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Optical Diagnostics of Materials and Devices for Opto-, Micro-, and Quantum Electronics
Editor(s): Sergei V. Svechnikov; Mikhail Ya. Valakh

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Volume Number: 2113
Date Published: 31 October 1994

Table of Contents
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Photodiffractive and photoabsorptive techniques for nondestructive control of semiconducting wafers and structures
Author(s): Kestutis Jarasiunas; E. Gaubas
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Some aspects of thin-film ellipsometry
Author(s): Eugene G. Bortchagovsky
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Optical diagnostics of quaternary narrow-gap semiconductors
Author(s): Georgiy G. Tarasov; Yuri I. Mazur; Jens Wolfgang Tomm; S. I. Kriven; S. R. Lavorik; N. V. Shevchenko
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Technique for studying thermodynamics of local influence laser radiation on thin films
Author(s): Vyacheslav Vladimirov Ionov; D. A. Grinko; V. V. Teologov
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Spectral diagnostics of microelectronic material surface structure with high spatial resolution
Author(s): I. P. Bobrovskaya; A. G. Chepilko; L. V. Levash; G. A. Puchkovskaya; M. Yu Vedula
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Diagnostics of the parameters, mechanism, and nature of the cadmium iodide crystals light sensitivity by optical absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): Vyacheslav D. Bondar
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Noninterference method of optical surface roughness measurements
Author(s): V. V. Kalugin; A. V. Trofimov; V. L. Zuniga
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Diagnostics of multilayer dielectric coating based on reflection and transmission spectra
Author(s): Yury A. Pervak; Ishtvan V. Fekeshgazi
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High-resolution IR laser spectral analysis in nondestructive onco-hematological diagnostics and semiconductor technique applications
Author(s): Sergey D. Darchuk; Larisa A. Korovina; Vladimir G. Bebeshko; Fiodor F. Sizov
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Determination of the optical constants of thin absorbing films on a slightly absorbing substrate from photometric measurements
Author(s): Ivan Z. Indutnyi; Apollinary I. Stetsun
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Solid state surface spectroscopy using the ellipsometric characteristics of guided-wave and surface polaritons
Author(s): I. I. Burshta; Evgenie F. Venger; S. N. Zavadskii
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Compound material investigation by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Author(s): Vladimir G. Litovchenko; Sergey I. Frolov; Nickolai I. Klyui
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Optical monitoring of vitreous films: structure and composition
Author(s): I. P. Lisovskii; Vladimir G. Litovchenko; V. B. Lozinskii; E. G. Schmidt
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Photoluminescence characterization of silicon subjected to various industrial treatments
Author(s): Mikhail Ya. Valakh; Galina Yu. Rudko; N. I. Shakhraychuk
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Spectral-luminescent determination of radiation-induced changes in scintillator crystals of registering systems
Author(s): M. U. Belyi; Sergiy G. Nedelko; M. Diab; M. O. Krisjuk; A. L. Apanasenko
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Luminescence diagnostics of direct-gap semiconductors within a wide range of excitation levels
Author(s): Serhiy G. Shevel; L. V. Taranenko; Vladimir L. Voznyi
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ZnSe quality analysis by x-ray luminescence
Author(s): A. A. Artamonova; V. Ya. Degoda; V. E. Rodionov
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Luminescence profiling: a diagnostic method for an impurities-defects system in semiconductor materials
Author(s): Vladimir N. Babentsov; Aleksandr I. Vlasenko; N. I. Tarbaev
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Application of hyper-Raman spectroscopy in the study of bulk materials
Author(s): V. B. Podobedov
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Raman scattering (RS) and photoluminescence (PL) study of AlGaAs films grown from Ga-Bi-Al solution-melt by LPE
Author(s): S. A. Vasilkovskii; Yu. Yu Bacherikov; Semen I. Krukovskii
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Intracavity diagnostics of optical inhomogeneity
Author(s): Alexander Ya. Bekshaev; Valentin M. Grimblatov
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Piezo-optic diagnostic of elastic tension and identification of defect types in CdTe by examination of exciton-defect complexes
Author(s): B. E. Pesetsky; G. A. Shepelskii; M. V. Strikha; N. I. Tarbaev
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Stress diagnostics in the plates of semiconductor crystals by means of light polarization modulation
Author(s): Boris K. Serdega; V. G. Zykov
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Diagnostics of third-order nonlinear materials by nonlinear coherent polarimetry based on vector two-wave mixing
Author(s): Victor B. Taranenko; Vladimir Yu. Bazhenov; Olga A. Kulikovskaya
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Determination of parameters of transitional layers on metals by linear and nonlinear optical methods
Author(s): M. U. Belyi; Leonid V. Poperenko; Lubomir I. Robur; Igor A. Shaikevich
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Express method for optical strength diagnostics in transparent dielectrics and semiconductors
Author(s): Nadezhda E. Korsunskaya; Nicolai R. Kulish; Grigory S. Pekar; Aleksandr F. Singaevsky
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Multiple charging of recombination centers as one of the causes of semiconductor scintillators inertiality
Author(s): V. D. Ryzhikov; V. N. Suprunenko; Olegh V. Vakulenko
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Recharging of local centers and diagnostics of laser and nonlinear crystals
Author(s): Ivan S. Gorban; A. F. Gumenjuk; S. Yu Kutovoy
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Laser-thermal diagnostics of multilayer opto- and microelectronic structures
Author(s): Sergey V. Svechnikov; Leonid L. Fedorenko; E. B. Kaganovich; V. P. Plahkotny; S. V. Baranetz; V. A. Antonov
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Laser-interference dilatometry method for the investigation of thin-film structures mechanical stability
Author(s): M. L. Trunov; A. G. Antchugin; N. D. Savtchenko; V. M. Rubish
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Photoacoustic spectro- and microscopy: new diagnostic methods for materials and devices for electronics
Author(s): Ivan V. Blonskij; V. G. Grytz; V. F. Kozenev; V. A. Thoryk; V. V. Semenov
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Light-scattering method for structural perfection testing of both silicon surface and near-surface layers
Author(s): G. E. Domashev; Yuri M. Shirshov; Valeri A. Sterligov; Yuri V. Subbota; Sergey V. Svechnikov
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Method and measuring device for micro-optics element assessment
Author(s): Alexander V. Bondarenko; Konstantin G. Predko
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Polarization of the subthreshold emission and diagnostic of mechanical strain in semiconductor lasers and light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Alexander A. Ptashchenko; Ludvig P. Prokopovich; Michael V. Deych
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Optical/digital system for measurements and diagnostics of surface properties of materials for micro- and optoelectronics
Author(s): Roman S. Bachevsky; Volodymyr A. Dostojny; Leonid I. Muravsky; Arkadiy I. Stefansky; Yurij V. Naidich; Mykola F. Grygorenko
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Thermovisual system for qualitative control of electronic products
Author(s): Sergej Yablotchnikov; Eugene Zavalnjuk
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Express-control method of frequency nonreproducibility sources in frequency-stabilized He-Ne lasers
Author(s): Valentin M. Grimblatov; V. V. Kalugin; Lidiya V. Mikhaylovskaya; V. L. Zuniga
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Methods and systems of indestructible contact-free television control of micro-objects
Author(s): Sergey V. Svechnikov; V. U. Khorushenko; I. A. Samoilova
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