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Ultrafast Phenomena in Semiconductors

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Volume Number: 2142
Date Published: 6 May 1994

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Radiative recombination and spin-relaxation dynamics of excitons in GaAs quantum wells
Author(s): A. Vinattieri; Jagdeep Shah; Theodore C. Damen; Loren N. Pfeiffer; Lu Jeu Sham; M. Z. Maialle
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Electron-hole scattering in p-GaAs
Author(s): Rosana Rodrigues; P. Buchberger; Ralph A. Hoepfel
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Exciton relaxation and recombination dynamics in quantum well structures
Author(s): Marcello Colocci; Massimo Gurioli; Jose A. Martinez-Lozano; A. Vinattieri
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Ultrafast carrier capture in quantum well structures
Author(s): Paul W. M. Blom; Jos E. M. Haverkort; Jan Claes; Pieter J. van Hall; Joachim H. Wolter
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Ultrafast exciton dynamics in direct gap semiconductors
Author(s): Jorn M. Hvam; John Erland; K.-H. Pantke
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Temporal evolution of the dense electron-hole plasma phase in GaAs quantum wires
Author(s): Roberto Cingolani; R. Rinaldi; Michele Ferrara; Giuseppe C. La Rocca; Herbert Lage; Detlef Heitmann; H. Kalt
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Ultrafast relaxation of hot electrons in quantum wires
Author(s): Vladimir V. Mitin; Remis Gaska; R. Mickevicius
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Acoustic phonons in rectangular quantum wires: approximate compressional modes and the corresponding deformation potential interactions
Author(s): Ki Wook Kim; Segi Yu; M. U. Erdogan; Michael A. Stroscio; Gerald J. Iafrate
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Femtosecond carrier dynamics in low-temperature-grown III-V semiconductors
Author(s): Y. Kostoulas; Ting Gong; Bradford C. Tousley; Gary W. Wicks; Paul W. Cooke; Philippe M. Fauchet
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Internal thermalization of the electron-hole plasma in the subpicosecond regime in GaAs
Author(s): S. Hunsche; H. Heesel; A. Ewertz; Heinrich Kurz; Jacques H. Collet
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Femtosecond spectroscopy at the direct bandedge of germanium
Author(s): Gary Mak; Henry M. van Driel
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Ultrafast upper satellite valley spectroscopic dynamics using UV-pump IR-probe absorption spectroscopy in GaAs and GaP
Author(s): Michael A. Cavicchia; Robert R. Alfano
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Phonon and polariton dynamics and the existence of long-lived acoustic phonons
Author(s): Walter E. Bron; Tibor Juhasz
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Laser-induced bandgap collapse in GaAs
Author(s): Y. Siegal; Eli N. Glezer; Li Huang; Eric Mazur
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Coherence and relaxation of excitons in transform-limited time-resolved resonant light-scattering
Author(s): Heinrich Stolz
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Ensemble Monte Carlo simulation of Raman scattering in GaAs
Author(s): Selim E. Guencer; David K. Ferry
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High-field electron transport in GaAs: a picosecond time-resolved Raman probe
Author(s): Eric D. Grann; Shou Jong Sheih; C. Chia; Kong-Thon F. Tsen; Otto F. Sankey; George N. Maracas; R. Droopad; Arnel A. Salvador; Andrei Botchkarev; Hadis Morkoc
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Influence of excitonic linewidth on resonant tunneling time of electrons in double quantum wells under electric fields
Author(s): Shi Rong Jin; Zhong Ying Xu; Jinsheng Luo
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Carrier-carrier scattering versus coherence in highly laser-excited semiconductors
Author(s): Frank J. Adler; Goetz F. Kuras; P. Kocevar
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Monte Carlo simulation of intersubband relaxation in single and multiple quantum wells
Author(s): Stephen M. Goodnick; S. Pennathur; Paolo Lugli; M. Gulia
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Optical rectification and terahertz emission in the semiconductors excited above the bandgap
Author(s): Jacob B. Khurgin
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Electron-hole correlations in the subpicosecond dynamics of the electron-hole plasma in GaAs
Author(s): Jacques H. Collet; J. L. Iehl; R. Grac
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New results on thermalization of electrons in GaAs
Author(s): Reinhard M. Hannak; Wolfgang W. Ruehle
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Momentum reorientation of photo-excited carriers in GaAs
Author(s): Mohamed A. Osman; N. Nintunze
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Scaled ensemble Monte Carlo
Author(s): Alfred M. Kriman; Ravindra P. Joshi
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Femtosecond relaxation of highly photo-excited carriers in GaAs
Author(s): N. Nintunze; Mohamed A. Osman
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Real-space transfer and current filamentation in AlGaAs/GaAs heterojunctions subjected to high-electric fields
Author(s): Joachim H. Wolter; Jos E. M. Haverkort; Peter Hendriks; E. A. E. Zwaal
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Thermionic emission and tunneling in a strained InGaAsP 1.3 um multiple quantum well laser structure
Author(s): Bruce W. Takasaki; John S. Preston; John D. Evans; John G. Simmons
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Nonlinear conduction and space charge wave generation in semiconductor superlattices
Author(s): Christophe Minot; H. Le Person; Jean Francois Palmier; Jean Christophe Harmand
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Resonant tunneling in unipolar triple-barrier structures investigated by time-resolved photoluminescence
Author(s): Chris A. Van Hoof; Jan Genoe; Gustaaf Borghs; Dietrich Bertram; Herbert Lage; Wolfgang W. Ruehle; Holger T. Grahn
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Relevant intrinsic parameters for the dynamics of high-speed InGaAs/InGaAsP quantum-well-distributed feedback lasers
Author(s): Janos Kovac; Heinz Schweizer; H. Schmidt; Christiane Kaden; M. Klenk; R. Weinmann; E. Zielinski
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Investigation of kinetics of photoconductivity in PbTe(Ga) under ultrashort-pulse laser excitation
Author(s): Oleg B. Mavritsky; Alexander I. Lebedev; Irina A. Sluchinskaya
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Controlled electronic interference effects in the ballistic conductivity of 1D and 2D semiconductor nanostructures with nonuniform potential relief
Author(s): Victor A. Petrov; I. M. Sandler
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Damping of charge oscillations in double-well structures by the Coulomb interaction
Author(s): Mihael Ziger; Walter Poetz; P. Kocevar
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