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High Tc Microwave Superconductors and Applications
Editor(s): Robert B. Hammond; Richard S. Withers

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Volume Number: 2156
Date Published: 4 January 1994

Table of Contents
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High-temperature superconductivity for avionic electronic warfare and radar systems
Author(s): Paul A. Ryan
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Two applications of high-temperature superconductor technology on an airborne platform
Author(s): Mark A. Robertson
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High-temperature superconductivity for satellite communications applications
Author(s): Charles M. Jackson; Kul B. Bhasin
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High-temperature superconductor receiver coils for magnetic-resonance instruments
Author(s): Richard S. Withers; B. F. Cole; Marie E. Johansson; Guochun Liang; G. Zaharchuk
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High-temperature superconductor microwave applications in Europe
Author(s): Heinz J. Chaloupka; Matthias A. Hein; G. Mueller
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Development of an optically switched high-temperature superconducting multichannel bandstop filter bank
Author(s): Neal Fenzi; Kurt Raihn; E. Soares; G. Mathaei
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Third-order intermodulation distortion in high-temperature superconductor Josephson junction downconverter at 12 GHz
Author(s): Katsumi Suzuki; Kunihiko Hayashi; Manabu Fujimoto; Keiichi Yamaguchi; Shuichi Yoshikawa; Youichi Enomoto
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Thirty-five-GHz downconverter using high-temperature superconductor films
Author(s): Roger J. Forse; Steve Rohlfing
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Issues and applications for wideband real-time spectral analysis systems
Author(s): W. Gregory Lyons; Alfredo C. Anderson; D. R. Arsenault; M. M. Seaver; R. R. Boisvert; T. C. L. Gerh Sollner
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Superconductive digital instantaneous frequency-measurement subsystem
Author(s): Guochun Liang; C. F. Shih; Richard S. Withers; B. F. Cole; Marie E. Johansson; L. P. Suppan
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Low-noise hybrid superconductor/semiconductor 7.4-GHz receiver downconverter for NASA space applications
Author(s): Hamid H. S. Javadi; Jeff B. Barner; Javier J. Bautista; Kul B. Bhasin; J. G. Bowen; Wilbert Chew; Chris M. Chorey; Marc C. Foote; B. H. Fujiwara; A. J. Guern; Brian D. Hunt; Regis F. Leonard; Gerry G. Ortiz; Daniel L. Rascoe; Robert R. Romanofsky; Richard P. Vasquez; Paul D. Wamhof
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High-temperature superconductors for computer interconnect applications
Author(s): Boo J. L. Nilsson
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Two-tone intermodulation distortion in high-Tc superconducting thin films
Author(s): Altan M. Ferendeci; Shih Lin Lu; Charles M. Jackson; Kul B. Bhasin; Carl H. Mueller
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Magnetic field-controlled high-Tc thick-film microstrip ring resonators
Author(s): Tapani Kokkomaki; Seppo Leppaevuori; Tamas Porjesz
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Dielectric properties of thin-film SrTiO3 grown on LaAlO3 with YBa2Cu3O7-x electrodes
Author(s): Huey-Daw Wu; Frank S. Barnes; David Galt; John C. Price; James A. Beall
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High-tempreature superconductor flux-flow devices and applications
Author(s): Jon S. Martens; A. Pance; Marie E. Johansson; Kookrin Char; Steve Whiteley; S. Hou; Julia M. Phillips
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Development of high-temperature superconducting 100-ns delay line
Author(s): Neal Fenzi; David Aidnik; David Skoglund; Steve Rohlfing
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Cryogenic on-wafer microwave characterization of GaAs MESFETs and superconducting coplanar resonance and transmission lines structures
Author(s): Jay Kruse; Ralph A. Schweinfurth; Feng Gao; Dan Scherrer; D. Barlage; Christine E. Platt; D. J. Van Harlingen; Milton Feng
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Analysis of superconducting patch antennas using the spectral domain method
Author(s): Kiyohiko Itoh; Toru Fukasawa; Nozomu Ishii
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Microwave properties of monolithic Y-Ba-Cu-O transmission line devices fabricated by the laser-writing patterning technique
Author(s): W. N. Maung; Donald P. Butler; W. Xiong; Witold Kula; Roman Sobolewski
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YBa2Cu3O7-x superconducting microstrip filters on dielectric substrate
Author(s): Kwang-Yong Kang; Sang Yeol Lee; Chulshik Sik Yoon; Gun Yong Sung; Jeong Dae Suh; El-Hang Lee; Dal Ahn; Sang-Soo Lee
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Millimeter-wave scanning surface resistance analyzer using a confocal resonator
Author(s): Dawei Zhang; Jon S. Martens; C. F. Shih; Richard S. Withers; Scott A. Sachtjen; L. P. Suppan; Vincent Kotsubo; Chris P. Tigges
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Development of a 20-GHz scanned beam microstrip antenna array with a proximity-coupled YBCO feed network
Author(s): Steven D. Mittleman; Jeffrey S. Herd; James P. Kenny; Livio D. Poles; Michelle H. Champion; Peter J. Rainville; Jose H. Silva
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Processing of YBa2Cu3O7-x superconducting thin films for microwave device applications
Author(s): Sang Yeol Lee; Kwang-Yong Kang; Chulshik Sik Yoon; El-Hang Lee
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Spectrum analysis of the polharmonic microwave signals of millimeter waveband with the use of the Josephson junction
Author(s): Serguey Y. Larkin; Serguei E. Anischenko; S. P. Korotkevich; P. V. Khabayev; Sergei V. Korsunsky
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