temperatures for thermal radiators of the Midcourse Space Experiment's quartz crystal microbalances
Author(s): Jeffrey C. Lesho; O. Manuel Uy; Douglas Mehoke; Bob E. Wood
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Cooperative sensor calibration: Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX) neutral mass spectrometer and total pressure sensor
Author(s): Mark T. Boies; Richard C. Benson; James D. Kinnison; John S. Morgan; Terry E. Phillips; O. Manuel Uy; William L. Wilkinson
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Measurement of the particulate and water vapor contamination environments of the Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX) spacecraft
Author(s): Gary E. Galica; John J. Atkinson; Giuseppe Aurilio; Orr Shepherd; Jeffrey C. Lesho; Mark T. Boies; Kevin J. Heffernan; Patrick J. McEvaddy; O. Manuel Uy
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Particle detection by optical systems on the Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX)
Author(s): B. David Green; Phillip A. Mulhall
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Contamination measurements during development and testing of the SPIRIT III cryogenic infrared telescope
Author(s): James S. Dyer; Russell S. Mikesell; Radford L. Perry; Tracy Mikesell; James J. Guregian
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Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX) thermoelectric quartz crystal microbalances: calibration and characterization
Author(s): Robert J. Bryson; Bryan L. Seiber; William T. Bertrand; John H. Jones; Bob E. Wood; Jeffrey C. Lesho
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Mass flux response comparisons of a 200-MHz surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonator microbalance to a 15-MHz thermoelectric quartz crystal microbalance (TQCM) in a high-vacuum environment
Author(s): Donald A. Wallace; William D. Bowers
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Mass sensitivity calibration of the surface acoustic wave quartz crystal microbalance (SAW QCM) at ambient temperature
Author(s): A. Peter M. Glassford; Jeffrey W. Garrett; William D. Bowers
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Scatter performance of a plasma-cleaned germanium wafer flown on the Long-Duration Exposure Facility
Author(s): Richard Fedors
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Removal of surface contaminants using a chemical-free laser-assisted process
Author(s): Audrey C. Engelsberg
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Carbon dioxide jet spray cleaning: mechanisms and risks
Author(s): Malina M. Hills
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Qualification of CO2 jet spray cleaning for use on magnesium-fluoride-protected aluminum coatings for the corrective optics space telescope axial replacement (COSTAR)
Author(s): John G. Hagopian; Charles M. Fleetwood; Ritva A. M. Keski-Kuha; Douglas B. Leviton; Geraldine A. Wright; Charles W. Bowers
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Precision cleaning using carbon dioxide jet spray
Author(s): Herbert C. Bitting
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