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Space Optics 1994: Earth Observation and Astronomy
Editor(s): Guy Cerutti-Maori; Philippe Roussel

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Volume Number: 2209
Date Published: 13 September 1994

Table of Contents
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Introduction to Space Optics in France
Author(s): Michel Courtois
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Infrared atmospheric sounding interferometer instrument overview
Author(s): Pascale Javelle; Francois Cayla
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High-precision mirror drive for far-infrared high-resolution Fourier spectrometer
Author(s): Alessandra Barbis; Roberto Bonsignori; Mauro Brotini; Vittorio Spicci; Bruno Carli
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Michelson interferometer for passive atmospheric sounding for ENVISAT-1
Author(s): Martin J. Endemann; Guenter Lange; B. Fladt
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Cryogenic infrared spectrometers and telescopes for atmosphere (CRISTA) project
Author(s): Klaus U. Grossmann; Dirk Offermann; Peter Barthol; Ralf Trant
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Spectrometer for ozone monitoring from space
Author(s): Andrea Mariani; Enrico Corpaccioli; M. Fibbi; R. Veratti; Achim R. Hahne; Joerg Callies; Alain Lefebvre
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GOMOS: Global ozone monitoring by occulation of stars
Author(s): Thoral O. Pierre; I. Asseman; Jean Dauphin
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Calibration concept of scanning imaging absorption spectrometer for atmospheric chartography (SCIAMACHY)
Author(s): Bob Kruizinga; Kees Smorenburg; Huib Visser
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Spinning enhanced visible and infrared imager (SEVIRI): the new imager for meteosat second generation
Author(s): Frederick Pasternak; Jean Lorsignol; L. Wolff
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Compact atmospheric lidar instrument (C-ATLID)
Author(s): Didier Morancais; Rainer Sesselmann; Martin Hueber
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Wind velocity, water vapor, and temperature measurements from space using 2 um Tm:Ho;YAG laser
Author(s): Jean-Bernard Ghibaudo; Rodolphe Krawczyk; Errico Armandillo; Marc A. Faucheux; G. Benedetti-Michelangeli; E. Hettlage; Pierre H. Flamant; Jacques R. Pelon; Roberta Fantoni; G. Salvetti; Giorgio Fiocco; Willy A.R. Luethy
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Medium resolution imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Gilles Baudin; Richard Bessudo; Jean-Loup Bezy
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Vegetation payload
Author(s): P. Pulitini; Marc Barillot; T. Gentet; Jean-Francois Reulet
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Comparability of spectral radiance calibrations of large aperture earth observing instruments based upon diffuse reflective panels and internally illuminated spherical integrator techniques
Author(s): Donald F. Heath; Zongying Wei; William K. Fowler; V. Wayne Nelson; Ernest Hilsenrath
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POLDER: a wide field-of-view instrument for earth polarized observation
Author(s): Alain Durieux; Sophie Neubert; Isabelle Petitbon
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Design and critical technology breadboarding of a high-resolution thermal infrared radiometer (HRTIR)
Author(s): Dominique Dubet; Alberto S. Menardi; Roland Meynart; Louis-Pascal Angebault; Jean-Paul Chamonal; Siegfried I. Craubner; Andrea Novi
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High-resolution geometrical (HRG): enhanced instrument of the SPOT V satellite
Author(s): Michel Duran; A. Bettes; Jean-Jacques P. Arnoux; Laurent Maggiori; Josiane Costeraste
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Modular Optoelectronic Scanner (MOS): an imaging spectrometer for remote sensing of the environment
Author(s): Horst H. Schwarzer; Karl-Heinz Suemnich
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Fabry-Perot spectrometer concept for satellite-based atmospheric observations in the far infrared
Author(s): Jan J. Wijnbergen; John P. Burrows; Kelly Van Chance; Wolfgang Schneider; Albrecht R. W. de Jonge
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Cold box subsystem for the infrared atmospheric sounding interferometer instrument (IASI): payload for the METOP-1 ESA polar platform
Author(s): Michel Royer; Bruno Fauquier; Jean Feuvrier; Pierre Froissart; Pierre Etcheto; Christian Buil
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NIR/SWIR imaging spectrometer for light satellites
Author(s): Anthony J. Ratkowski; Ronald J. Huppi; Matthew P. Fetrow
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Geostationary earth radiation budget instrument (GERB)
Author(s): D. A. Bell
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Development of a high-resolution, wide-angle cloud detection system
Author(s): Kate A. Lidiard; Nicholas R. Waltham; Peter F. Gray
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MERIS camera optics development: particular processes for an original concept
Author(s): Didier Loiseaux; Alain Michel; Claude Babolat; Yves Delclaud
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Edison: a new direction for infrared space astronomy
Author(s): Harley A. Thronson Jr.; Timothy G. Hawarden; John K. Davies; Alan J. Penny; Toshio Matsumoto
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Stellar interferometer tracking experiment (SITE): a precursor mission for multiple-aperture interferometry in space
Author(s): Samuel L. Crawford; David W. Miller; Michael Shao
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Near infrared camera and multiobject spectrometer (NICMOS): the near infrared space mission on HST
Author(s): Rodger I. Thompson
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Near ultraviolet visible infrared mapping spectrometer (NU-VIMS)
Author(s): Francis M. Reininger
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Solar ultraviolet measurements of emitted radiation (SUMER): rear slit camera
Author(s): Roland Graue; Dirk Kampf; R. Korndoerfer
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Ultraviolet coronagraph spectrometer (UVCS) for the solar and heliospheric (SOHO) mission
Author(s): Silvano Fineschi; Giampiero Naletto; Piergiorgio Nicolosi; Giancarlo C. Noci; Claudio Pernechele; Marco Romoli; D. Spadaro; Giuseppe Tondello
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Design of the optical/UV telescope in the x-ray multimirror (XMM) optical monitor
Author(s): Andrea Novi; Demetrio Labate; Elio Antonello; Mark S. Cropper; Richard G. Bingham
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Imaging time-tagging photon detectors: current status and prospects
Author(s): J. Gethyn Timothy
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CMOS compatible avalanche photodiode (APD) arrays
Author(s): Alan Mathewson; R. Duane; G. T. Wrixon
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Delay line microchannel plate detectors for the far ultraviolet spectroscopic explorer satellite
Author(s): Oswald H. W. Siegmund; Mark A. Gummin; Joseph M. Stock; Daniel R. Marsh; Timothy Sasseen; Richard Raffanti; Jeffrey S. Hull
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Concept of field-to-resolution ratio in aperture synthesis
Author(s): Andre Lannes; Eric Anterrieu; Laurent Koechlin; Geraldine Fitoussi
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Cophasing studies for an imaging multi-aperture optical space interferometer
Author(s): Didier Morancais; Bertrand Calvel; Philippe Roussel
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Free-beam delay line for a multi-aperture optical space interferometer stabilized on a guide star
Author(s): Bart Snijders; Ben C. Braam; Henk Bokhove
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Interferometric fiber arms for stellar interferometry
Author(s): Francois Reynaud; J. J. Alleman; H. Lagorceix
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X-ray spectroscopy mission (XMM) telescope development
Author(s): Philippe Gondoin; Kees van Katwijk; Bernd Aschenbach; N. Schulz; Rainer Boerret; Holger Glatzel; Oberto Citterio
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Reflection grating spectrometer onboard the ESA x-ray multi-mirror (XMM) mission
Author(s): Jan-Willem den Herder; Henry J. M. Aarts; Marcel L. van den Berg; Jay V. Bixler; Antonius J. F. den Boggende; Graziella Branduardi-Raymont; A. C. Brinkman; Todd A. Decker; Luc Dubbeldam; Charles J. Hailey; Fred A. Jansen; Steven M. Kahn; Piet A. J. de Korte; C. W. Mauche; Richard C. Montesanti; Frits B. S. Paerels; Hugo J. Spruijt; Knud Thomsen; Peter Verhoeve; Alex Zehnder
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Imaging performance analysis in support of the AXAF-I high-resolution mirror assembly (HRMA) design
Author(s): Thomas M. Casey; Harold Mundy
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Selection of materials for soft x-ray (SXR) and extreme ultraviolet (EUV) filters for space astronomy and other applications
Author(s): Forbes R. Powell; Virginia Ann Drake; Bill R. Sandel; Donald G. Mitchell
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Infrared (IR) detectors for the OMEGA spectrometer on-board the Mars `94 mission
Author(s): Michel Royer; Dominique Lorans; Bruno Flaux; Robert Picault; Yann Hello; Pascal Puget
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Linear optical path modulation with a lambda/200 accuracy using a fiber stretcher
Author(s): Francois Reynaud; E. Delaire
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Properties of a two-mirror three-reflection space telescope
Author(s): Roberto Ragazzoni; Enrico Marchetti; Massimo Cecconi
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Design of a cophasing system for a space interferometer
Author(s): Massimo Cecconi; Roberto Ragazzoni; Enrico Marchetti
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Positioning telescopes of a synthesized aperture in a star wave plane using an interferometric metrology
Author(s): Francois Reynaud
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Scanning imaging absorption spectrometer for atmospheric cartography (SCIAMACHY) development
Author(s): Ruud W. M. Hoogeveen; Albert P. H. Goede; Sander Slijkhuis; Avri Selig; John P. Burrows
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Influence of the spacecraft glow on the optical, visual, and instrumental observations
Author(s): Sergey V. Avakyan
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International Stratospheric Laboratory for Astrophysics (ISLA): the optimum astronomical observatory for the 21st century
Author(s): Gerhard F.O. Schnur; K.-H. Stenvers
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Performance of the star field identification algorithm in the observatory environment
Author(s): Marija Strojnik
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Newly developed diffraction-limited optics up to 180 degrees object field
Author(s): Frank Gallert
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Infrared pushbroom camera breadboard using off-the-shelf 2D array of detector
Author(s): Joel Bernier; Patrick Plainchamp; Dominique Bardon
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Investigation of image nonlinearities in a photon counting image tube
Author(s): Jonathan S. Lapington
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Spectrum ultraviolet mission (SUV): a general purpose ultraviolet observatory
Author(s): Helmut Becker-Ross; Stefan Florek; M. Grewing; N. Kappelmann; Gerhard Kraemer; Giampiero Naletto; Claudio Pernechele; D. Schoenberner; Enrico G. Tanzi; Giuseppe Tondello
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