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Superconductive Devices and Circuits
Editor(s): Robert A. Buhrman; John T. Clarke; Ken Daly; Roger H. Koch; Jerome A. Luine; Randy W. Simon

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Volume Number: 2160
Date Published: 2 July 1994

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Multilayer buffer system for fabrication of high-Tc edge-geometry superconductor/normal-metal superconductor (SNS) weak links on silicon-on-sapphire substrates
Author(s): Brian D. Hunt; Marc C. Foote; W. T. Pike; Jeff B. Barner; Richard P. Vasquez
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Laser writing: a new technique for fabrication of electronic and optoelectronic Y-Ba-Cu-O devices and circuits
Author(s): W. Xiong; Witold Kula; Roman Sobolewski; J. R. Gavaler
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Correlation of current-voltage characteristics of step-edge YBa2Cu3O7 Josephson junctions with the step angle
Author(s): K. Herrmann; Michael Siegel; Gerhard Kunkel; A. Thust; B. Kabius; C. L. Jia; Juergen Schubert; Alex I. Braginski
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Comparison of Josephson radiation properties of different YBa2Cu3O7 thin film junctions
Author(s): Gerhard Kunkel; M. Bode; F. Wang; M. I. Faley; Michael Siegel; Willi Zander; Juergen Schubert; Ulrich Poppe; Alex I. Braginski
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Magnetic properties of one-dimensional parallel arrays of Josephson junctions
Author(s): John H. Miller Jr.; Gemunu H. Gunaratne; Zhongji Zou; Matthew F. Davis; H. Regan Rampersad; Nong-Qiang Fan; John Charles Wolfe
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Fabrication and properties of all a-axis oriented YBaCuO-PrBaCuO-YBaCuO Josephson junctions
Author(s): Florence Pourtier; Jean-Claude Villegier
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Dynamics of field-effect devices with ultrathin YBaCuO/PrBaCuO multilayer channels
Author(s): Axel Jaeger; Florence Pourtier; Jean-Claude Villegier
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High-current-density small-area SIS junctions for high-frequency radio astronomy
Author(s): Eric E. Bloemhof
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Evidence of subnanosecond transition stage in S-N current switching of YBaCuO films
Author(s): Boris S. Karasik; Michael A. Zorin; Irina I. Milostnaya; Andrei I. Elantev; Gregory N. Gol'tsman; Eugeni M. Gershenzon
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High-Tc rf SQUID magnetometers
Author(s): Michael Mueck
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High Tc DC SQUID and flux transformer development
Author(s): Alistair A. Fife; V. Angus; K. Betts; Max Burbank; R. A. Cragg; K. Ferguson; N. Fortier; Philip R. Kubik; F. Habib; J. Nomura; M. Smith; P. Spear; J. Vrba; Dale Wager; W. Westera; H. Zhou
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Effect of different coupling modes on the high-frequency response of YBCO microwave SQUIDs
Author(s): Matthias A. Hein; M. Strupp; G. Mueller; H. Piel; Y. Zhang; Alex I. Braginski
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Magnetic microscopy using SQUIDs
Author(s): Frederick C. Wellstood; R. C. Black; Anna Mathai; Y. Gim; D. Song; A. Amar; Eugene Dantsker; Andrew H. Miklich; David T. Nemeth; J. J. Kingston; Dieter Koelle; Frank Ludwig; John Clarke
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Four-channel YBa2Cu3O7-y dc-SQUID magnetometer for biomagnetic measurements
Author(s): Saburo Tanaka; Hideo Itozaki; Haruhisa Toyoda; Naohiko Harada; Akira Adachi; Kenichi Okajima; Tatsuoki Nagaishi; Hisashi Kado
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Second generation dc-SQUID sensors: relaxation oscillation SQUIDS (ROS) with frequency readout and double relaxation oscillation SQUIDS (DROS) with voltage readout
Author(s): Derk Jan Adelerhof; Michiel van Duuren; Jaap Flokstra; Horst Rogalla
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Effects of the self-magnetic fields in relaxation oscillation SQUIDs
Author(s): Jun A. Kawai; G. Uehara; Hisashi Kado
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Pulsed eddy-current characterization of corrosion in aircraft lap splices: quantitative modeling
Author(s): James H. Rose; Erol Uzal; John C. Moulder
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Effects of radio frequency radiation on the dc SQUID
Author(s): Roger H. Koch; Vittorio Foglietti; James R. Rozen; K. G. Stawiasz; M. B. Ketchen; Daniel K. Lathrop; Jonathan Z. Sun; William J. Gallagher
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1/f noise in radio frequency SQUIDs made of niobium thin films
Author(s): Michael Mueck; John Clarke; Christoph Heiden
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Optically induced inductance modulation of a Nb coil
Author(s): Sae Woo Nam; George S. Park; Blas Cabrera; Martin E. Huber
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Noise study of gradiometer comprised of a Ketchen-type dc-SQUID with additional positive feedback (APF)
Author(s): Yooichi Takada; K. Kazami; G. Uehara; Hisashi Kado
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Mutual phase locking in systems of high-Tc superconductor-normal metal-superconductor junctions
Author(s): Carl D. Reintsema; Ronald H. Ono; Todd E. Harvey; N. Missert; Leila R. Vale
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Demonstration of a series array interferometer logic (SAIL) superconductive digital circuit
Author(s): Karen E. Yokoyama; Steve Schwarzbek; Roger A. Davidheiser; Jerome A. Luine; Neal Schneier
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Fiber optic input and output for superconducting circuits
Author(s): Lewis A. Bunz; Elie K. Track; Sergey V. Rylov; Fei-Yuh Perng; Jeffrey D. Morse
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Low-Tc superconducting tunnel junction submillimeter wave receiver
Author(s): Stephane M. X. Claude; Brian N. Ellison; A. Jones; David N. Matheson; L. T. Little; Steven R. Davies
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Multigigahertz performance of a superconducting analog-to-digital converter
Author(s): Howard C. Luong; Theodore Van Duzer
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