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Optical Biopsy

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Volume Number: 2081
Date Published: 15 January 1994

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Spectrofluorimetric analysis in vivo: applications to kinetics of ALA-induced fluorescence
Author(s): Veronique Vonarx-Coinsmann; S. Cordel; P. Lenz; Marie-Therese Foultier; Roy H. Pottier; James C. Kennedy; Thierry Patrice
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Tissue diagnosis using autofluorescence
Author(s): Wolfgang Lohmann; Wolf-Bernhard Schill; Dieter Bucher; Theofried Peters; M. Nilles; Andreas Schulz; Rainer M. Bohle; Werner Schramm
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Ex-vivo microfluorometric study as a basis to define the potentials of autofluorescence in the diagnosis of colonic tumor mucosa
Author(s): Giovanni F. Bottiroli; Anna Cleta Croce; Renato Marchesini; Emanuele Pignoli; Stefano Tomatis; Donata Locatelli; Silvana Di Palma
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Fluorescence studies of 5-aminolaevulinic acid induced protoporphyrin IX and sulphonated aluminium phthalocyanine tissue distributions
Author(s): Alexander J. MacRobert; M. D. Judd; Jaroslaw Regula; C. S. Loh; Stephen G. Brown
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Laser-induced fluorescence of the human skin in vivo: influence of the erythema
Author(s): Yurii P. Sinichkin; Sergei R. Utz M.D.; Helena A. Pilipenko
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Fluorescence spectroscopy of human skin
Author(s): Sergei R. Utz M.D.; Joachim Barth; Peter Knuschke; Yurii P. Sinichkin
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Luminescent analysis of lymphocytes of peripheral blood in definition of organism's sensitivity to specific antigene
Author(s): Lira B. Yusupova
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Clinical comparison of the pharmacokinetics of m-THPC and Photofrin II as observed by light-induced fluorescence
Author(s): Daniel Braichotte; Jean-Francois Savary; Georges A. Wagnieres; A. Mudry; Charlotte Fontolliet; Philippe Monnier; Hubert van den Bergh
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Delta-ALA-assisted fluorescence detection of cancer in the urinary bladder
Author(s): Reinhold Baumgartner; M. Kriegmair; Ruth Knuechel; Herbert G. Stepp; Peter Heil; Alfons G. Hofstetter
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Time-gated fluorescence imaging of different organs in tumor-bearing mice after porphyrin administration
Author(s): Rinaldo Cubeddu; Gianfranco L. Canti; Mario Musolino; Antonio Pifferi; Paola Taroni; Gianluca Valentini
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Fluorescence diagnostic of wound processes
Author(s): Nikita Yu. Konstantinov; Mikhail M. Terent'ev; Igor V. Rybakovskii
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Effectiveness of benzoporphyrin derivative monoacid (BPD-MA) and fiberoptic sensor in detecting metastatic neoplasm in lymph nodes in rats
Author(s): Sandor G. Vari M.D.; Vani R. Pergadia; David Wolfson; Reem Thomas; Marigo Stavridi; Wendy J. Snyder; Michael C. Fishbein M.D.; Thanassis Papaioannou; L. Shapiro; Warren S. Grundfest M.D.
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Blood perfusion and pH monitoring in organs by laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Sandor G. Vari M.D.; Theodore G. Papazoglou; Vani R. Pergadia; Marigo Stavridi; Wendy J. Snyder; Thanassis Papaioannou; J. Timothy Duffy; Andrew B. Weiss; Reem Thomas; Warren S. Grundfest M.D.
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Monte Carlo evaluation of laser induced fluorescence spectra modifications due to optical properties of the medium: Application to real spectra correction
Author(s): Eric Tinet; Sigrid Avrillier; Dominique Ettori; Pieter van der Zee; Jean-Pierre Ollivier M.D.
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Time-gated viewing studies on tissuelike phantoms
Author(s): Roger Berg; Stefan Andersson-Engels; Olof Jarlman M.D.; Sune Svanberg
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Near infrared muscle functional monitoring
Author(s): Marco Ferrari; Roberto Alberto De Blasi; Adriano Ferrari; Assunta Pizzi; Valentina Quaresima
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Infrared diaphanoscopy in medicine
Author(s): Viravuth Prapavat; Juergen Beuthan; Marietta Linnarz M.D.; Olaf Minet; Juergen U. G. Hopf M.D.; Gerhard J. Mueller
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Telespectrophotometry of human skin diseases by means of a CCD camera
Author(s): Renato Marchesini; Mauro Ballerini; Cesare Bartoli; Emanuele Pignoli; Adele Emilia Sichirollo; Stefano Tomatis; Stefano Zurrida; Natale Cascinelli
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Optical diagnostics based on elastic scattering: recent clinical demonstrations with the Los Alamos optical biopsy system
Author(s): Irving J. Bigio; Thomas R. Loree; Judith R. Mourant; Tsutomu Shimada; K. Story-Held; Randolph D. Glickman; Richard L. Conn
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Raman spectrosopic characterization of human malignant tissues: implications for a percutaneous optical biopsy technique for in-situ tissue diagnosis
Author(s): Douglas C. B. Redd M.D.; Christopher J. Frank; Zhe Chuan Feng; Ted S. Gansler; Richard L. McCreery
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Correction of blood perfusion influences on NADH fluorescence spectroscopic measurements
Author(s): Wolfgang Hoehne; Werner Schramm
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In-vitro laser fluorescence spectroscopy of different epidermal layers: evaluation of sample preparing technique
Author(s): Vladimir G. Kukavsky
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Intrasurgical diagnostics of lymphatic nodes metastasis using laser-induced autofluorescence
Author(s): Victor B. Loschenov; M. V. Baryshev; P. V. Poleshkin; M. I. Kuzin; U. A. Ablitsov; V. K. Rybin
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Autofluorescent identification of head and neck cancer
Author(s): Victor B. Loschenov; M. V. Baryshev; E. M. Belkina; T. A. Kramarenko; V. V. Shental; N. A. Abdullin; V. K. Poddubny; Yury P. Kuvshinov
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Fluorescence dynamics of upper layer of human skin under UV laser irradiation
Author(s): Alexander B. Pravdin; Sergei R. Utz M.D.; A. A. Al'khov; Alexey N. Bashkatov
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Time-resolved fluorometry of red blood cell membrane conformational changes in a population exposed to low-dose radiation
Author(s): Nicolai A. Nemkovich; Alexander S. Kozlovski; Anatoly Nikolaevich Rubinov; V. A. Neumerzhicki
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Fluorescence spectroscopy of normal and cancerous human stomach tissue
Author(s): Maria L. Fraser Monteiro; T. Rezio; Jorge Soares; J. M.G. Martinho; Dawei Liang; Luis Fraser Monteiro
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Spectra line separation method for sophisticated data analysis of biological tissue optical spectra
Author(s): Victor B. Loschenov; Alexander A. Stratonnikov
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Spectra investigation methods of biological tissues: technique, experiment, and clinics
Author(s): Victor B. Loschenov; Rudolf W. Steiner
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