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CIS Selected Papers: Iconics and Thermovision Systems
Editor(s): Mikhail M. Miroshnikov

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Volume Number: 2106
Date Published: 11 November 1993

Table of Contents
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Sergei Ivanovitch Vavilov: life in science and optical studies
Author(s): Mikhail M. Miroshnikov
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High-speed thermal imaging systems
Author(s): N. D. Devyatkov; A. G. Zhukov
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Concept of computer-aided thermodiagnostics in solving the problem of mass prophylactic examination of population
Author(s): N. D. Kurtev; S. S. Antsyferov
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Present state and perspectives of development in Russia of the thermovision camera for nondestructive testing
Author(s): V. G. Fedchishin; M. I. Shcherbacov
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DEMOS: tool for design and modeling of IR optical systems
Author(s): Mikhail A. Gan; Dmitriy D. Zhdanov; Vadim V. Novoselskiy; Sergey I. Ustinov; Alexander O. Fedorov; Igor Stanislavo Potyemin
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Medical thermal imager with small-sized optical head and signal digital processing
Author(s): V. I. Belyaeva; L. M. Blyudnikov; R. N. Ivanova; V. N. Kusmichev; L. M. Leonenko; B. A. Pechkin; Valentine I. Solovyev
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Computer imitative simulator of the thermal-imager system using SPRITE detectors
Author(s): V. A. Aleksandrov; N. V. Kremen; A. A. Gurov
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Linear-scanning thermal imager
Author(s): Yu. V. Batalov; P. P. Rudakas; O. K. Shabashev
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Scanning system for thermal imager
Author(s): L. M. Blyudnikov; V. P. Mitin
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Module for recording and inputting the information from a thermovision system to a computer: Termik II
Author(s): A. A. Dobotkin; A. V. Isakov; A. G. Petrenko; V. V. Reino; Ruvim Sh. Tsvyk
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Infrared radiation source for assessment of imaging systems
Author(s): O. K. Shabashev; A. Muraveiskaya; N. A. Ivanova
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Thermal imagers used in an extraordinary situations
Author(s): A. Kir'yev; O. Sherstyuk; F. Basharov; J. Rukhladev
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Thermography and radiothermometry in neurosurgery
Author(s): S. N. Kolesov; L. B. Likhterman
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Thermography in mass screening investigations of industrial workers
Author(s): A. I. Chehter; L. I. Ginsburg; A. G. Traktinsky
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Is it possible to revive the flagging interest in thermography for neurology?
Author(s): Igor D. Stulin
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Thermographic control of the initial narcosis adequacy for patients with space-occupying brain lesions
Author(s): A. V. Gribkov; M. G. Volovik; Natalya Y. Rufova; L. M. Bakunin
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Diagnostic possibilities of thermal imaging in neurologic manifestations of lumbar osteochondrosis in different stages of treatment
Author(s): S. N. Kolesov; T. S. Fedosenko
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Thermography: clinical significance in rhinology
Author(s): Marius S. Plouzhnikov; M. A. Ryabova
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Influence of some psychological factors on temperature dynamics of human hands
Author(s): L. G. Koreneva; N. P. Apenisheva; Pavel V. Zakharov; A. G. Markov
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Bibliography: thermovision in medicine
Author(s): N. F. Soboleva
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