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Multilevel Interconnection: Issues That Impact Competitiveness
Editor(s): Hoang Huy Hoang; Ron Schutz; Joseph B. Bernstein; Barbara Vasquez

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Volume Number: 2090
Date Published: 15 September 1993

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Triple-level metal process for high-performance and high-density 0.6-um/5-V application-specific integrated circuits
Author(s): Sharad Prasad; M. Bruner; Fusen E. Chen; Mitan Gandhi; Y. C. Lu; Chiyi Y. Kao; Steve Yang; William Hata
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Reactively sputtered coherent TiN process for sub-0.5-um technology
Author(s): Girish A. Dixit; Peter J. Wright; Scott Poarch; Robert H. Havemann; Ken Ngan; Jaim Nulman; H. Kieu; A. Tepman
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Development of reliable multilayer metallization for submicron ULSI technology
Author(s): Arthur T. Kuo; Ratan K. Choudhury; William Hata
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Barrier layer metallization schemes for ULSI technologies
Author(s): Gurtej S. Sandhu; Scott Meikle; Sung Kim; Trung Tri Doan
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Interaction between photoresist pretreatment and high-aspect-ratio contact and via hole definition
Author(s): Kevin C. Brown; Linda J. Insalaco; Elina C. Szeto
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Effects of ILD thickness and slope-etch depth on via performance and metal filling characteristics
Author(s): Gregory W. Grynkewich; John L. Freeman; Wayne K. Morrow; Ping Wang; Robert Woodburn
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Process integration issues in chemical-vapor-deposited copper-based metallization
Author(s): Ajay Jain; Toivo T. Kodas; Rahul Jairath; Mark J. Hampden-Smith
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Spin on glass (SOG)-based planarization scheme compatible with a stacked via multilevel metal process
Author(s): Maurizio Bacchetta; Laura Bacci; Nadia Iazzi; I. Liles; Luca Zanotti
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Advanced techniques for interlayer dielectric deposition and planarization
Author(s): Justin K. Wang; Dean R. Denison
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Extending resist-etch-back planarization to 0.5-um logic and ASIC circuits
Author(s): Ted Regan White; W. J. Ciosek; E. J. Prinz; Charles Fredrick King; R. Blumenthal; Charles W. Stager; B. M. Somero; M. P. Woo; U. Sharma; R. W. Fiordalice; Jeff L. Klein
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Slurry chemistry effects during chemical-mechanical polishing of silicon oxide films
Author(s): Rahul Jairath; Hubert M. Bath; Suzanne Davis; M. Desai; Kathleen A. Perry; Siva Sivaram; Allen White
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Spin on glass (SOG) etch-back planarization process: an industrial solution for 0.5-um CMOS TLM technology
Author(s): Pascale Molle; H. Ullmann; B. Gros; P. Fugier; O. Demolliens
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Application of APCVD TEOS/ozone thin films in < 0.5-um IC fabrication: trench and intermetal dielectric isolation and gap fill
Author(s): Jeff P. West; H. Wallace Fry; Stephen Poon; B. A. Boeck; Chris C. Yu
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Confinement effects of oxide overlayers on the stress and yield behavior of Al alloys
Author(s): Steven G.H. Anderson; I. S. Yeo; D. Jawarani; Paul S. Ho; Sesh Ramaswami; Robin Cheung
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Elimination of stress-induced voids on AlCu multilevel interconnect lines
Author(s): Gordon Grivna; John L. Freeman; Clarence J. Tracy
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Yield and reliability of laser-formed vertical links
Author(s): Hans-Dieter Hartmann; Thomas Hillmann-Ruge
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Statistical reliability control from an IC user's perspective
Author(s): Mark J. Berg
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Wafer level reliability: competitiveness and implementation issues
Author(s): Jeff S. May; Hoang Huy Hoang
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Increasing the accuracy of lifetime predictions from accelerated electromigration tests
Author(s): Tim E. Turner
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Simplified air bridge technique using photoresist UV stabilization process
Author(s): James Tajadod; Linda J. Insalaco
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Temperature measurements on metallic lines under current stresses by laser probing and correlation with electromigration tests at wafer level
Author(s): Wilfrid Claeys; Francois Giroux; S. Dilhaire; C. Gounelle; V. Quintard; P. Mortini
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Properties of silicon oxide deposited by electron-cyclotron-resonance plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Author(s): Burt W. Fowler; David R. Stark; J. Xie; C. McDonald; Ronald A. Carpio; Sha Akbar
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Investigation of latch-up phenomenon in sea-of-gate ASIC devices
Author(s): Tam T. Le; D. Mainz; R. Torres; J. Kinney; B. Glenn; Hoang Huy Hoang
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Simulations of metallization uniformity from large planar sputtering targets
Author(s): Fred Bouchard; W. A. Manring
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