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Sensing, Imaging, and Vision for Control and Guidance of Aerospace Vehicles
Editor(s): Jacques G. Verly; Sharon S. Welch

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Volume Number: 2220
Date Published: 13 July 1994

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Self-aligning spatial filter
Author(s): Tariq M. Haniff; Albert K. Hu; Evan D. Green
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Small inertial measurement units: sources of error and limitations on accuracy
Author(s): Michael E. Hoenk
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Electrostatically suspended and sensed micromechanical rate gyroscope
Author(s): Richard P. Torti; Vijay Gondhalekar; Hieu Tran; B. Selfors; S. Bart; B. Maxwell
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Terrain correlation suitability
Author(s): Wang Tang; Robert L. McClintock
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Sensors for autonomous navigation and hazard avoidance on a planetary microrover
Author(s): William N. Kaliardos
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Wind hazard detection with airborne laser radar sensors
Author(s): Robert G. Otto; Russell Targ
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One-directional ring laser running wave of inverse population and devices of guidance and navigation on its base
Author(s): Gennadii K. Vlasov; Grigorii M. Chernyavskiy; Nikolaii A. Dolgikh; Dmitrii N. Vylegzhanin
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Laser-fiber sensor for measuring relative shift
Author(s): Junfu Ma; Yanbin Zhu
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Overview of the Space Shuttle acceleration environment
Author(s): Charles R. Baugher; Narayanan Ramachandran; Richard DeLombard
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D-2 acceleration characterization
Author(s): Hans Hamacher; U. Bluemel
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Original numerical method for autonomous navigation
Author(s): Hubert M. J. Cantalloube; Carole E. Nahum
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Using image sensors for navigation and guidance of aerial vehicles
Author(s): Yann Le Guilloux; Jean-Christophe Fondeur
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Matching of road segments using probabilistic relaxation: reducing the computational requirements
Author(s): William J. Christmas; Josef Kittler; Maria Petrou
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Machine-intelligent approach to automated gust-front detection for Doppler weather radars
Author(s): Seth W. Troxel; Richard L. Delanoy
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Microburst prediction algorithm for the FAA Integrated Terminal Weather System
Author(s): Marilyn M. Wolfson; Richard L. Delanoy; Margita L. Pawlak; Barbara E. Forman; Robert G. Hallowell; Peter D. Smith
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Synthetic vision for low-visibility aircraft operations: what we know and what we do not know
Author(s): Malcolm A. Burgess
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Synthetic vision system flight test results and issues
Author(s): Jeffrey D. Radke; Dennis Ferguson
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Federal research and development activities in autonomous landing and guidance systems
Author(s): John Davison; John B. Schroeder
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Real-time millimeter-wave imaging radiometer for avionic synthetic vision
Author(s): John A. Lovberg; Ri-Chee Chou; Christopher A. Martin
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Image processing for flight crew enhanced situation awareness
Author(s): Barry A. Roberts; Peter F. Symosek
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Comparing enhanced situation awareness system (ESAS) computer-generated imagery approaches: symbolic to photorealistic
Author(s): Michael J. Johnson; Barry A. Roberts
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Human performance evaluation of enhanced vision systems for approach and landing
Author(s): Lee C. Yang; R. John Hansman Jr.
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System concepts for flight crew enhanced situation awareness systems
Author(s): Earl Thomas Benser
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Photorealistic scene presentation: virtual video camera
Author(s): Michael J. Johnson; Joel Clark W. Rogers
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Experimental results in autonomous landing approaches by dynamic machine vision
Author(s): Ernst Dieter Dickmanns; Stefan Werner; S. Kraus; R. Schell
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Radar images of Logan Airport and application in automated aircraft tracking
Author(s): William H. Harman; Hayden B. Schultz; Daniel Wyschogrod; James R. Eggert; Richard J. Sasiela; Richard W. Bush
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Computer-aided system for detecting runway incursions
Author(s): Banavar Sridhar; Gano B. Chatterji
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Target detection using radar images of an airport surface
Author(s): Hayden B. Schultz; Daniel Wyschogrod; William H. Harman; Richard J. Sasiela; Richard W. Bush
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Connected components and temporal association in airport surface radar tracking
Author(s): Daniel Wyschogrod; Hayden B. Schultz; William H. Harman; James R. Eggert; Richard J. Sasiela; Richard W. Bush
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Optical remote sensing characteristics of the earth's underlying surface
Author(s): Victor V. Nosov
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Micromechanics for actuators
Author(s): Todd R. Christenson; Henry Guckel; Kenneth J. Skrobis; J. Klein
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Characterization of the microgravity environment on the Salyut and Mir Space Stations
Author(s): Alexander I. Feonychev; Brian J. Tillotson; Larry P. Torre; Harvey J. Willenberg
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