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Substance Detection Systems
Editor(s): Geoffrey L. Harding; Richard C. Lanza; Lawrence J. Myers; Peter A. Young

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Volume Number: 2092
Date Published: 28 March 1994

Table of Contents
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High frequency modulation spectroscopy: a sensitive detection technique for atmospheric pollutants
Author(s): Peter W. Werle
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Gaseous effluent monitoring and identification using an imaging Fourier transform spectrometer
Author(s): Michael R. Carter; Charles L. Bennett; David J. Fields; John A. Moreno Hernandez
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Quantitative assessment methodology for an infrared spectroscopic system
Author(s): Alvaro G. Mercado; John P. Davies
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Portable instrumentation: new weapons in the war against drugs and terrorism
Author(s): Dean D. Fetterolf; Brian Donnelly; Lynn D. Lasswell
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High-throughput real-time chemical contraband detection
Author(s): William R. Stott; William R. Davidson; Richard Sleeman
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New high-efficiency ion trap mobility detection system for narcotics and explosives
Author(s): William J. McGann; Anthony Jenkins; K. Ribiero; J. Napoli
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Recent developments in ion mobility spectrometry detection technology
Author(s): Robert K. Ritchie; Frank J. Kuja; Ronald A. Jackson; Arthur J. Loveless; Lucy L. Danylewich-May
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Detection of explosives, narcotics, and taggant vapors by an ion mobility spectrometry particle detector
Author(s): Robert K. Ritchie; Paul C.P. Thomson; Reno F. DeBono; Lucy L. Danylewich-May; Lena Kim
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Performance assessment of heroin and cocaine vapor particle detection systems
Author(s): David E. Hoglund; Daniel P. Lucero
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Synergy or dichotomy: vapor and particle sampling in the detection of contraband
Author(s): William R. Davidson; William R. Stott; Richard Sleeman; Alan Keith Akery
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Statistical analysis of cocaine head-space vapors
Author(s): Joseph J. Fortuna
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Sampling of explosives by means of the EGIS vapor/particle detector
Author(s): David H. Fine; Gregory J. Wendel
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Particle generators for the calibration and testing of narcotic and explosive vapor/particle detection systems
Author(s): John P. Davies; Susan F. Hallowell; David E. Hoglund
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Sampling systems for vapor and trace detection
Author(s): Timothy George Sheldon; Richard John Lacey; G. M. Smith; Peter Moore; Lynne Head
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Real-time detection of hazardous elements in sand and soils
Author(s): Israel Schechter; Richard W. Wisbrun; Reinhard Niessner; Hartmut Schroeder; Karl Ludwig Kompa
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Real-time detection of hazardous materials in air
Author(s): Israel Schechter; Hartmut Schroeder; Karl Ludwig Kompa
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Fieldable, real-time enzyme immunoassay kits for drugs on surfaces
Author(s): Michele Weber Chiappini; Gregory J. Wendel; Peter H. Duquette; Martha J. Hamilton; Stephen J. Chudzik; Ralph A. Chappa
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Liquid explosives detection
Author(s): Lowell J. Burnett
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Flow immunosensor detection of explosives and drugs of abuse
Author(s): Anne W. Kusterbeck; Linda L. Judd; Hao Yu; June Myles; Frances S. Ligler
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Pseudomolecular ion formation of explosives in FT-ICR-MS
Author(s): Choo Seng Giam; T. L. Holliday; M. S. Ahmed; G. E. Reed; G. Zhao
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Determination of canine olfactory thesholds using operant laboratory methods
Author(s): J. M. Johnston; Lawrence J. Myers; L. Paul Waggoner; Marc Williams
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Cargo inspection system based on pulsed fast neutron analysis
Author(s): Douglas R. Brown
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Signal predictions for a proposed fast neutron interrogation method
Author(s): Kenneth E. Sale
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System design considerations for fast neutron interrogation systems
Author(s): Bradley J. Micklich; B. P. Curry; Charles L. Fink; Donald L. Smith; Thomas J. Yule
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Associated-particle sealed-tube neutron probe for characterization of materials
Author(s): Edgar A. Rhodes; Charles E. Dickerman; Charles W. Peters
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Thermal neutron analysis (TNA) airport deployment
Author(s): Russell R. Smith
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Narcotics and explosives detection by 14N pure nuclear quadrupole resonance
Author(s): Allen N. Garroway; Michael L. Buess; James P. Yesinowski; Joel B. Miller
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Laser-aided material identification for the waste sorting process
Author(s): Heinz Haferkamp; Ingo Burmester; Kai Engel
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Numerical modeling of nonintrusive inspection systems
Author(s): James M. Hall; James F. Morgan; Kenneth E. Sale
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Laser scattering technique for noninvasive analysis of wastewater
Author(s): Sheikh Rafi Ahmad; V. G. Foster; D. Reynolds
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Portable sensors for drug and explosive detection
Author(s): Joseph Michael Leginus
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X-ray scattering signatures for material identification
Author(s): Robert D. Speller; Julie A. Horrocks; Richard John Lacey
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Industrial potential of Rayleigh scattered x rays for identification of low-Z materials
Author(s): Russell D. Luggar; Walter B. Gilboy; N. MacCuaig
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Coherent x-ray scatter imaging for foodstuff contamination detection
Author(s): Gerhard Martens; H. Bomsdorf; Geoffrey L. Harding; Jurgen Kanzenbach; R. Linde
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Detection of explosives in airport baggage using coherent x-ray scatter
Author(s): Helmut Strecker; Geoffrey L. Harding; H. Bomsdorf; Jurgen Kanzenbach; R. Linde; Gerhard Martens
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Potential applications of a novel x-ray source in material characterization
Author(s): R. Armstrong; Sharon M. McDaid; Malcolm J. Cooper; Geoffrey L. Harding
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Gaseous x-ray detectors to examine freight containers and vehicles
Author(s): Dietmar Sundermann; Gerald Gaillard; Alain-Pierre Lilot; Serge Maitrejean; P. O. Pellegrin; D. Sedaries
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X-ray diffraction tomography: laboratory and synchrotron instruments
Author(s): Jason A. Grant; John R. Davis; Michael J. Morgan; Peter Wells; D. Rhys Davies
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Analysis of a proposed Compton backscatter imaging technique
Author(s): James M. Hall; Barry Alan Jacoby
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X-ray and gamma-ray computed tomography for industrial nondestructive testing and evaluation
Author(s): Ian Costello; Peter Wells; John R. Davis; Nino Benci; David Skerrett; D. Rhys Davies
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Virtual prototype for an explosives detection system
Author(s): Thomas J. Seed; John D. Zahrt; Barry Louis Berman
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Prototype explosives detection system based on nuclear resonance absorption in nitrogen
Author(s): Richard E. Morgado; Guy J. Arnone; C. C. Cappiello; Samual Dean Gardner; Charles L. Hollas; L. E. Ussery; James M. White; John D. Zahrt; Ronald A. Krauss
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Effects of proton beam quality on the production of gamma rays for nuclear resonance absorption in nitrogen
Author(s): Richard E. Morgado; C. C. Cappiello; M. P. Dugan; C. A. Goulding; Samual Dean Gardner; Charles L. Hollas; Barry Louis Berman; Robert W. Hamm; K. R. Crandall; J. M. Potter; Ronald A. Krauss
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Analysis of complex targets using fast neutrons
Author(s): Curtis J. Bell; Ronald A. Krauss; Richard C. Lanza
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Millimeter-wave high-resolution holographic surveillance system
Author(s): Douglas L. McMakin; David M. Sheen; H. Dale Collins; Thomas E. Hall; Russell R. Smith
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Weapon detection using a wideband millimeter-wave linear array imaging technique
Author(s): David M. Sheen; Douglas L. McMakin; H. Dale Collins; Thomas E. Hall
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Hazardous chemicals detection experiment
Author(s): Rowena M. Carlson; Laura E. Bunney; Donald N. Williams
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Comparison of neutron-based technologies for the detection of contraband
Author(s): Siraj M. Khan
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U.S. Customs Service imaging requirements for x-ray scanners
Author(s): Siraj M. Khan; Douglas E. Smith
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Method for detection of explosives based on nuclear resonance absorption of gamma rays in 14N
Author(s): David Vartsky; Gideon Engler; Moshe B. Goldberg; Ronald A. Krauss
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Nontomographical volume reconstruction and density bounding from images generated by a conical fan beam of resonantly absorbed radiation
Author(s): Yair Shimoni; Asher Saya; Yair Shamai; Doron Bar; Rami Perel; Ronald A. Krauss
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SQUID-detected nuclear magnetic resonance
Author(s): William F. Avrin; Sankaran Kumar; Lowell J. Burnett
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