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Thermosense XVI: An International Conference on Thermal Sensing and Imaging Diagnostic Applications
Editor(s): John R. Snell Jr.

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Volume Number: 2245
Date Published: 21 March 1994

Table of Contents
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Guidelines to thermographic inspection of electrical installations
Author(s): Thomas Perch-Nielsen; Jens Christian Sorensen
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Study of cost benefits of identification of non-problems with infrared thermography
Author(s): Jeffrey P. Evans; Richard Norman Wurzbach
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Advanced leak location-research evaluation demonstration (ALL-RED) project
Author(s): Robert G. Hammaker; Richard J. Colsher
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Detection of problems in high-power voltage transmission and distribution lines with an infrared scanner/video system
Author(s): Carlos H. Blazquez
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How to prepare a written practice for infrared/thermal nondestructive examination method
Author(s): Hussein M. Sadek
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Use of radiometer to reform and repair an old living house to passive solar one
Author(s): Yoshizo Okamoto; Terumi Inagaki; Takakazu Suzuki; Takashi Kurokawa
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Use of an infrared scanner and a nuclear meter to find wet insulation in a ballasted roof
Author(s): Wayne Tobiasson; Alan R. Greatorex
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Thermographic inspection of a tennis court building with modern steel construction: constructional mistakes and bad craftsmanship
Author(s): Sven-Ake Ljungberg
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Combined aerial and ground technique for assessing structural heat loss
Author(s): William C. Snyder; John R. Schott
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Thermographic NDT based on transient temperature field under Joule effect heating
Author(s): Takahide Sakagami; Keiji Ogura
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Thermal-wave imaging of composites and polymers
Author(s): Lawrence D. Favro; Pao-Kuang Kuo; Robert L. Thomas
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Optimization of thermographic NDT using finite element analysis
Author(s): Ken E. Lulay; Morteza Safai
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Thermographic inspection of marine composite structures
Author(s): Thomas S. Jones; Eric A. Lindgren
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Solar-stimulated flaw and water incursion detection in fiberglass structures
Author(s): James D. Schivley
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Thermal imaging of subsurface microwave absorbers in dielectric materials
Author(s): Robert Osiander; Jane W. Maclachlan Spicer; John C. Murphy
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Nondestructive testing of satellite structures during their assembly by infrared stimulated thermography
Author(s): Denis G. F. David; Herve Rolland Tretout; J. Y. Marin; Antonio Perez; A. Delpet; Jean Michel Desmarres
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Thermographic nondestructive testing (TNDT) of honeycomb composite structural parts of Atlas space launch vehicles
Author(s): Douglas D. Burleigh; David R. Kuhns; Scott D. Cowell; James E. Engel
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Dynamic testing of rotary structures using phase-locked infrared imaging
Author(s): Maurice J. Bales
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New results for prediction of cutting tools wearing resistance using one- and two-side transient thermal NDT method
Author(s): Vladimir P. Vavilov; V. A. Pushnykh; V. Tsipilev; A. V. Shipulin; Ermanno G. Grinzato
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Locating railroad track bed subsurface defects utilizing nondestructive remote sensing technologies
Author(s): Richard J. Graf; Leann M. Forister; Gary J. Weil
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Moisture evaluation by dynamic thermography data modeling
Author(s): Paolo Giulio Bison; Ermanno G. Grinzato; Sergio Marinetti
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Object shape determination from a single infrared thermal image
Author(s): Emmanuel Barker; Xavier P. Maldague; Denis Laurendeau
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Infrared thermography standards for nondestructive testing
Author(s): Robert J. Bruening; Leonard Mordfin
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Application of thermal imaging to electronic fault diagnosis
Author(s): Lloyd G. Allred; Tom R. Howard
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Thermal measurement techniques of IC package boards by means of infrared radiometer
Author(s): Yoshizo Okamoto; Terumi Inagaki; Noriyoshi Tsuyuzaki; Weiqin Chen
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Temperature measurement on and inside lamps
Author(s): Bo Wallin
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Use of thermography in testing skin creams
Author(s): Hannu Anttonen; Timo T. Kauppinen; Eero Lehmuskallio; Hannu Rintamaki
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Uncertainty analysis of surface temperature measurement using infrared radiometer
Author(s): Terumi Inagaki; Keichro Suzuki; Yoshizo Okamoto; Masahiro Sato
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Temperature measurement and accuracy of bi-colored radiometer applying pseudo graybody approximation
Author(s): Terumi Inagaki; Yoshizo Okamoto; Zuofen Fan; Katashi Kurokawa
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Infrared measurements of waveguide modes and radiation patterns of beveled-cut circular waveguide microwave aperture antennas
Author(s): John D. Norgard; Joseph Sadler; Ronald M. Sega; Ernest A. Baca; William D. Prather
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New lambda T relation of blackbody radiation and its experimental investigation
Author(s): Shichun Li; Fei Lu
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Dual-band infrared imaging to detect corrosion damage within airframes and concrete structures
Author(s): Nancy DelGrande; Philip F. Durbin
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Use of infrared thermography in aiding and monitoring weatherization work: lessons learned
Author(s): Rick Gerardi
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Development of emissivity models and induced transmission filters for multiwavelength imaging pyrometry
Author(s): Nuggehalli M. Ravindra; Fei Ming Tong; Samiul Amin; J. Shah; Walter F. Kosonocky; Nathaniel J. McCaffrey; Constantine N. Manikopoulos; Bawa Singh; Ramazan Soydan; Lawrence K. White; Pete Zanzucchi; Dorothy Hoffman; James R. Markham; Shaohua Liu; Karen Kinsella; Richard T. Lareau; L. M. Casas; T. Monahan; D. W. Eckart
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Defect detection in multilayered, plasma-sprayed zirconia by time-resolved infrared radiometry: a comparison between analytical and experimental methods
Author(s): P. Greig Happoldt; William A. Ellingson; Thomas P. Gardiner; John A. Krueger
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