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Characterization and Propagation of Sources and Backgrounds

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Volume Number: 2223
Date Published: 15 June 1994

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Dynamic infrared projection analysis: an overview
Author(s): Owen M. Williams
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Performance characteristics of a 256 x 256 suspended resistor infrared scene generator system
Author(s): Alan P. Pritchard; Stephen Paul Lake; Ian M. Sturland; Mark D. Balmond; David W. Gough
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Current status of direct write scene generation (DWSG) at AEDC
Author(s): Heard S. Lowry III; D. Michael Tripp; Parker David Elrod
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High-performance 512 x 512 scene projector for targets against space backgrounds
Author(s): Barry E. Cole; Chien-Jih Han; Robert E. Higashi; Donald G. Pritchett; B. Sawyer; Thomas E. Old; George C. Goldsmith II; David G. Edwards; Robert G. Stockbridge; Lawrence E. Jones
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Characterization and nonuniformity correction of a resistor array infrared scene projector
Author(s): Robert G. Stockbridge; George C. Goldsmith II; David G. Edwards; Andrew W. Guertin; Lawrence E. Jones; Eric M. Olson
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Improved vanadium-dioxide-based infrared spatial light modulator
Author(s): David W. Blodgett; Michael J. Elko; Philip J. McNally
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Digital mirror device infrared scene projector
Author(s): Dennis R. Pape; James A. Carter III
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Membrane-mirror-light-valve-based IR scene projector
Author(s): Cardinal Warde; James E. Hubbard Jr.
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Dynamic infrared projection: frame rate requirements
Author(s): Owen M. Williams; Richard Alan Forber
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Understanding infrared clutter through fixation point analysis
Author(s): Stanley R. Rotman; Marta L. Kowalczyk; Joan F. Cartier; J. Chang
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SHARC-3: a model for infrared atmospheric radiance at high altitudes
Author(s): John H. Gruninger; Robert L. Sundberg; James W. Duff; Lawrence S. Bernstein; Michael W. Matthew; Steven M. Adler-Golden; David C. Robertson; Ramesh D. Sharma; James H. Brown; Rebecca J. Healey
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Effect of a camera on scene correlation length
Author(s): James R. McManamey; Grayson W. Walker
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Midcourse Space Experiment satellite ultraviolet and visible background phenomenology
Author(s): Gerald J. Romick; Donald E. Anderson Jr.; James F. Carbary; Larry J. Paxton; Daniel Morrison; Ching-I. Meng
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Measurement and modeling of infrared imaging systems at conditions of reduced visibility (fog) for traffic applications
Author(s): Kurt R. Beier; Ruediger Boehl; Jochen Fries; Winfried Hahn; Dieter Hausamann; Volker Tank; G. Wagner; Hubert Weisser
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New millimeter wave transmissometer system
Author(s): Robert W. Smith; William W. Carrow
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Signal-to-noise ratio and range of pulse-coded optical communication through cloud atmosphere
Author(s): Eleonora P. Zege; Iosif L. Katsev; Alexander S. Prikhach
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Transfer characteristics and contrast for a holographic-viewed object through a scattering medium
Author(s): Iosif L. Katsev
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Point source in layered randomly inhomogeneous medium
Author(s): Michael A. Guzev; Gennadii V. Popov
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Certain relations between correlations and statistics
Author(s): Victor Ol'khov
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Influence of boundary conditions on wave localization characteristics in layered randomly inhomogeneous medium
Author(s): Michael A. Guzev; Valery I. Klyatskin; Gennadii V. Popov
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Spatial-temporal characteristics of connecting channels in the inhomogeneous refractive waveguides
Author(s): Alexander I. Khil'ko; Ivan P. Smirnov; Alexander Y. Zorin
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Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX): planned observation of mid-wave infrared (MWIR) below the horizon (BTH) and low above the horizon (LATH) backgrounds
Author(s): Harold A. B. Gardiner; Robert R. O'Neil; William Grieder; Richard Hegblom; Charles H. Humphrey; Alvin T. Stair Jr.; William O. Gallery; Robert D. Sears
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Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX): plans and capability for the measurement of infrared earthlimb and terrestrial backgrounds
Author(s): Robert R. O'Neil; Harold A. B. Gardiner; James J. Gibson; Charles H. Humphrey; Richard Hegblom; Mark E. Fraser; Michael Kendra; Peter P. Wintersteiner; Carl Rice
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Infrared radiance fluctuations in the upper atmosphere
Author(s): Robert L. Sundberg; John H. Gruninger; Piali De; James H. Brown
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Universal calibration facility for VIS-TIR wide-angle videospectrometric airborne sensors
Author(s): Dieter Oertel; Svetlana P. Morozova
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Infrared polarization measurements of ship signatures and background contrast
Author(s): Alfred W. Cooper; William J. Lentz; Philip L. Walker; Petrus M. Chan
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Analysis of natural IR-background signatures with respect to statistical relationships between background surface temperatures and weather parameters
Author(s): Friedrich Theunert
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Optimal multidimensional distinction between target and background
Author(s): Molly M. Scheffe
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Introduction of target, atmosphere, background, and sensor-specific (TABSS) delta T metric: analysis, comparison, and applications
Author(s): Howard C. Choe; Peter K. Ahn; Thomas J. Meitzler; Eui Jung Sohn; Grant R. Gerhart
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Gabor functions versus circular-Mellin features for texture segmentation
Author(s): Gopalan Ravichandran; Mohan M. Trivedi
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Novel unsupervised multiresolution texture segmentation approach
Author(s): Mukul V. Shirvaikar; Mohan M. Trivedi
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Survey and analysis: the measurement and modeling of terrestrial thermal backgrounds
Author(s): William R. Reynolds; Ronald C. Passmore
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New approach to the generation of realistic sea surface using stationary non-Gaussian random fields
Author(s): Michael Wegener; Garry N. Newsam
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Simulating landscapes using an FFT-based fractal filter
Author(s): Holger M. Jaenisch; James W. Handley; Jim Scoggins; Marvin P. Carroll
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TAV-IR: a visible and near-IR radiometric analysis code which operates with an off-the-shelf computer animation package
Author(s): Andrew C. Henry; Dennis P. Mischel
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Modeling effects of terrain and illumination on visibility and the visualization of haze and aerosols
Author(s): Donald W. Hoock Jr.; John C. Giever
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Impact of multiple scattering on simulated infrared cloud scene images
Author(s): Jerry Alan Tessendorf; David Wasson
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Validation analysis of the thermal and radiometric integrity of RIT's synthetic image generation model, DIRSIG
Author(s): John E. Mason; John R. Schott; Donna Rankin-Parobek
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Stochastic eco-modeling: evolution of plants and extreme environmental stress factors
Author(s): Vasiliy V. Ryazanov; Vladimir Y. Smorodin; Sergey N. Kotelnikov
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Measurement and infrared image prediction of a heated exhaust flow
Author(s): Edward Lamar Nelson; J. Robert Mahan; Jeffrey A. Turk; Larry D. Birckelbaw; Douglas A. Wardwell; Craig E. Hange
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Spectral estimation and processing of imagery data
Author(s): David H. Tofsted
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Prediction and measurement of minimum resolvable contrast for TV sensors
Author(s): Gordon Arthur
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SHIPIR: a model for simulating infrared images of ships at sea
Author(s): Josee Morin; Francoise Reid; David A. Vaitekunas
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Spatial and temporal scene analysis
Author(s): John Michael Rollins; Charles Chaapel; Max P. Bleiweiss
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System and environmental conditions that impact an imaging system's optical transfer function (OTF)
Author(s): Daniel R. Billingsley; Wendell R. Watkins
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U.S. Army Missile Command dual-mode millimeter wave/infrared simulator development
Author(s): Scott B. Mobley
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U.S. Army Missile Command hardware-in-the-loop infrared projector development
Author(s): James A. Buford Jr.; Scott B. Mobley
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