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Color Hard Copy and Graphic Arts III
Editor(s): Jan Bares

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Volume Number: 2171
Date Published: 9 May 1994

Table of Contents
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Digital offset color--today and tomorrow
Author(s): Benzion Landa
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Desktop color-printing opportunities
Author(s): Greg Porell
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Embedded data glyph technology for hardcopy digital documents
Author(s): David L. Hecht
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Electronic restoration of great works of art: color analysis and reconstruction of Piero della Francesca's frescoes
Author(s): Lillian F. Schwartz
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Effective use of color in documents
Author(s): Aaron Marcus
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Hard-copy needs for modern radiation therapy treatment planning and delivery
Author(s): Daniel L. McShan
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Problems and uses of color in cartography: examples from Michigan State University
Author(s): Judy M. Olson
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Guidelines for use of the perceptual dimensions of color for mapping and visualization
Author(s): Cynthia A. Brewer
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Fluorescent light source (FLS) with low-temperature poly-Si TFT driver
Author(s): Ken-ichi Nakamura; Hideki Asada; Toshiyuki Akiyama; Kenji Sera; Hiroshi Tanabe; Fujio Okumura; Ken Ito; Hiroyuki Nakajima; Hiroshi Saeki
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Review of image enhancement techniques for monochrome and color printing
Author(s): William J. Hanson; J. Randolph Sanders
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Thermal ink jet: current status and future prospects
Author(s): John D. Meyer
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Factors affecting drop spread in hot-melt ink-jet printing
Author(s): Charles W. Spehrley Jr.; David D. Wright
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Process control for improvement of print quality and lifetime of bubble-jet printers
Author(s): Gerhard Beurer; Eberhard P. Hofer; Joachim Patzer
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Simulation of the influence of different liquids for ink jets under the aspect of color printing
Author(s): Joachim Patzer; Eberhard P. Hofer; Gerhard Beurer
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Image bleed in color ink-jet printing of plain paper
Author(s): Lesley J. Barker; Otto S. dePierne; Robert J. Proverb; Richard B. Wasser
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Print element for Xerox thermal ink-jet print cartridge
Author(s): Thomas P. Courtney; Reinhold E. Drews; Virgil Joseph Hull; Dale Ims; Michael P. O'Horo
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Concurrent simulation of xerographic imaging subsystems
Author(s): Meng H. Lean
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Photoinduced discharge curve (PIDC) of photoconductor affected by the exposure flux
Author(s): Hsiu-Lan Pang; Derray Huang; Han-Chung Wang
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Formation and evaluation of image obtained by the toner-jet printing technology
Author(s): Noboru Kutsuwada; Tsutomu Shohdohji; Takashi Sugai; Harunobu Izawa; Chun-Wei Lin; Tadaichi Murata
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Soft roll fusing process elements
Author(s): David Battat
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Color standards activities in the graphic arts
Author(s): David Q. McDowell
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Portable spectrophotometer for electronic prepress
Author(s): Harold R. van Aken
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Effects of spectral range and resolution on colorimetric evaluation of proofing systems
Author(s): Hans Rudolph Ott
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Practical instrumentation for graphic arts color measurement
Author(s): Patrick Rood
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Criteria for the quality of digitized halftone color prints
Author(s): Joachim L. Heinzl; Benno Petschik
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Is color appearance matching necessary?
Author(s): Giordano B. Beretta
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Computer simulation of printed colors on textile materials
Author(s): Kansei Iwata; Gabriel G. Marcu
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Quantitative image quality analysis for desktop color scanners and printers
Author(s): Eric Walowit
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Color image quality prediction models for color hard copy
Author(s): Toshihiko Inagaki; T. Miyagi; S. Sasahara; T. Matsuzaki; T. Gotoh
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Image quality estimation by Fourier and fractal analysis
Author(s): H. Hashimoto; Masakazu Fujita; Noboru Kutsuwada; Yasushi Hoshino
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Device-independent color--who wants it?
Author(s): Peter A. Crean; Robert R. Buckley
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Smooth colorimetric calibration technique utilizing the entire color gamut of CMYK printers
Author(s): Po-Chieh Hung
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Gray component replacement using color mixing models
Author(s): Henry R. Kang
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GamOpt: a tool for visualization and optimization of gamuts
Author(s): Deven Kalra
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Algorithmic mapping of colors to textures
Author(s): Steven J. Harrington
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Improved halftone detection method in digital document reproduction
Author(s): Jeng-Nan Shiau
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Optimization of quantization table in discrete cosine transform (DCT) image coding for color facsimile
Author(s): Takeo Kubota; Yasushi Hoshino; Tsutomu Shohdohji; Noboru Kutsuwada
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Sharpening of scanned originals using the luminance, hue, and saturation (LHS) coordinate system
Author(s): Omri Govrin
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Image quality testing for document scanners
Author(s): Yair Kipman
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Photoelectrographic masters containing nonionic acid photogenerators
Author(s): Douglas E. Bugner; Jeanne E. Kaeding; Michel F. Molaire
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