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High-Temperature Superconducting Detectors: Bolometric and Nonbolometric
Editor(s): Michael Nahum; Jean-Claude Villegier

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Volume Number: 2159
Date Published: 20 May 1994

Table of Contents
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Transition edge YBa2Cu3O7-x microbolometers for infrared staring arrays
Author(s): Marc C. Foote; Burgess R. Johnson; Brian D. Hunt
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Epitaxial HTS bolometers on silicon for IR detection
Author(s): David B. Fenner; Qi Li; William D. Hamblen; J. Luo; D. G. Hamblen; J. I. Budnick
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OHIO concept: a baseline design for satellite-based measurements of stratospheric OH
Author(s): Kelly Van Chance; Jan J. Wijnbergen; Wolfgang Schneider; John P. Burrows
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Bolometric photoresponse of superconducting YBa2Cu3O7-x/La2CuO4 multilayers to infrared radiation
Author(s): I. Aboudihab; Alain Gilabert; Alain Azema; Jean-Claude Roustan; Michael Schwerdtfeger; Jean-Claude Villegier
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Superconducting YBa2Cu3O7 bolometer on polycrystalline diamond
Author(s): Laxminarayana Ganapathi; Jim P. Zheng; Steven E. Giles; Rama Rao; HoiSing Kwok
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Thin YBCO films as fast infrared detectors: model calculations and experimental results
Author(s): G. Lawrence Carr; David B. Tanner; Shahab Etemad; Arun Inam
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Ultrafast combined bolometric and nonbolometric infrared detector
Author(s): Anne Ghis; Jean-Claude Villegier; Maurice Nail; Philippe Gibert; Serge Striby
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Whether acoustic mismatch theory holds for the fast bolometric response of YBaCuO films
Author(s): Alex D. Semenov; A. V. Sergeev; Pavel B. Kouminov; Eugeni M. Gershenzon; M. A. Heusinger; Rainer S. Nebosis; Karl F. Renk
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Picosecond detection and broadband mixing of near-infrared radiation by YBaCuO films
Author(s): Boris S. Karasik; Mikael Lindgren; Michael A. Zorin; Martin Danerud; Dag Winkler; Vladimir V. Trifonov; Gregory N. Gol'tsman; Eugeni M. Gershenzon
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TlBa2Ca2Cu3O9 film for detection of visible and far-infrared radiation
Author(s): Rainer S. Nebosis; M. A. Heusinger; Wolfgang Schatz; A. Piehler; R. Loew; N. Reschauer; Karl F. Renk; Alex D. Semenov; Pavel B. Kouminov; Ivane G. Goghidze; Eugeni M. Gershenzon
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Nonbolometric and fast bolometric responses of YBaCuO thin films in superconducting, resistive, and normal states
Author(s): Gregory N. Gol'tsman; Pavel B. Kouminov; Ivane G. Goghidze; Boris S. Karasik; Eugeni M. Gershenzon
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High-speed kinetic inductive bolometric photoresponse of epitaxial YBa2Cu3O7-delta thin films
Author(s): Frank A. Hegmann; Robert A. Hughes; John S. Preston
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High-Tc superconducting antenna-coupled microbolometer on silicon
Author(s): Joseph P. Rice; Erich N. Grossman; L. J. Borcherdt; D. A. Rudman
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Femtosecond optical response of Y-Ba-Cu-O films and their applications in optoelectronics
Author(s): Roman Sobolewski; Lei Shi; Ting Gong; W. Xiong; X. Weng; Y. Kostoulas; Philippe M. Fauchet
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Optical response of high-Tc YBaCuO and BaKBiO thin films by terahertz spectroscopy
Author(s): Yongqian Liu; Feng Gao; John F. Whitaker; Ctirad Uher; Christine E. Platt
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Optical response of superconducting YBa2Cu3O7-delta thin films and grain boundaries
Author(s): Santanu Bhattacharya; M. Rajeswari; Xiaoxing Xi; Qi Li; T. Venkatesan
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Dye-coated superconductor structures as optical sensors
Author(s): David C. Jurbergs; Rung-Kuang Lo; Jianai Zhao; John Thomas McDevitt
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Microwave response measurement and modeling of high-temperature superconducting thin-film detectors
Author(s): Barry E. Grabow; Bradley G. Boone
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Photoresponse of YBCO microthermometers below the transition temperature
Author(s): D. Robbes; Laurence Mechin; C. Gunther; R. Desfeux; C. Maleville; Anne Ghis; Jean-Claude Villegier
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Electron-phonon coupling constant lambda (acoustic) of YBaCuO deduced from the photoresistive response
Author(s): Jean-Paul Maneval; Phan Hong Khoi; Roger W. Bland; Fatiha Chibane
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Processing of HTcS antenna microbolometers
Author(s): Sergei A. Zhgoon; Valery Georgievic Yakunin; Vladimir A. Ananchenko; Jacques Joffrin; Jean-Yves Prieur
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Novel high-Tc nonbolometric superconducting detectors
Author(s): Anatoly Frenkel
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Millimeter and submillimeter waveguides high-temperature superconducting bolometer for astronomical navigation
Author(s): Oleg A. Khymenko; O. D. Pustylnik; I. V. Voinovsky; Alexander D. Dymnikov
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