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Microscopy, Holography, and Interferometry in Biomedicine

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Volume Number: 2083
Date Published: 1 February 1994

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Laser speckle techniques in biology and medicine
Author(s): J. David Briers
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Measuring the motion of the human tympanic membrane by laser Doppler vibrometry: basic principles and technical aspects
Author(s): Hans-Jochen Foth; Christian Huthoff; Norbert Stasche M.D.; Karl Hoermann M.D.
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Measurement of optical distances by optical spectrum modulation
Author(s): Adolf Friedrich Fercher; Wolfgang Drexler; Christoph K. Hitzenberger; G. Kamp
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Speckle photography in biomechanical testing
Author(s): Henryk T. Kasprzak; Halina Podbielska M.D.
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Laser microhaematomyograph
Author(s): Leonid Victorovic Tanin; Alexander A. Kumeisha; Igor V. Markhvida; Mikhail M. Loiko; Serguei A. Alexandrov; Sergei Constantin Dik; Lyudmila A. Vasilevskaya
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Modified adaptive image filtering and enhancement method for speckle pattern based on visual characteristics
Author(s): Yibing Yang; Zhenya He
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Experimental investigation on the polarization state of laser speckles for multieffect simulated biotissue
Author(s): Duo-Min He; Xin He; Yi-Ding Feng
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Embryonic behavior using holographic techniques
Author(s): Pramod Kumar Rastogi; Leopold Pflug; R. Delez
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Microendoscopic holography with flexible fiber bundle: experimental approach
Author(s): Olivier Coquoz; Christian D. Depeursinge; Ramiro Conde; Emmanuel B. de Haller
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Comparison of mechanical properties of the bone investigated by compression test and holographic interferometry
Author(s): Elzbieta B. Jankowska-Kuchta; Henryk T. Kasprzak; Gerhard Fechner
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Dynamic evaluation of facial palsy by moire topography video
Author(s): Koji Yuen; Ikuo Inokuchi; Manabu Maeta; Shinichiro Kawakami; Yu Masuda
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Low-coherence interferometry in ophthalmology
Author(s): Christoph K. Hitzenberger
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1.5-um resolution optical low-coherence reflectometry in biological tissues
Author(s): Xavier Clivaz; Fabienne D. Marquis-Weible; Rene-Paul Salathe
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Measurement of vibration induced by diagnostical ultrasound in an eye model with simulated retina
Author(s): U. Brand; Klaus Mengedoht; Martin Pessel; M. Paul; H. G. Trier
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In-vivo dual-beam optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Adolf Friedrich Fercher; Christoph K. Hitzenberger; Wolfgang Drexler; G. Kamp; Harald Sattmann; Leopold F. Schmetterer; I. Strasser; Christian J. Unfried
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Scanning laser interferometer for fundus profile measurement of the human eye
Author(s): Wolfgang Drexler; Christoph K. Hitzenberger; Adolf Friedrich Fercher; Harald Sattmann
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Slit-lamp dual-beam interferometer
Author(s): Adolf Friedrich Fercher; Haicang Li; Christoph K. Hitzenberger
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Interferometric measurement of the refractive error of the eye
Author(s): Henning Stiller; Ulrich Oechsner; Bernhard Rassow
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Microspectrofluorometry for metabolic control analysis and the study of organelle morphogenesis in cell differentiation and transformation
Author(s): Joseph G. Hirschberg; Elli Kohen; Cahide Kohen; Raul Pinon
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NADH- and FAD-fluorescence measurements on cultures of endothelial cells
Author(s): Werner Schramm; Wolfgang Hoehne; Norbert Suttorp; Wolfgang Lohmann
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Quantitative bioluminescence imaging--a method for the detection of metabolite distributions in frozen tissues
Author(s): Wolfgang Mueller-Klieser; Stefan Walenta; Georg Schwickert
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Measurement of conformational states of Ca2+-ATPase in sarcoplasmic reticulum using phosphorescence anisotropy
Author(s): Liqun Yang; A. N. Rubtsov; Daniel McStay; A. A. Boldyrev; Peter J. Quinn
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Solid surface measurement of room temperature phosphorescence of Pd-coproporphyrin and its application for time-resolved microscopy
Author(s): Alexander P. Savitsky; Ekaterina Yu. Mantrova; Marina V. Demcheva; Gely V. Ponomarev; Ilkka Hemmila; Erkki J. Soini
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Measuring oxygen pressures using triplet quenching of Pd-porphine
Author(s): Michiel Sinaasappel; C. Ince; E. A. Sanderse; Hajo A. Bruining
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Intracellular phthalocyanine localization: confocal laser scanning microscopy studies
Author(s): Elena B. Chernyaeva; Jan Greve; Bart G. de Grooth; A. G.J.M. Van Leeuwen
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Potent photosensitizers for PDT of cancer: application of confocal laser scanning microscopy for fluorescence detection of photosensitizing fluorophores in neoplastic cells and tissues
Author(s): Qian Peng; Havard E. Danielsen; Johan Moan
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High-resolution microscopic techniques for probing subcellular changes during photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Michael H. Gschwend; Herbert Schneckenburger; Wolfgang S. L. Strauss; Angelika C. Rueck; Rudolf W. Steiner
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Dependency of subcellular reactions during PDT on the metabolic state of cell cultures probed by different microscopic techniques
Author(s): Angelika C. Rueck; Herbert Schneckenburger; Wolfgang S. L. Strauss; Michael H. Gschwend; Gerd C. Beck; Karin Kunzi-Rapp; Rudolf W. Steiner
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Video microscopy of vascular damage during PDT
Author(s): Sol Kimel; Varda Gottfried
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Methods and application of time-resolved fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Harold K. Seidlitz; Jurina M. Wessels
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Time-resolved fluorescence polarization microspectroscopy of photosensitizers in a single living cell
Author(s): Oleg I. Lobanov; Serge Yu. Arjantsev; Nikolai I. Koroteev
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Time-gated microscopic imaging and spectroscopy
Author(s): Herbert Schneckenburger; Karsten Koenig; Thomas Dienersberger; Robert Hahn
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Differential phase imaging in confocal microscopy
Author(s): Tony Wilson
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Imaging performance of the fiber optic image-bundle confocal microscope
Author(s): David J. Aziz; Arthur F. Gmitro
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Confocal operation in differential phase interference microscopy
Author(s): Michael G. Somekh; R. D. Holmes; Roland K. Appel; Chung Wah See
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Optical phase images of living microscopic objects
Author(s): Vladimir P. Tychinsky; Svetlana B. Norina; Alex Odintsov; Fritz Albert Popp; Tatiana V. Vyshenskaia
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Quantitative microscopy of phase objects by optical diffraction tomography
Author(s): Torolf C. Wedberg; Jakob J. Stamnes
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Local moments, contractive IFS, and multiresolution decompositions of 3D imagery
Author(s): Ian R. Greenshields
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Three-dimensional information acquiring and its application to medical image processing
Author(s): Dezong Wang
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Scanning tunneling microscope for biological applications
Author(s): Yuri P. Volkov; Vladimir A. Tsykanov
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Fourier transform infrared microspectroscopy shows significant differences between spectra of undifferentiated and polynucleated FLG 29.1 dried cells
Author(s): Salvatore Romano; Susanna Benvenuti; Antonio Conti; Enzo Benedetti; Emilia Bramanti; Ilaria Rossi; Edoardo Benedetti
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Picosecond laser spectroscopic fluorescence measurements of endogene molecules--relevance for tumor diagnosis
Author(s): Heinz Detlef Kronfeldt; Johannes Bernarding; B. Weihs; J. Weisse
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Bone structure studies with x-ray diffraction methods and optical and electronic microscopies
Author(s): Valentina V. Petrova; E. Ya. Yakovlev; M. A. Tikhova; Vyacheslav Petrov
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Endoscope with optical sectioning capability
Author(s): Linas Giniunas; Rimas Juskaitis; Sergey V. Shatalin
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Contrast enhancement and phase conjugation low-power optical signal in dynamic recording material based on bacteriorhodopsin
Author(s): Elena Y. Korchemskaya; Marat S. Soskin; Tatjana V. Dukova; Nicolai N. Vsevolodov
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Laser microirradiation in the investigation of the integrative function of nerve cells
Author(s): Anatoly B. Uzdensky
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