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Medical Imaging 1994: Image Perception
Editor(s): Harold L. Kundel

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Volume Number: 2166
Date Published: 1 April 1994

Table of Contents
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Practical experiment on noise perception in noisy images
Author(s): Hans A. Luijendijk
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Observer models for statistically-defined backgrounds
Author(s): Arthur E. Burgess
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Perception in x-ray fluoroscopy
Author(s): David L. Wilson; Ping Xue; Richard Aufrichtig
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Optimization of quantitative sonographic diagnostic analysis of breast lesions
Author(s): Brian Krasner; Brian S. Garra; Seong Ki Mun
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New insight into internal noise in the psychophysical model for visual signal detection
Author(s): Mikhael I. Trifonov
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Unobtrusively tracking mammographers' eye gaze direction and pupil diameter
Author(s): James R. Barrett; Ellen S. deParedes; Samuel J. Dwyer III; Michael B. Merickel; Thomas E. Hutchinson
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Computer-assisted perception aids pulmonary nodule detection
Author(s): Calvin F. Nodine; Harold L. Kundel
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Perceptual enhancement of pulmonary nodule recognition in chest radiographs
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Krupinski
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Breast screening: visual search and observer performance
Author(s): Alastair G. Gale; C. Julie Savage; E. F. Pawley; A. R. M. Wilson; E. J. Roebuck
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Modeling two levels of radiological skill: an example from breast cancer screening
Author(s): Regina Pauli; Sean M. Hammond
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Effect of gamma on subjective quality and contrast of x-ray images
Author(s): Ineke M. C. J. van Overveld
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Nonportable CR of the chest--radiologists' acceptance
Author(s): Rose C. Gennari; David Gur; Linda M. Miketic; William L. Campbell; James H. Oliver III; Michael B. Plunkett M.D.
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Storage phosphor images in the neonatal intensive care unit: a multiobserver preference study
Author(s): David Pearce; Matthew T. Freedman M.D.; Einar V. Pe; Dorothy E. Steller Artz; Clifton Leftridge; Martha C. Nelson M.D.; Shih-Chung Benedict Lo; Seong Ki Mun
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Multidimensional perceptual quality of noise-reduced computed-tomography images
Author(s): Boris Escalante-Ramirez; Huib de Ridder; Jean-Bernard Martens
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Cognitive load during CT interpretation
Author(s): David Volk Beard; Bradley M. Hemminger; K. M. Denelsbeck; Peter H. Brown; Richard Eugene Johnston
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Software for computer-aided ROC analysis
Author(s): John R. Engel; Eric R. Craine
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Design of a receiver operating characteristic (ROC) study of 10:1 lossy image compression
Author(s): Cary A. Collins; David Lane; Mark S. Frank M.D.; Michael E. Hardy; David R. Haynor; Donald V. Smith M.D.; James E.S. Parker; Gregory N. Bender M.D.; Yongmin Kim
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Assessment of low-contrast detectability for compressed digital chest images
Author(s): Larry T. Cook; Michael F. Insana; Michael A. McFadden; Timothy J. Hall; Glendon G. Cox
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Indices of performance
Author(s): Sean M. Hammond; Ian R. L. Davies
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Human and quasi-Bayesian observers of images limited by quantum noise, object-variability, and artifacts
Author(s): Kyle J. Myers; Robert F. Wagner; Kenneth M. Hanson; Harrison H. Barrett; Jannick P. Rolland
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Cores as the basis for object vision in medical images
Author(s): Stephen M. Pizer; Christina A. Burbeck
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Influence of display and observer responses in ROC experiments
Author(s): C. Orieux; Jeanpierre V. Guedon; Yves J. Bizais
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Expertise in categorizing mammograms: a perceptual or conceptual skill?
Author(s): Ian R. L. Davies; Paul T. Sowden; Sean M. Hammond; Janet Ansell
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Objective characterization of image acutance
Author(s): Salaheddin G. Elkadiki; Rangaraj M. Rangayyan
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