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Smart Structures and Materials 1994: Passive Damping
Editor(s): Conor D. Johnson

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Volume Number: 2193
Date Published: 1 May 1994

Table of Contents
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Damped structure is a friendly structure
Author(s): Lynn C. Rogers
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Integrated active and passive control design methodology for the NASA LaRC CSI evolutionary model
Author(s): Eric Schmitz; Kenneth E. Richards Jr.; Christopher T. Voth
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Active/passive piezoelectric vibration suppression
Author(s): Gregory S. Agnes
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Actuator with built-in viscous damping for isolation and structural control
Author(s): T. Tupper Hyde; Eric H. Anderson
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Adaptable passive viscous damper: an adaptable D-StrutTM
Author(s): L. Porter Davis; Dave Cunningham; Andrew S. Bicos; Mike Enright
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Demonstration of solar array vibration suppression
Author(s): David A. Kienholz; Scott C. Pendleton; Kenneth E. Richards Jr.; Daniel R. Morgenthaler
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Quasi-active approach to vibration isolation using magnetic springs
Author(s): M. Scott Trimboli; Roger Wimmel; Elmar J. Breitbach
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Tuning using electromechanical surface damping
Author(s): Hany Ghoneim
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Performance characteristics of active constrained-layer damping
Author(s): Amr M. Baz; Jeng-Jong Ro
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Bending vibration control of composite plate structures through intelligent constrained-layer treatments
Author(s): I. Y. Shen
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Finite element model for active constrained-layer damping
Author(s): William C. Van Nostrand; Gareth J. Knowles; Daniel J. Inman
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Initial studies into the use of active constrained-layer damping for controlling resonant vibration
Author(s): Ben Azvine; Geoffrey R. Tomlinson; R. J. Wynne
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Passive vibration tuning with neural networks
Author(s): Eric D. DiDomenico
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Nonlinear viscoelastic damper model: constitutive equation and solution scheme
Author(s): Farhan Gandhi; Inderjit Chopra; Sung W. Lee
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Passive tuned vibration absorbers for sound radiation attenuation from panels
Author(s): Mark R. Jolly; Jian Q. Sun
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Optimized vibration absorbers for structures with nonproportional damping
Author(s): Ronaldo Carvalho Battista; Carlos Magluta
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Linear-friction dissipators for truss structures
Author(s): Jose A. Inaudi; Douglas K. Nims; James M. Kelly
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Relating the complex moduli of viscoelastic materials to the complex stiffness of antivibration mounts
Author(s): S. Olutunde Oyadiji; Geoffrey R. Tomlinson
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Measurement of bulk longitudinal modulus and correction for edge effects
Author(s): Daniel J. Segalman; Scott E. Klenke
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Structure-property relationships in viscoelastic behavior of interpenetrating polymer networks for constrained-layer damping
Author(s): Rodger N. Capps; Christopher S. Coughlin; Mary Q. Samuels
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Epoxidized natural rubbers and their blends: dynamic storage modulus and damping behavior
Author(s): Hamid R. Ahmadi; K. N. G. Fuller; N. Legorburu; C. Metherell
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Two-dimensional finite element modeling of constrained-layer damping
Author(s): Duane E. Veley; S. S. Rao
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Accuracy of the modal strain energy method
Author(s): Alessandra Zambrano; Jose A. Inaudi; James M. Kelly
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Vibration control of damped sandwiched beams
Author(s): A. A. Medhora; Hamid R. Hamidzadeh; C. H. Laxminarayana
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Applications of system- and component-damping to space structures
Author(s): Wan T. Tsai
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Pseudo-elastic hysteresis of shape-memory wires for passive structural damping: theory and experiments
Author(s): Peter Thomson; Gary J. Balas; Perry H. Leo
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Active control using piezoceramic linear motors
Author(s): Mark D. Holcomb; Brett J. Pokines; Daniel J. Inman
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Design strategies of monitoring systems for viaducts: an analysis of recurring problems
Author(s): Renzo Medeot; P. Zambusi
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Monitoring of the railway bridge over the Arno River
Author(s): F. Cianfrone; Renzo Medeot
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Jitter suppression experiment passive damping design cycle
Author(s): Michael L. Drake; Geoffrey J. Frank; Steven E. Olson
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