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Laser Techniques for State-Selected and State-to-State Chemistry II
Editor(s): John W. Hepburn

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Volume Number: 2124
Date Published: 17 June 1994

Table of Contents
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Time-resolved infrared absorption studies applied to the study of radical plus molecule reactions
Author(s): Gregory A. Bethardy; Frederick J. Northrup; Robert Glen Macdonald
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Photochemistry of the N2O-H2O complexes produced in supersonic jets
Author(s): Ichiro Hanazaki; Hong-Lae Kim; Masao Takayanagi
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Reaction of oxygen atoms with hydrocarbon monomers and clusters: the power of state-selectivity
Author(s): Yoram Hurwitz; Yinon Rudich; Ron Naaman
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Rotationally inelastic scattering of hydrogen fluoride as probed by a hydrogen fluoride chemical laser
Author(s): Mark Keil; Leslie J. Rawluk; Millard Alexander; Howard R. Mayne; J. J. Barrett
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Two-color sub-Doppler double resonance: a spectroscopic method of obtaining the differential cross-section
Author(s): Anthony J. McCaffery; Jon P. Richardson; Ruth J. Wilson; Michael J. Wynn
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Doppler spectroscopy: a powerful tool for studying molecular collision dynamics
Author(s): Jean-Michel Mestdagh; J. P. Visticot; Arthur G. Suits
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Control of molecular photodissociation via frequency tuning of intense laser fields
Author(s): Zhidang Chen; Moshe Shapiro; Paul W. Brumer
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Experimental investigations of coherent control
Author(s): Daniel S. Elliott; Ce Chen; Yi-Yian Yin; F. Wang; Edward R. Grant; R. Shehadah
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Robust approaches to laser-selective chemistry and quantum molecular control
Author(s): Warren S. Warren
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Control of quantum dynamics: issues and alternatives
Author(s): Herschel Hersch Rabitz
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Superpositions of chiral amplitudes
Author(s): Jeff A. Cina; Robert A. Harris
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Optimal control of product selectivity in the reations of polyatomic molecules: a reduced space analysis
Author(s): Stuart A. Rice; Meishan Zhao
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Quantum control of electron dynamics
Author(s): Jeffrey L. Krause; Kent R. Wilson; Yijing Yan
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Optical diagnostics of diamond CVD plasmas
Author(s): Jay B. Jeffries; George A. Raiche; Michael S. Brown
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Laser imaging of chemistry-flowfield interactions: enhanced soot formation in time-varying diffusion flames
Author(s): Joel E. Harrington; Christopher R. Shaddix; Kermit C. Smyth
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Optical detection of CH3 during diamond chemical vapor deposition
Author(s): David G. Goodwin; Nick G. Glumac; Evaldo J. Corat
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Photoelectron spectra of organic radicals and biradicals
Author(s): Cameron F. Logan; Eric S. J. Robles; Daniel W. Kohn; Peter Chen
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Laser-induced fluorescence spectra of jet-cooled organometallic radicals
Author(s): Terry A. Miller
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Spectroscopy of vibrationally excited states of CCH
Author(s): Yen-Chu Hsu
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Negative ion photoelectron spectroscopy of organometallic radicals: MCO and HMCO complexes of the first transition series
Author(s): Peter W. Villalta; P. Thomas Fenn; Doreen G. Leopold
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Nonresonant two-photon pulsed field ionization studies of organosulfur molecules and radicals
Author(s): C.-W. Hsu; David P. Baldwin; Chung-Lin Liao; Cheuk Yiu Ng
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Understanding barriers to internal rotation in toluene, phenylsilane, and their cations
Author(s): Kueih-Tzu Lu; James C. Weisshaar
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Role of solvent and vibrations on proton tunneling in clusters
Author(s): Jack A. Syage
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High-resolution spectroscopy of small transition metal molecules: recent experimental and theoretical progress on group 5 diatomics
Author(s): Benoit Simard; Andrew M. James; Pawel Kowalczyk; Rene Fournier; Peter A. Hackett
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Electronic spectroscopy and electronic structure of the smallest metal clusters: the diatomic 3D transition metal aluminides
Author(s): Jane M. Behm; Michael D. Morse
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Structural dynamics of carbon- and metal- containing carbon clusters
Author(s): David E. Clemmer; Martin F. Jarrold
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Optical absorption spectra of Ag8 and Ag20 in solid neon
Author(s): Wolfgang Harbich; R. Kleiber; Y. Caloz; Y. Belyaev; J. Buttet
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Photodissociation spectroscopy of metal clusters: a status report
Author(s): Douglas Cameron; Susanne Haupt; Julian Kaller; Manfred M. Kappes
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Mechanical mechanism for the ultrafast perturbation of electronic states in solution
Author(s): Mark A. Berg; John T. Fourkas; Andrea Benigno
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Quantum-resolved vibrational energy transfer in Br2 B3II(Ou+)
Author(s): Courtney D. Holmberg; Glen P. Perram
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New spectroscopy of free radicals produced by the reactions of fluorine and chlorine with diborane
Author(s): Jeffrey W. Hudgens; Karl K. Irikura; Russell D. Johnson III
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Site propensities for HCl and DCl formation in the reaction of Cl with selectively-deuterated alkanes
Author(s): Brent D. Koplitz; Yu-Fong Yen
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Laser-induced graft co-polymerization on the surface of polymer
Author(s): Vadim B. Oshurko; A. A. Chistyakov; Yuri A. Bykovsky
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UV-laser control of macromolecules dissociation mechanisms on the surface of polymer
Author(s): Vadim B. Oshurko; Yuri A. Bykovsky; A. A. Chistyakov
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Intracavity laser spectroscopy of flames: detection of oxygen atoms
Author(s): Sergey Cheskis; S. A. Kovalenko
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Laser control of photopredissociation by Cl2 by two color interference
Author(s): Andre D. Bandrauk; Jean-Marc Gauthier; James F. McCann
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Augmented Lagrangian method for optimal laser control
Author(s): Hai Shen; Jean-Pierre Dussault; Andre D. Bandrauk
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Pulsed-laser ionization and dissociation of Mn2(CO)10
Author(s): Yong-jun Wang; Ming-fei Zhou; Shi-min Shi; Qi-Zong Qin; Qi-ke Zheng
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Photofragment imaging of angle-velocity distributions
Author(s): R. A. Hertz; Jack A. Syage
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State-selected molecular ion-surface scattering: probing energetic and geometric effects in charge transfer and dissociation
Author(s): J. S. Martin; J. N. Greeley; J. R. Morris; Dennis C. Jacobs
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Spectroscopic studies of intracluster chemistry
Author(s): Jong-Ho Choi; Mitchio Okumura
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Autodetachment spectroscopy of a molecular anion using a diode laser
Author(s): Ravi W. Marawar; Daniel C. Cowles; Ray E. Keeler; Andrew P. White; John W. Farley
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Infrared and near infrared transient absorption spectroscopy of molecular free radicals
Author(s): Trevor J. Sears; Ming T. Wu; Gregory E. Hall; Bor-Chen Chang; Graeme Hansford; Jonathan C. Bloch; Robert W. Field
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New very sensitive double modulation techniques for the detection of high-resolution infrared absorption spectra of radicals, molecular ions, and excited states of stable molecules
Author(s): Concepcion Maroto Domingo; Isabel Tanarro; M. M. Sanz; Juan Miguel Santos Santos; Dionisio Bermejo; C. Aroca
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Coherent photodissociation-recombination dynamics of I2 isolated in matrix Ar and Kr
Author(s): Ruben Zadoyan; Zhiming Li; Craig C. Martens; Vartkess Ara Apkarian
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