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Automated 3D and 2D Vision
Editor(s): Rolf-Juergen Ahlers; Donald W. Braggins; Gary W. Kamerman

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Volume Number: 2249
Date Published: 23 November 1994

Table of Contents
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Optical 3D coordinate measurements and applications
Author(s): Hans Steinbichler; Armin Maidhof; Thomas Franz; Thomas Roth
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Flexible 3D vision system for industrial inspection
Author(s): Simon J. Tomlinson
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Three-dimensional vision industrial system
Author(s): Pedro Ibanez Ereno; Angel Castillo Lizundia; Javier Garcia-Tejedor; Pablo de Isusi; Jone Etxazarra
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Optical system for robot-based one-of-a-kind manufacturing
Author(s): Ulrich Berger; Achim Schmidt; Henning G.E. Wolf
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Rapid prototyping with optical 3D measurement systems
Author(s): J. Gaessler; G. N. Blount; R. M. Jones
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Automatic inspection of workpieces at the shop floor using imaging sensors
Author(s): Ulrich Luebbert
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Optical 3D tube measurement system for quality control in industry
Author(s): K. Sinnreich; Werner Boesemann
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IMETRICS TP200: a system for high accuracy 3D image metrology
Author(s): Horst A. Beyer
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Inspection of free-form surfaces using dense range data
Author(s): Edvaldo M. Bispo; Robert B. Fisher
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Three-dimensional imaging system combining vision and ultrasonics
Author(s): Catherine Wykes; Tsung Nan Chou
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Combined measurement of complex vibrational modes and surface form for noise radiation prediction
Author(s): David P. Towers; Clive H. Buckberry; B. C. Stockley; M. P. Jones
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Reconstruction of curved surface using isodensity maps based on stereo vision system
Author(s): Masahiro Mizutani; Yasuhiko Numagami; Osamu Nakamura; Toshi Minami
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High-speed variable-scan CCD camera for machine vision and direct computer interface
Author(s): Brian C. Doody; William D. Washkurak; P. Tom Jenkins; Mike Miethig; S. J. Hood; N. Daryl Prince
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Fiber optical hand microscope with integrated image capturing device
Author(s): Reinhard Jenny; Rolf-Juergen Ahlers
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High-speed high-resolution color line scan camera for machine vision
Author(s): David J. Litwiller; Mike Miethig; Brian C. Doody; P. Tom Jenkins
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FIPS/IQIS: a new program system for image processing in manufacturing
Author(s): Marc Hou; B. Knappe; Rolf-Juergen Ahlers
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Agile automated vision
Author(s): Juergen Fandrich; Lorenz A. Schmitt
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High-speed web inspection using intelligent time delay and integration (TDI) cameras
Author(s): James W. Roberts; S. D. Rose; Graham A. Jullien; Lee T. Nichols; P. Tom Jenkins; Savvas G. Chamberlain; Gerhard Maroscher
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Surface inspection of flat products by means of texture analysis: on-line implementation using neural networks
Author(s): Carlos Fernandez; Carlos Platero; Pascual Campoy; Rafael Aracil
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Automated inspection of ground metallic components
Author(s): F. D. Schroeder; Horst-Artur Crostack
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Classification system for pieces of Porcelanatto based on computer vision
Author(s): Jose A. Penaranda Marques; Angel P. del Pobil; Miguel Angel Serna
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Fourier transforms and fractals in the food and agricultural industry
Author(s): Reyer Zwiggelaar; Christine R. Bull
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Wood industrial application for quality control using image processing
Author(s): M. J. Oliveir Ferreira; J. A. Campos Neves
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Neural network classification of Fraunhofer diffraction patterns for inspection of fine pitch electronic components
Author(s): David J. Search; Clifford Allan Hobson; John T. Atkinson; Jeremy David Pearson
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Automated visual inspection of printed circuit board soldering
Author(s): Jordi Ojeda; Ramon Castella; Josep Amat
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Contour analysis algorithms for high-speed inspection
Author(s): Knut Kille
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Inspection of wear particles in oils by using a fuzzy classifier
Author(s): Jari J. Hamalainen; Petri Enwald
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Lighting for automated visual inspection: theory and practice for transparent and glossy objects
Author(s): Finn Johannessen
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Description and industrial applications of a standard machine vision system not requiring task-specific development
Author(s): Wolfgang Bruehl
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Classification techniques based on AI application to defect classification in cast aluminum
Author(s): Carlos Platero; Carlos Fernandez; Pascual Campoy; Rafael Aracil
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Color machine vision in industrial process control: case limestone mine
Author(s): Pekka H. T. Paernaenen; Guy F. Lemstrom; Seppo Koskinen
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Applications of hybrid optical methods in mineral processing control systems
Author(s): Jacek Galas; Stanislaw Lenczowski; Marek Daszkiewicz
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Experimental recognition using spatial filtering in a linear joint transform optical correlator
Author(s): Santiago Vallmitjana; Arturo Carnicer; Estela Martin-Badosa; Ignacio Prades Juvells
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Why visual primitive structure is important in multi-images analysis systems
Author(s): Rachid Gherbi
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Development, manufacturing, adjustment, and installation of high-performance objectives
Author(s): Jakob Bleicher; Werner Kroeninger; Joachim Koenig; Hans-Georg Heckmann
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Visual object recognition for automatic micropropagation of plants
Author(s): Thorsten Brendel; Joerg Schwanke; Peter F. Jensch
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Personal identificaton through facial image based on isodensity maps
Author(s): Kenji Fujimoto; Osamu Nakamura; Toshi Minami
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Three-dimensional contouring by an optical radar system (ORAS)
Author(s): Heinrich A. Hoefler; Gerhard Schmidtke
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Development, analysis and performance tests of a chirped laser radar with optoelectronic signal demodulation
Author(s): Hubertus A. Luebbers; Jan Michael Mrosik; Christo G. Stojanoff
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Frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) lidar with tunable twin-guide laser diode
Author(s): Andreas Dieckmann; Markus-Christian Amann
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Linear frequency modulation continusous-wave (LFM-CW) lidar for remote detection of saturated hydrocarbons
Author(s): Ravil R. Agishev; Lev Aybatov; Yuri E. Pol'ski
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Laser doppler device for air pollution detection
Author(s): Hiie Hindrikus; Kalju Meigas
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Laser radar for wide-area fire detection
Author(s): Alphonsus John Fennelly; Edward L. Fry; Muamer Zukic; Michele Wilson McColgan; Douglas G. Torr
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Laser tracking in the refractive eye microsurgery
Author(s): Vasyl V. Molebny
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Optoelectronic processing of wide-bandwidth coherent laser radar signals
Author(s): Stuart R. Fowler; Tim A. Patterson; Howard W. Halsey; D. Greg Lawson; Kerry B. Whittle; Gary W. Kamerman
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Principles of the formation of laser radar image being observed through a sea surface and water thickness
Author(s): Alexandr G. Luchinin
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Spatial-modulated laser signal adaptive development out of the isoplanatic zone
Author(s): Alexander V. Helvas; Valery M. Nikitin
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Resolving power adaptive correction in multichannel laser measuring systems
Author(s): Roman V. Pavlovich; Vladimir N. Fomin
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Three-dimensional robot guidance with the Perceptron Lasar System
Author(s): Peter Fornoff
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High-accuracy laser rangefinders for industrial applications
Author(s): Yury G. Popov; Viktor A. Yakovlev
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Description and classification of facial expression based on isodensity maps
Author(s): Mineo Seki; Osamu Nakamura; Toshi Minami
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Morphological image processing for the recognition of surface defects
Author(s): Sabine Mueller; Bertram Nickolay
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Automatic visual inspection of centering marks engraved on ophthalmic lenses
Author(s): Xavier Fernandez; Salvador Bosch
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Three-dimensional imaging laser scanner for the inspection of tunnels
Author(s): Richard Wissler; Christoph Froehlich
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