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Space Instrumentation and Dual-Use Technologies
Editor(s): Firooz A. Allahdadi; Michael Chrisp; Concetto R. Giuliano; W. Pete Latham; James F. Shanley

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Volume Number: 2214
Date Published: 8 June 1994

Table of Contents
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Laser-based particle protection system for spacecraft in low-earth orbit
Author(s): David L. Snodgrass II; Roger A. Dougal
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Shadowgraphic holography analysis for debris characterization
Author(s): Peter E. Nebolsine; Edmond Y. Lo; Gary R. Hough
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Orbital debris trajectory error modeling
Author(s): Brian A. Bourgeois; Kent Dekome
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Probability of successful completion of microgravity experiments onboard the Space Station subject to random orbital debris collision avoidance maneuvers
Author(s): Brian A. Bourgeois
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In-situ measurements of the orbital debris environment utilizing the Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX)
Author(s): Phillip D. Anz-Meador; Faith Vilas
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Long duration exposure facility (LDEF) interplanetary dust experiment (IDE) impact detector results
Author(s): John P. Oliver; Charles G. Simon; William J. Cooke; S. F. Singer; Jerry L. Weinberg; P. C. Kassel; William H. Kinard; Jim J. Wortman
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IMPA:Ct--in-situ monitors of the particulate ambient: circumterrestrial--an international consortium of instrument suppliers
Author(s): Charles G. Simon; Robert A. Skrivanek; R. Muenzenmayer; A. J. Tuzzolino; W. G. Tanner Jr.; Carl R. Maag; O. Manuel Uy; Jim J. Wortman
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Signal processing requirements for a space-borne radar for detecting orbital debris
Author(s): George Dickey Arndt; Brian A. Bourgeois; J. R. Carl; I. Paz
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Collision prediction for elliptical orbits
Author(s): Michael Lauriente; Richard V. Durand; John L. Ruby
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Range-gated laser and ICCD camera system for on-orbit detection of small space debris
Author(s): David A. Freiwald; Joyce Freiwald
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Orbital debris as a dual-use program
Author(s): Joyce Freiwald; David A. Freiwald
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Scene/object classification using multispectral data fusion algorithms
Author(s): Thomas J. Kuzma; Laurence E. Lazofson; Howard C. Choe; John D. Chovan
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Monolithic 8 x 8 optical crossbar switch
Author(s): Chet L. Balestra; Bartley C. Johnson; L. G. Perrymore; Robert R. Rice
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Industrialization of the chemical oxygen-iodine laser
Author(s): Joseph E. Scott; Keith A. Truesdell
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Medical applications of semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Sylvia D. Mancha; Andreas Keipert; Michael W. Prairie
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Long-wavelength semiconductor lasers for spectroscopic gas sensing
Author(s): Michael W. Prairie; Donald L. McDaniel Jr.
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Flight system testbed
Author(s): E. Kane Casani; Nicholas W. Thomas
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Direct global measurements of tropospheric winds employing a simplified coherent laser radar using fully scalable technology and technique
Author(s): Michael J. Kavaya; Gary D. Spiers; Elena S. Lobl; Jeffrey Rothermel; Vernon W. Keller
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Deployable space telescopes for planetary and astronomical missions
Author(s): Aden B. Meinel; Marjorie P. Meinel; James B. Breckinridge
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SEDS, earth, atmosphere, and space imaging system (SEASIS)
Author(s): Cheryl Dawn Bankston
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Pluto integrated camera spectrometer (PICS) instrument
Author(s): Patricia M. Beauchamp; Robert H. Brown; Carl F. Bruce Jr.; Gun-Shing Chen; Michael Chrisp; George A. Fraschetti; Timothy N. Krabach; Stanley Walter Petrick; David H. Rodgers; J. Rodriguez; Stanley L. Soll; Arthur H. Vaughan; Laurence A. Soderblom; Bill R. Sandel; Roger V. Yelle
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Production of x-ray optics by diamond turning and replication techniques
Author(s): Steven C. Fawcett
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Advanced optics module for monitoring protein crystal growth in microgravity
Author(s): Alan D. Kathman; Tammy C. Cole; Mark E. Wells; Greg Jenkins; Stan Koszelak; Alexander McPherson
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Development of the solar x-ray imager (SXI) camera
Author(s): Eric L. Corder
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Modular and hermetically sealed flow cell
Author(s): Weems E. Estelle; Philip Y. Braginsky; Harry M. Lander
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SENSAT(C) prototype expert system
Author(s): Joseph A. Lavender
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Use of the NIST-developed water calibrator for the Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX) mass spectrometer
Author(s): O. Manuel Uy; Richard C. Benson; Mark T. Boies; James D. Kinnison; John S. Morgan; Stuart A. Tyson; Albert R. Filippelli; Charles R. Tilford
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Orbital debris detection program highlights from the Air Force Maui Optical Station
Author(s): Jeff E. Houchard; Paul W. Kervin; John L. Africano; Shiao Didi Kuo; Robert S. Medrano; John V. Lambert
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Technological cooperation in Germany and the European Union
Author(s): Willy L. Bohn
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Diode-pumped solid state lasers and applications
Author(s): Leonard J. Marabella
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Dual-use technologies and technological cooperation
Author(s): W. Pete Latham; Concetto R. Giuliano
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Upgraded airborne scanner for commercial remote sensing
Author(s): Sheng-Huei Chang; Tod D. Rubin
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Clementine Program
Author(s): Pete L. Rustan
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