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Cell and Biotissue Optics: Applications in Laser Diagnostics and Therapy
Editor(s): Valery V. Tuchin

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Volume Number: 2100
Date Published: 28 June 1994

Table of Contents
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Novel applications of lasers in biology, chemistry, and paleontology
Author(s): Roger G. Johnston
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Spectroscopic innovations at the laboratory for fluorescence dynamics
Author(s): William W. Mantulin; Enrico Gratton
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Coherent optical techniques in biomedical diagnostics
Author(s): Vladimir P. Ryabukho; Valery V. Tuchin; Sergey S. Ulyanov; Dmitry A. Zimnyakov
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Relationships between Mueller matrix elements of real objects
Author(s): Vera F. Izotova; Irina L. Maksimova; Sergey V. Romanov
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Angular scattering properties of human epidermal layers
Author(s): Anna N. Yaroslavskaya; Sergei R. Utz M.D.; Sergey N. Tatarintsev; Valery V. Tuchin
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Determination of optical tissue properties with double integrating sphere technique and Monte Carlo simulations
Author(s): Andre Roggan; Olaf Minet; Christian Schroeder; Gerhard J. Mueller
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Inverse Monte Carlo method for spectrophotometric data processing
Author(s): Ilya V. Yaroslavsky; Valery V. Tuchin
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Development of a computer model for the irradiation planning of laser-induced thermotherapy (LITT)
Author(s): Andre Roggan; Gerhard J. Mueller
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Combined numerical techniques for calculation of light and temperature distribution
Author(s): Yury N. Scherbakov; Alexander N. Yakunin; Ilya V. Yaroslavsky; Valery V. Tuchin
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Mathematical model of hemopoiesis dynamics under low-intensity laser and x radiation: approach to development
Author(s): Boris A. Medvedev; Mikhail M. Stolnitz
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Sensitive method of in-vivo photon migration investigation in tissue using a mode-locked laser
Author(s): Garif G. Akchurin; Andrew Y. Ognischev
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Study of the damping effect of human blood plasma by the after effect of optical irradiation on erythrocytes
Author(s): L. N. Baranova; V. E. Kholmogorov
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Absorption spectra of a chromophore in highly scattering media
Author(s): Sergio Fantini; Maria-Angela Franceschini; Joshua B. Fishkin; William W. Mantulin; Enrico Gratton
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In-situ laser-induced autofluorescent visualization of wounds
Author(s): Nikita Yu. Konstantinov; Mikhail M. Terent'ev; Igor V. Rybakovskii
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Optical phase images of living micro objects
Author(s): Vladimir P. Tychinsky; Svetlana B. Norina; Alex Odintsov; Fritz Albert Popp; Tatiana V. Vyshenskaia
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Changes in optical density after Nd:YAG laser carbonization of human vessel wall
Author(s): Hans-Joachim Schwarzmaier M.D.; Thomas Goldbach; Matthias P. Heintzen; Wolfram Mueller; Raimund Kaufmann
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Dynamics of polynucleotide/solvent interaction with spontaneous Raman scattering
Author(s): Cees Otto; Peter A. Terpstra; Jan Greve
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Dynamic light-scattering study of wormlike chains: Beta-connectin (titin 2) from striated muscle
Author(s): Satoru Fujime
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Phthalocyanines as second generation photosensitizers for the photodynamic therapy of cancer: fluorescence and absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): L. V. Zhorina; Elena B. Chernyaeva; A. V. Agronskaya; Maria G. Galpern
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Method of preparation of samples for spectroscopic study of interaction of laser irradiation with blood and bone marrow
Author(s): Vyacheslav I. Kochubey; Boris A. Medvedev; Yuliya G. Sedova; Valentina Yu. Stepanova
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Laser analyzer of capillary blood flow in microcirculation diagnosis
Author(s): Valentine I. Kozlov; Victor F. Morskov; Valentine I. Kishko; Vladimir G. Sokolov; Oleg Alexandrov Terman; Natalia I. Afanasyeva
Effects of oxidative stress on erythrocyte deformability and fragility
Author(s): Serdar Caglayan; Rainer Bayer
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Laser Doppler microscopy of biological objects with different optical properties
Author(s): Borislav A. Levenko; Alexander V. Priezzhev; Sergei G. Proskurin; Natalia B. Savchenko
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Problems of the optimum design of erythronephelometer
Author(s): Alexander V. Priezzhev; Nikolai N. Firsov; Olga M. Ryaboshapka; Igor V. Sirko
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Use of thrombocyte aggregation analyzer in development of drug-effect test system
Author(s): Vyacheslav F. Kirichuk; S. Bogoslovskaya; A. Svistunov; V. A. Usvitsky
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Differential optical polarimeter
Author(s): Valeri A. Doubrovski; S. E. Deev; S. E. Milovanov; A. B. Osin
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Exfoliative karyometry of the epidermis
Author(s): Sergei R. Utz M.D.
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Human skin epidermis structure investigations using coherent light scattering
Author(s): Dmitry A. Zimnyakov; Valery V. Tuchin; Sergei R. Utz M.D.
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Fluorescence spectroscopy in human skin diagnostics
Author(s): Sergei R. Utz M.D.; Joachim Barth; Peter Knuschke; Yurii P. Sinichkin
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Upper epidermis autofluorescence dynamics under laser UV irradiation
Author(s): Alexander B. Pravdin; Sergei R. Utz M.D.; A. A. Al'khov; Alexey N. Bashkatov
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Fluorescence characteristics of biological tissues and cells
Author(s): Meirong Lin; Baozheng Zhang; Qingyuan Wang; Fang Fang
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Application of tunable infrared lasers for diagnosis of diseases by analysis of expired lung air
Author(s): A. V. Chugunov; Vladimir I. Novoderezhkin; Vladislav Ya. Panchenko; Vladimir S. Solomatin; Victor V. Krasnikov; T. B. Razumikhina
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In-vitro studies and simulations on the use of a diode laser (850 nm) for laser-induced thermotherapy (LITT)
Author(s): Viravuth Prapavat; Andre Roggan; J. Walter; Juergen Beuthan; Gerhard J. Mueller
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Thermal calculation of bone-tissue slash modes by laser radiation
Author(s): Renat R. Letfullin; Valery I. Igoshin; Anatoly Bekrenev
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Ophthalmocoagulation by mixing of two spectral laser lines
Author(s): Georgi I. Zheltov; M. V. Belokon; V. N. Glazkov; Yu. A. Ivanishko; A. I. Kirkovsky; A. Linnik; Alexander S. Podol'tsev; Alexander P. Privalov
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Dynamics of the binding and change of photosensitizers of phthalocyanine row concentration in malignant tumors: experimental results
Author(s): Victor B. Loschenov; Anna I. Volkova; A. I. Volegov; T. A. Kramarenko; Sergey S. Kharnas; Anna M. Posypanova; Alexander A. Stratonnikov; Eugeny A. Lukyanets; P. V. Poleshkin; Nadezgda L. Torshina
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Fifteen-year experience with low-energy laser applications for patient treatment in emergency-care clinics
Author(s): Igor Z. Nemtsev; V. P. Lapshin
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Reaction of blood-formed elements to transcutaneous laser irradiation in short-term stress
Author(s): Gregory E. Brill; Lyudmila S. Filimonovskaya; Sergei N. Grigoriev; Svetlana G. Petrisheva; Olga V. Proshina; Tatyana P. Romanova; Valentina N. Zhigalina; Tamara M. Zolotarjova
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Metabolic effects of infrared laser radiation in experimental wound processes
Author(s): G. F. Pronchenkova; N. P. Chesnokova
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Nontrivial phenomena in laser light interaction with biotissues and blood
Author(s): Gregory E. Brill; Valery V. Tuchin
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Interdisciplinary approach to educational problems in biomedical physics
Author(s): Vadim S. Anischenko; Valery V. Tuchin
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Biomedical optics education at Saratov University
Author(s): Valery V. Tuchin; Alexander B. Pravdin
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Laser diffraction of RBC: the method and its pitfalls
Author(s): Rainer Bayer; Serdar Caglayan; Rainer Hofmann; Dieter Ostuni
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Review of laser applications in glaucoma filtering surgery
Author(s): Michael S. Berlin M.D.; Roy Ahn
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Personal monitoring of UV radiation
Author(s): Joachim Barth; Peter Knuschke
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