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Laser Diode Technology and Applications VI
Editor(s): Pei Chuang Chen; Lawrence A. Johnson; Henryk Temkin

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Volume Number: 2148
Date Published: 1 June 1994

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High-power, high-duty-cycle operation of monolithic two-dimensional surface-emitting diode laser arrays in the junction-down configuration
Author(s): Michael Jansen; Szutsun Simon Ou; Jane J. Yang; Moshe Sergant; Cynthia A. Hess; Chan A. Tu; Phillip Hayashida; D. Bowier; Fernando D. Alvarez; George M. Harpole; Mark A. Emanuel
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Improved performance of high-average-power semiconductor arrays for applications in diode-pumped solid state lasers
Author(s): Raymond J. Beach; Mark A. Emanuel; William J. Benett; Barry L. Freitas; Dino R. Ciarlo; Nils W. Carlson; Steven B. Sutton; Jay A. Skidmore; Richard W. Solarz
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Ultrahigh-average-brightness semiconductor laser arrays
Author(s): Edmund L. Wolak; David C. Mundinger; D. Philip Worland; Gary L. Harnagel; Masamichi Sakamoto; Randall S. Geels; John G. Endriz
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Single-stripe high-power 2-W cw visible laser diodes
Author(s): Shiro Uchida; Tadashi Yamamoto; Yasushi Muraoka; Hiromitsu Sato
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Spatial-filtered expanded-window lasers for high-power operation of single-stripe lasers
Author(s): Richard S. Burton; Tuviah E. Schlesinger
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Design of high-power ridge waveguide 980-nm pump lasers
Author(s): Michele Goano; Elena Torasso; Ivo Montrosset; Sergio Pellegrino; M. G. Re; D. Reichenbach
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Mode composition control in high-power buried InGaAsP/GaAs lasers
Author(s): Misha Boroditsky; Dmitry Z. Garbuzov; Daniil A. Livshits; Edward U. Rafailov
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Phase locking of a two-dimensional semiconductor laser array in an external Talbot cavity
Author(s): Steve Sanders; Robert G. Waarts; Derek W. Nam; David F. Welch; John C. Ehlert; William J. Cassarly; J. Michael Finlan; Kevin M. Flood
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Two-dimensional scaling of ridge waveguide amplifiers
Author(s): Kun H. No; Robert W. Herrick; Christopher Leung; Robert M. Rhinehart; Joseph L. Levy
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300-mW diffraction-limited beam from flat-phase-front antiguided master oscillator power amplifier
Author(s): Charles Zmudzinski; Chan A. Tu; Dan Botez; Luke J. Mawst; Rashit F. Nabiev; Stephen H. Fox; I.-Fan Wu; Christophe Dauga; Mario Dagenais; Michael Jansen
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1.3-W cw diffraction-limited monolithically integrated master oscillator flared amplifier at 860 nm
Author(s): Stephen O'Brien; David G. Mehuys; Jo S. Major Jr.; Robert J. Lang; Ross Parke; David F. Welch; Donald R. Scifres
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Recent progress with tapered-gain-region devices
Author(s): Jeffrey C. Livas; Stephen R. Chinn; Emily S. Kintzer; James N. Walpole; Christine A. Wang; Leo J. Missaggia
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Monolithic integration of a semiconductor preamplifier with a semiconductor tapered power amplifier
Author(s): Ping-Hui S. Yeh; I.-Fan Wu; Shijun Jiang; Mario Dagenais
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Quantitative spectral analysis in semiconductor laser reliability
Author(s): Louis F. DeChiaro; Shlomo Ovadia; Lawrence M. Schiavone; Claude J. Sandroff
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Reliable single-mode diode lasers at 200 mW
Author(s): Benjamin Li; Richard R. Craig; William J. Gignac; Zhe Huang; Erik P. Zucker
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High-power and highly reliable operation of all-MOCVD-grown 1.48-um diode lasers
Author(s): Tadashi Nishimura; Yasuo Nakajima; T. Kimura; Yoshihiro Kokubo; K. Isshiki; Etsuji Omura; Masao Aiga; Kenji Ikeda
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Study of correlation between optical characteristics and mirror facet temperature of the active region in high-power SCH SQW InGaAs/GaAs and InGaAsP/GaAs laser diodes
Author(s): Nikolay I. Katsavets; Dmitry Z. Garbuzov; T. A. Grishina; Irena E. Kudrik; Petr V. Pitkianen
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Advances in quantum well heterostructure lasers: strained-layer buried heterostructure lasers by selective-area epitaxy
Author(s): James J. Coleman; Timothy M. Cockerill; David V. Forbes; J. A. Dantzig
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Low-temperature operating characteristics of 2.0-um strained InGaAs lasers
Author(s): Ramon U. Martinelli; Raymond J. Menna; Gregory H. Olsen
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Low-threshold InGaAs/GaAs single-quantum-well lasers using single-step metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Author(s): Hanmin Zhao; Michael H. MacDougal; Kushant Uppal; Newton C. Frateschi; Paul Daniel Dapkus; Sabeur Siala; Richard N. Nottenburg
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Compressively strained 1.55-um InxGa1-xAsyP1-y/InP quantum well laser diodes grown by MOCVD with tertiarybutylarsine (TBA) and tertiarybutylphosphine (TBP)
Author(s): Steven P. DenBaars; Archie L. Holmes Jr.; Mark E. Heimbuch
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Optimization of 670-nm strained quantum well laser diodes
Author(s): Peter M. Smowton; Huw D. Summers; Paul C. T. Rees; Peter Blood
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Interface techniques for gigahertz/gigabit lasers
Author(s): Paul Howard Young
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Gigabit fiber optic links using compact disc lasers
Author(s): Wood-Hi Cheng; James H. Bechtel
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Lasers for large modulation bandwidth and low-threshold applications
Author(s): Pallab Bhattacharya; L. Davis; H. C. Sun; Hosung Yoon; Sanjay Sethi; J. Shuttlewood; Igor Vurgaftman; Jasprit Singh
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Dynamic characteristics of 1.55-um strained MQW-DFB lasers: improvement of high-speed performance by gain-coupling effects
Author(s): Hanh Lu; Toshi Makino; Guo Ping Li; Stephen M. McGarry; Ronald S. Moore; B. Foster; Norbert Puetz
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External feedback sensitivity of 1.55-um gain-coupled multiquantum well DFB lasers
Author(s): Guo Ping Li; Toshi Makino; Hanh Lu; Jin Hong; Wei-Ping Huang
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Bessel function and perturbation analyses of the FM and IM behavior of a directly modulated semiconductor laser
Author(s): Jean Le Bihan; G. Yabre
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Medical applications of medium- to high-power diode lasers
Author(s): Richard C. Sam; John G. Endriz
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Effect of semiconductor laser characteristics on optical fiber sensor performance
Author(s): Kent B. Rochford; Allen H. Rose; I. G. Clarke; Gordon W. Day
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Photonics technology for avionic systems
Author(s): Gregory L. Abbas; Chi-Shain Hong; Raymond W. Huggins; Gary E. Miller; Charles R. Porter; Sankar Ray; Mahesh C. Reddy; David Smith; Luis Figueroa
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Near-infrared InGaAs/InP distributed-feedback lasers for spectroscopic applications
Author(s): Ramon U. Martinelli; Raymond J. Menna; David E. Cooper; Clinton B. Carlisle; Haris Riris
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Refractory contact lasers
Author(s): Patrik A. Evaldsson; Geoffrey W. Taylor; Timothy A. Vang; M. Mirovic; Roger J. Malik
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Effect of zinc diffusion on the device performance of semi-insulating buried crescent lasers
Author(s): Ching Long Jiang; Maria D. Ferreira; Robert J. Miller; Mark Mashas; Mark Soler; Keith Wilder; Eugene A. Imhoff; John D. Kulick; Randy Wilson
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Compact robust fiber-optic-coupled diode laser array module for solid state laser pumping and beacon applications
Author(s): Michael D. Jones; James R. Rotge; Donald M. Gianardi Jr.
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Simple thermal management of long-pulse large multibar laser diode arrays
Author(s): A. Alan Karpinski
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Microchannel coolers for high-power laser diodes in copper technology
Author(s): Volker K. Krause; Hans-Georg Treusch; Peter Loosen; T. Kimpel; Jens Biesenbach; Arnd Koesters; F. Robert; H. Oestreicher; Marcel Marchiano; Bernhard DeOdorico
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Progress in standards for laser reliability testing
Author(s): James L. Spencer
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Optoelectronic devices: standards activities in Europe: a case study
Author(s): Jon Nixey; Andrew P. Skeats; Chris Stephens
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Strategy for reliability qualification of nonhermetic laser modules
Author(s): John W. Osenbach; Robert B. Comizzoli
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Characterization testing of monolithic dual-beam visible diode lasers with a 50-um channel separation
Author(s): Thomas Weibezahl; William J. Mosby; G. J. Kovacs
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Novel optical techniques for characterization of advanced semiconductor lasers for telecommunications
Author(s): Tien Pei Lee; Chung-En Zah; K. Kikuchi
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Simple and effective method for characterizing dynamic properties of distributed feedback lasers at the chip level
Author(s): Kin-Wai Leong; John Yu; Robert Parkinson; Stephen Yu
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Current fluctuations in laser diodes
Author(s): Meg M. Hall; John L. Carlsten
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Oscillation wavelength shifts of diode lasers in a magnetic field
Author(s): Takashi Sato; Hidetoshi Kawashima; Tomoya Hoshi; Shigeki Yamamoto; Masashi Ohkawa; Takeo Maruyama; Minoru Shimba
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Characterization of strained quantum well InGaAs/AlGaAs buried heterostructure lasers using internal second-harmonic generation
Author(s): Vladimir P. Iacovlev; Anatol T. Lupu; Alexei V. Syrbou; Grigore I. Suruceanu; I. V. Kravetsky; Leonid L. Culiuc; Naresh Chand
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Wafer scale testing of vertical cavity surface-emitting laser arrays
Author(s): Thaddeus G. Dziura; S. C. Wang
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Parallel processing multitemperature robotic tester and burn-in oven for InGaAsP lasers
Author(s): Michael A. Gazier; Ming Leung; Ed Cremer; Dave Hess; Frank Volkmer
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Single epitaxial structure for the integration of lasers with heterojunction bipolar transistors
Author(s): Anish K. Goyal; Mark S. Miller; Stephen I. Long; Devin Leonard
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