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Smart Structures and Materials 1994: Mathematics and Control in Smart Structures
Editor(s): H. Thomas Banks

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Volume Number: 2192
Date Published: 1 May 1994

Table of Contents
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Macroscopic response of magnetostrictive materials to applied magnetic fields and loads
Author(s): Antonio De Simone
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Variational methods in materials sciences
Author(s): Irene M. Fonseca
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New approach to the solution of problems of scattering by bounded obstacles
Author(s): Oscar P. Bruno; Fernando L. Reitich
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Numerical approximation of non-convex variational problems
Author(s): Noel J. Walkington
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Modeling of active materials systems including electronic devices using asymptotic methods
Author(s): Eric Canon; Michel Lenczner
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Computations on a relaxed model of a rigid ferromagnet
Author(s): Michael K. Keane; Robert C. Rogers
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Relaxed nonlocal models of hysteresis
Author(s): Deborah Brandon; Tao Lin; Robert C. Rogers
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Simulation of hysteresis in nonlinear systems
Author(s): David S. Kinderlehrer; Ling Ma
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Dynamical approach to hysteresis in a bar undergoing a martensitic transformation
Author(s): Gero H. Friesecke
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Building proper behavior into mathematical models for shape memory alloys
Author(s): Thomas J. Pence; Yefim Ivshin
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Modeling and control of smart structures with bonded piezoelectric sensors and actuators: a passivity approach
Author(s): Padma Akella; Xin Chen; Declan C. Hughes; John T. Wen
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Parametric control of structural vibrations via piezoelectric materials shunted with adaptive circuits
Author(s): Kon-Well Wang; W. K. Yu; J. S. Lai
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Distributed transducer design for plates: spatial shape and shading as design parameters
Author(s): Jeanne M. Sullivan; James E. Hubbard Jr.; Shawn Edward Burke
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Inductive learning method for control of intelligent structures
Author(s): James W. Pascoe; Harry H. Robertshaw; David H. Kiel
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Hoo optimal control of smart structures
Author(s): Robert W. Lashlee; Vittal S. Rao; Frank J. Kern
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Experiments on the linearization of a piezoelectric strut
Author(s): Chin-Chung Won; Jeff L. Sulla
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Development of a recursive zero annihilator periodic (ZAP) controller with specific applications in flexible space structures
Author(s): Amy M. Jakubowski; John J. Helferty; David S. Bayard
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Distributed fuzzy control of a flexible structure
Author(s): James R. Wiegand; John J. Helferty
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Modal estimates for the physical parameters of a programmable structure
Author(s): Daniel J. Inman; James P. Calamita
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Distributed parameter system models for damage detection and location in smart material structures
Author(s): H. Thomas Banks; Yun Wang
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Adaptive processing for noncontact inductive smart structure sensor interrogation system using hierarchical neural networks
Author(s): William B. Spillman Jr.; S. Durkee; W. W. Kuhns
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Manipulations of dynamic response data for use in inductive learning methods to identify damage
Author(s): Peter M. Tappert; Harry H. Robertshaw
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Electromechanical impedance modeling of active material systems
Author(s): Chen Liang; Fanping P. Sun; Craig A. Rogers
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Modeling the dynamics of removable and reusable piezoelectric patch-type actuators
Author(s): Thomas W. McCray; Harley H. Cudney
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Efficient mathematical model for interfaces between the host structure and smart devices
Author(s): Daryoush Allaei
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Finite element modeling of a finite piezoelectric sensor/actuator embedded in a fluid-loaded plate
Author(s): Jae-Wan Kim; Vasundara V. Varadan; Vijay K. Varadan
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Theoretical and experimental studies of distributed piezoelectric actuators for interior noise control
Author(s): Jian Q. Sun; M. A. Norris; Damiano Rossetti; John H. Highfill III
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Experiment in feedforward control for the reduction of sound transmission through an elastic plate backed by a rigid rectangular cavity
Author(s): Graham K. Ellis; Shozo Koshigoe
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Influence of curved piezo-actuator parameters on lower-order shell mode coupling
Author(s): Venkata R. Sonti; James D. Jones
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PDE-based methodology for modeling, parameter estimation and feedback control in structural and structural acoustic systems
Author(s): H. Thomas Banks; Donald E. Brown; V. L. Metcalf; Richard J. Silcox; Ralph C. Smith; Yun Wang
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Time-domain analysis of active control of sound transmission through an elastic plate backed by a rigid rectangular cavity
Author(s): Shozo Koshigoe; Graham K. Ellis
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Models for structural damping for laminated beams due to interfacial slip
Author(s): Scott W. Hansen
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Localization of electromagnetic fields by randomly rough surfaces and large period gratings
Author(s): Daniel R. Maystre; Didier Felbacq; Gerard Tayeb
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Quasi-static dynamics and pseudoelasticity in polycrystalline shape-memory wires
Author(s): Oscar P. Bruno
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Micromechanical model for shape memory alloys and their hysteresis behavior during phase changes
Author(s): Eduard Roman Oberaigner; Kikuaki Tanaka; Franz Dieter Fischer
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Effective moduli and electro-acoustic performance of epoxy-ceramic 1-3 piezocomposites
Author(s): Marco Avellaneda; Pieter J. Swart
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Micromechanics model for coated-fiber piezoelectric composites
Author(s): Y. Benveniste
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Prediction of extremal material properties for the optimal design of topology, shape, and material
Author(s): Martin P. Bendsoe; Alejandro R. Diaz; Robert P. Lipton; John E. Taylor
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Effective medium theory for random dielectric materials
Author(s): Jean-Jacques Niez; R. Balian
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Long-wavelength models for effectively chiral and achiral microwave composites containing chiral inclusions
Author(s): Vasundara V. Varadan; R. T. Apparao; Vijay K. Varadan
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Smart dynamic system design: an integrated approach
Author(s): Mike J. Carpenter; Robert T. Skelton
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Solution of nonlinear optimal control problems using modified Hopfield neural networks
Author(s): Daniel J. Stech
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Dual forms and a proposed forward integration method for the matrix differential Riccati equation
Author(s): J. Geoffrey Chase; H. Allison Smith; Wen-Hwa Wu
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Vibration suppression of a flexible manipulating system by using transfer matrix method
Author(s): Ji Yao Shen; Lonnie Sharpe Jr.; Zhong Q. He; Claude R. Keckler
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Characterization of composite materials using a two-scale asymptotic homogenization method
Author(s): Amine Hassim
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