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Laser Techniques for Surface Science
Editor(s): Hai-Lung Dai; Steven J. Sibener

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Volume Number: 2125
Date Published: 21 July 1994

Table of Contents
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Transient IR and visible laser absorption-reflection spectroscopic studies of interadsorbate and adsorbate/substrate interactions
Author(s): Eric Borguet; Joseph Dvorak; Hai-Lung Dai
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Coverage-dependent diffusion of ammonia on Re(001)
Author(s): Micha Asscher
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Characterization of model polar stratospheric cloud films using laser-induced thermal desorption and optical interference techniques
Author(s): Brian S. Berland; D. Haynes; Krishna L. Foster; Margaret A. Tolbert; Steven M. George; O. B. Toon
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In-situ monitoring of molecular beam epitaxial growth using single photon ionization
Author(s): April L. Alstrin; Adina K. Kunz; Stephen R. Leone
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Self-assembled monolayers of Lewis bases: effects on surface and interfacial electronic properties in III-V optical semiconductors
Author(s): J. F. Dorsten; James E. Maslar; Ying Zhang; T. B. Rauchfuss; Paul W. Bohn; S. Agarwala; Ilesanmi Adesida; Catherine Caneau; Rajaram J. Bhat
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Nonlinear optical characterization of aromatic amino acids at the air/water interface: intrinsic probes of protein ordering on surfaces
Author(s): Beth L. Smiley; Viola Vogel
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Nonlinear photoemission of image states: a new 'high-resolution' surface spectroscopy
Author(s): B. Quiniou; V. Bulovic; Z. Wu; X. Wang; Richard M. Osgood Jr.
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Two-photon photoemission and the dynamics of electrons at interfaces
Author(s): David F. Padowitz; Charles B. Harris; R. E. Jordan; R. L. Lingle Jr.; J. D. McNeil; W. R. Merry
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Femtosecond studies of carrier relaxation processes at single crystal metal surfaces
Author(s): C. A. Schmuttenmaer; Martin Aeschlimann; John W. Herman; R. J. Dwayne Miller; D. A. Mantell; J. Cao; Y. Gao
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Thermal three-dimensional lithography in thermoset resins using CO2 laser
Author(s): Marco A. F. Scarparo; Mucio L. Barros; Alvin E. Kiel; Edgardo Gerck
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He diffraction studies of adsorbates on metal surfaces
Author(s): Hrvoje Petek; T. Miyake; Susumu Ogawa; H. Kajiyama; S. Yamamoto
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Nonthermal surface chemistry: collision-induced reactions of NH3 on Pt{111}
Author(s): Greg J. Szulczewski; Robert J. Levis
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Surface probes of porous toluene/water ices: adsorption kinetics and annealing spectra measured by second-harmonic generation
Author(s): Bryan Fayne Henson; Jeanne M. Robinson
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ZnSe/GaAs epitaxial film modification by soft x-ray irradiation
Author(s): Valery Ju. Znamenskiy; O. B. Anan'in; R. Z. Bagateliya; Yuri A. Bykovsky; Yuri V. Eryomin; Alexander Vladimirov Kovalenko; I. K. Novikov; A. A. Zhuravlev
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Second-harmonic generation by a reflecting metal surface
Author(s): N. N. Akhmediev; Igor V. Mel'nikov; L. J. Robur
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Laser-induced photochemistry of nickel chelate thin films
Author(s): Stanislav Vasiljevic Larionov; Aram M. Badalian; Oleg V. Polyakov; Stalina A. Prokhorova; Lyudmila F. Bakhturova; Lyudmila I. Myachina
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Spectrum of resonance fluorescence excited by an evanescent wave at a gas-solid interface
Author(s): Vladimir G. Bordo
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Charge state formation of laser-desorbed atoms
Author(s): Alexander V. Zinoviev; Andrey V. Lugovskoy; Timurbek Usmanov
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Metal surface probing by nonlinear optic response
Author(s): Alexander V. Zinoviev; Ilya A. Kulagin; Andrey V. Lugovskoy; Timurbek Usmanov
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Nonlinear optical spectroscopy for surface studies
Author(s): Yuen-Ron Shen
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Nonlinear optical study of chiral surfaces
Author(s): Herman I. Yee; Jeff D. Byers; Janice M. Hicks
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Interactions and structures of n-alkane thiol monolayers on gold surfaces
Author(s): Nicholas Camillone III; T. Y. Becky Leung; Giacinto Scoles
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State and spatially resolved studies of UV-laser-induced desorption of molecules from oxide surfaces
Author(s): Katharina H.B. Al-Shamery; M. Menges; Ingrid Beauport; B. Baumeister; Thorsten Kluener; T. Mull; Hans-Joachim Freund; C. Fischer; P. Andresen; J. Freitag; Volker Staemmler
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Chemisorbed-molecule potential-energy surfaces and electronically stimulated processes
Author(s): Dwight R. Jennison; Ellen B. Stechel; Alan R. Burns; Y. S. Li
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Dynamics of photodesorption of small particles bound to cluster surfaces
Author(s): Frank Balzer; M. Renger; Horst-Guenter Rubahn
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Infrared response of chemisorbed CO to femtosecond metal substrate heating
Author(s): Arjun G. Yodh; Joseph P. Culver; M. Li; L. G. Jahn; Robin M. Hochstrasser
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Dynamics of NH3 photodesorption from GaAs: role of internal motion
Author(s): Xiao-Yang Zhu
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Surface femtochemistry by laser-excited hot electrons
Author(s): J. William Gadzuk
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Femtosecond laser-induced processes: ultrafast dynamics and reaction pathways for O2/Pd(111)
Author(s): Tony F. Heinz; James A. Misewich; U. Hoefer; A. Kalamarides; S. Nakabayashi; P. Weigand; Martin Wolf
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Oxygen photochemistry on Pt(111)
Author(s): Ian A. Harrison; Vladimir A. Ukraintsev; Alexander N. Artsyukhovich
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Shape resonance scattering as a probe of excited-state adsorbate dynamics for CO chemisorbed on Ni(111)
Author(s): Jeong Sook Ha; Steven J. Sibener
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Dynamics of photochemical processes of N2O absorbed on metal and semiconductor surfaces
Author(s): Yoshiyasu Matsumoto; Jihwa Lee; H. Kato; K. Sawabe
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Influence of stimulated desorption on molecular fragmentation
Author(s): Caroline R. Ayre; Lorenza Moro; Christopher H. Becker
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Laser-focused atomic deposition
Author(s): Jabez J. McClelland; R. E. Scholten; Rajeev Gupta; Robert J. Celotta
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Angle-resolved time-of-flight studies of laser-assisted chemical etching reactions
Author(s): Qi-Zong Qin; Kang-Zhan Zhang; Ping-He Lu
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Photon-driven chemistry of column V hydrides on GaAs(100)
Author(s): John Michael White
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Surface modification of semiconductors by laser-induced surface electromagnetic wave etching
Author(s): Mizunori Ezaki; Hiroshi Kumagai; Koichi Toyoda; Minoru Obara
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Nanocrystal spectroscopy and photophysics: direct gap CdSe and indirect gap silicon
Author(s): Louis E. Brus
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Photocarrier diffusion at a Si(111) surface studied by reflective two-color transient grating scattering
Author(s): C. M. Li; Z. Charles Ying; Theodore A. Sjodin; Hai-Lung Dai
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Absorption processes on ice surfaces studied by second-harmonic generation
Author(s): Anthony C. Tridico; Matthew Lakin; Janice M. Hicks
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Fluorescence detection of single molecules using pulsed near-field optical excitation and time-correlated photon counting
Author(s): W. Patrick Ambrose; Peter M. Goodwin; John C. Martin; Richard A. Keller
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