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Physics and Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices II
Editor(s): Weng W. Chow; Marek Osinski

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Volume Number: 2146
Date Published: 30 June 1994

Table of Contents
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III-V compound semiconductor strip-loaded waveguide devices for PICs: design for minimum crosstalk and high density
Author(s): G. Allen Vawter; G. Ronald Hadley
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Evaluation of bound and leaky eigenmode techniques for nontransparent waveguides
Author(s): R. E. Smith; Susan N. Houde-Walter
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Particularities of optoelectronic deflectors operation
Author(s): Michael Y. Kolesnikov; Yuri N. Chermyanin; Vitaly V. Pitsyuga; Andrey A. Vinogradov
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Metal-ion spin-on glasses: novel materials for active waveguides
Author(s): Carol I. H. Ashby; Charles T. Sullivan; G. Allen Vawter; John P. Hohimer; G. Ronald Hadley; Daniel R. Neal
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Real-space transfer of photoexcited electrons in type-II superlattices via optical-phonon emission
Author(s): M. U. Erdogan; V. Sankaran; Ki Wook Kim; Michael A. Stroscio; Gerald J. Iafrate
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Light pulse propagation and charge carrier scattering in semiconductor amplifiers
Author(s): Rolf H. Binder; Andreas Knorr; Stephan W. Koch
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Characterization and modelling of ultrafast carrier dynamics in quantum well optical amplifiers
Author(s): Jesper Mork; M. Willatzen; J. Mark; Michael Preisel; C. P. Seltzer
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Modeling LED emission intensity using a photon recycling approach
Author(s): Stephen M. Durbin; Jeffery L. Gray; Mahesh P. Patkar; Mark S. Lundstrom
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Integrated TCAD for OEIC applications
Author(s): Robert W. Dutton; Francis M. Rotella; Zak Sahul; L. So; Zhiping Yu
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Microscopic treatment of heterolayer transport
Author(s): Muhammad A. Alam; Mark S. Lundstrom
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Transient modeling of GaAs/AlGaAs pnpn optoelectronic switches
Author(s): Hamid Z. Fardi
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Transport in the base of a resonant tunneling light-emitting transistor
Author(s): Jan Genoe; Chris A. Van Hoof; Kristel Fobelets; Gustaaf Borghs
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Physics and simulation of communication lasers
Author(s): Rudolf F. Kazarinov
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Coupling the electronic and optical problems in semiconductor quantum well laser simulations
Author(s): Matthew E. Grupen; Umberto Ravaioli; Albert Galick; Karl Hess; Tom Kerkhoven
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Modeling of distortions in optical characteristics of semiconductor lasers due to noise in MBE growth temperature measurement
Author(s): Sridhar V. Iyer; Umberto Ravaioli; Albert Galick; Tom Kerkhoven
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Two-dimensional simulation of quantum well lasers
Author(s): Sean Patrick McAlister; Zhan-Ming Li
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Time-dependent numerical simulation of vertical cavity lasers
Author(s): Lester E. Thode; George Csanak; L. L. So; Thomas J. T. Kwan; Mark M. Campbell
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Study of strained-layer InGaAs/GaAs SQW RW lasers including analysis of internal coupling of modes and antiguiding effects
Author(s): Petr Georgievich Eliseev; Gerhard Beister; Aleksandr E. Drakin; Goetz Erbert; Vadim Pavlovich Konyaev; Juergen Maege
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Effect of carrier transport on wavelength chirp in quantum well semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Radhakrishnan Nagarajan; John Edward Bowers
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Dual modulation of semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Vera B. Gorfinkel; Serge Luryi
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Nonlinear study of a semiconductor laser using circuit modeling analysis
Author(s): Horacio Lamela; A. Abella; Guillermo Carpintero; Pablo Acedo; E. Garcia
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Computer modeling of the nonuniform FM transfer function of semiconductor lasers for the study of coherent optical systems
Author(s): Ioannis Roudas; Yves Jaouen; R. Vallet; J. Prado; Philippe B. Gallion
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Theory of optical nonlinearities of coupled-band quantum wells with many-body effects
Author(s): Mauro Fernandes Pereira Jr.; Rolf H. Binder; Stephan W. Koch
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Numerical studies of excitonic effects in the optical spectra of quantum well modulators
Author(s): Witold Bardyszewski; David Yevick; Claude R. Rolland
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Picosecond gain dynamics of an actively mode-locked external cavity laser diode
Author(s): Martin R. Hofmann; M. Koch; H.-J. Heinrich; Gerhard Weiser; Jochen Feldmann; Wolfgang E. Elsaesser; Ernst O. Goebel; Stephan W. Koch; Weng W. Chow
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Many-body effects in the gain and refractive index of an active semiconductor medium
Author(s): Weng W. Chow
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Carrier relaxation in quantum well, quantum wire and quantum dot laser structures: consequences for gain compression and high-speed performance
Author(s): Igor Vurgaftman; Y. Lam; Pallab Bhattacharya; Jasprit Singh
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Instabilities and dynamic behavior in a two-lateral-coupled semiconductor laser array
Author(s): Horacio Lamela; Pablo Acedo; Guillermo Carpintero; A. Abella; E. Garcia
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Effects of optical feedback with dispersive loss on the amplitude noise and relaxation resonance of semiconductor lasers
Author(s): John E. Kitching; Richard Boyd; Amnon Yariv; Yaakov Shevy
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Line-narrowing and stability of laser diodes with strong optical feedback from a nearby external reflector
Author(s): Erik J. Bochove; John Gerard McInerney
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Single-photon turnstile device based on coulomb blockade of electron and hole tunneling in p-i-n heterojunctions
Author(s): Atec Imamoglu; Y. Yamamoto
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Semiconductor microcavity lasers
Author(s): Paul Lee Gourley; Joel R. Wendt; G. Allen Vawter; Mial E. Warren; Thomas M. Brennan; B. Eugene Hammons
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Material modifications of the noise properties of gain-guided semiconductor microlasers
Author(s): Ewan M. Wright; Michael Rivera
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Nonequilibrium many-body theory and mode-confinement effects in semiconductor microcavity lasers
Author(s): Frank Jahnke; Stephan W. Koch
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Self-consistent thermal-electrical modeling of proton-implanted top-surface emitting semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Wlodzimierz Nakwaski; Marek Osinski
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Analysis of current spreading and series resistance in GaAs/AlGaAs proton-implanted top-surface-emitting lasers
Author(s): Marek Osinski; Wlodzimierz Nakwaski; Petros M. Varangis
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Self-consistent calculation of two-dimensional diffusion equation for a modal gain analysis of lasing modes in cylindrical VCSELs
Author(s): Chi Hung Chong; Jayanta Sarma
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Modeling the nonlinear dynamics of wide aperture semiconductor lasers and amplifiers
Author(s): Jerome V. Moloney; Robert A. Indik; J. Kenton White; P. Ru; Stephan W. Koch; Weng W. Chow
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Simulation of semiconductor lasers with quasi-continuous unstable resonators and comparison with experimental data
Author(s): Alan H. Paxton; Swaminathan T. Srinivasan; David J. Gallant; Salvador Guel-Sandoval; Stephen D. Hersee
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Quantum confinement and strain effects in an unstable resonator semiconductor laser
Author(s): P. Ru; Weng W. Chow; Jerome V. Moloney; Stephan W. Koch
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Geometry considerations for more stable laser beam from semiconductor laser and amplifier
Author(s): Petr Georgievich Eliseev
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Boundary conditions in the research of stress-strain state by optical tomography method
Author(s): Igor A. Patrikeyev; Valintin I. Shakhurdin
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Effects of third-order dispersion on the propagation of squeezed solitons in optical fibers
Author(s): Chitra Rangan; M. V. Satyanarayana; B. M. Sivaram
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Features of the energy spectrum of free carriers and gain in the corrugated quantum well stuctures
Author(s): Alexander I. Onishchenko; Petr Georgievich Eliseev
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Dynamical processes in asymmetric quantum well lasers
Author(s): Valerii K. Kononenko
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Effect of nonlinear gain suppression to the higher order lateral modes in a 2D simulation of quantum well lasers
Author(s): Zhan-Ming Li
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