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Document Recognition
Editor(s): Luc M. Vincent; Theo Pavlidis

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Volume Number: 2181
Date Published: 23 March 1994

Table of Contents
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Communication theory framework for document recognition
Author(s): Gary E. Kopec; Philip A. Chou
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Using projections for preclassification of character shape
Author(s): Angelo Marcelli; Theo Pavlidis
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Segmentation-free morphological character recognition
Author(s): Eugene J. Kraus; Edward R. Dougherty
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Word recognition using ideal word patterns
Author(s): Sheila X. Zhao; Sargur N. Srihari
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Unconstrained handprint recognition using a limited lexicon
Author(s): Michael D. Garris
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Recognition of handprinted and cursive words by finding feature correspondences
Author(s): Daniel J. Hepp
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Hierarchical approach to build a compact character recognition system
Author(s): Xueping Liu
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Matching database records to handwritten text
Author(s): Margaret J. Ganzberger; Richard M. Rovner; Andrew M. Gillies; Daniel J. Hepp; Paul D. Gader
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Retaining document format in OCR
Author(s): Timothy Butler
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Tabular document recognition
Author(s): M. Armon Rahgozar; Zhigang Fan; Emil V. Rainero
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Text characterization by connected component transformations
Author(s): Larry Spitz
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Self-correcting 100-font classifier
Author(s): Henry S. Baird; George Nagy
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Font identification using visual global context
Author(s): Siamak Khoubyari; Jonathan J. Hull
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Window-based bar code acquisition system
Author(s): Chung-Chi Jim Li; Jianhua Xu; Theo Pavlidis
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Fast and accurate skew detection algorithm for a text document or a document with straight lines
Author(s): Goroh Bessho; Koichi Ejiri; John F. Cullen
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Automatic extraction of objects from technical drawings
Author(s): Alessandra Esposito; L. Boatto; Vincenzo Consorti; Alberto Neri
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Information extraction from tabular drawings
Author(s): Sanjay Balasubramanian; Surekha Chandran; Juan Arias; Rangachar Kasturi; Atul K. Chhabra
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Document image interpretation: classification of technologies
Author(s): Sergey V. Ablameyko; Vladimir V. Bereishik
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Need for information metrics: with examples from document analysis
Author(s): Thomas A. Nartker
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Use of synthesized images to evaluate the performance of optical character recognition devices and algorithms
Author(s): Frank R. Jenkins; Junichi Kanai
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Classification and distribution of optical character recognition errors
Author(s): Jeffrey Esakov; Daniel P. Lopresti; Jonathan S. Sandberg
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Automatic benchmarking scheme for page segmentation
Author(s): Sabine Randriamasy; Luc M. Vincent; Ben S. Wittner
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Optimal nonlinear fax restoration
Author(s): John C. Handley; Edward R. Dougherty
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Text enhancement method based on soft morphological filters
Author(s): Lasse Koskinen; Heikki Huttunen; Jaakko T. Astola
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Document image binarization based on texture analysis
Author(s): Ying Liu; Sargur N. Srihari
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Digital image processing in the Xerox DocuTech document processing system
Author(s): Ying-Wei Lin
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Expert system for automatically correcting OCR output
Author(s): Kazem Taghva; Julie Borsack; Allen Condit
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Conversion of the Haydn symphonies into electronic form using automatic score recognition: a pilot study
Author(s): Nicholas Paul Carter
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Graph-rewriting approach to discrete relaxation: application to music recognition
Author(s): Hoda M. Fahmy; Dorothea Blostein
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Symbol recognition without prior segmentation
Author(s): Badr Al-Badr; Robert M. Haralick
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Box connectivity approach to multifont character recognition
Author(s): Radovan V. Krtolica
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Disambiguation and spelling correction for a neural network based character recognition system
Author(s): John M. Trenkle; Robert C. Vogt III
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Degraded text recognition using word collocation
Author(s): Tao Hong; Jonathan J. Hull
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Deferred interpretation of gray-scale saddle features for recognition of touching and broken characters
Author(s): Jairo Rocha; William J. Sakoda; Jiangying Zhou; Theo Pavlidis
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Arabic character recognition
Author(s): May Allam
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Context-driven text recognition by means of dictionary support
Author(s): Josua Boon; Frank Hoenes; Majdi Ben Hadj Ali
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Recognition of faxed documents
Author(s): Greg Ricker; Adam S. Winkler
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Extraction of object lines in engineering drawings
Author(s): Chan Pyng Lai; Rangachar Kasturi
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Simulation study for different moment sets
Author(s): Woogon Chung; Evangelia Micheli-Tzanakou
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