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Fiber Optics Reliability and Testing: Benign and Adverse Environments
Editor(s): Dilip K. Paul; Hakan H. Yuce

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Volume Number: 2074
Date Published: 1 March 1994

Table of Contents
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Mechanical lifetime model for optical fibers in water
Author(s): Willem W. Griffioen
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Polymer/silica optical fiber interfaces studied by atomic force microscopy
Author(s): Qian Zhong; Daryl Inniss
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Corroded pristine optical fibers studied with an atomic force microscope
Author(s): Daryl Inniss; Qian Zhong
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Reliability of aluminum-coated fibers at high temperature
Author(s): Sergey L. Semjonov; Mikhail M. Bubnov; Eugeni M. Dianov; A. G. Shchebunyaev
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Reliability issues with fiber ribbons
Author(s): H. Mizuguchi; Hiroyuki Sanada; M. Oshima; Mansoor A. Saifi
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Enhanced fatigue and aging resistance using reactive powders in the optical fiber buffer coating
Author(s): Vincenzo V. Rondinella; M. John Matthewson; Paul R. Foy; Steven R. Schmid; Vadim V. Krongayz
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Effect of chemical stripping on the strength and surface morphology of fused silica optical fiber
Author(s): Vincenzo V. Rondinella; M. John Matthewson
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Coating composition and fiber lifetime
Author(s): P. C.P. Bouten; Dick J. Broer
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Fiber reliability standards
Author(s): Hakan H. Yuce; Felix P. Kapron
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Strength and fatigue of zirconia-induced weak spots in optical fiber
Author(s): Anton H. E. Breuls; T. Svenson
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Effects of glass preparation on the surface corrosion of fused silica optical fibers
Author(s): Tarja T. Volotinen; Hakan H. Yuce; Rolf A. Frantz
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Measuring the inert strength of large flaws in optical fiber
Author(s): G. Scott Glaesemann; John D. Helfinstine
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Analysis of the proof test with power law assumptions
Author(s): Thomas A. Hanson
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Ultraviolet-cured coatings for optical fibers: the effect of coating design on fiber reliability
Author(s): Martin R. Edwards; Beverley A. Brown; S. Johnson; J. A. Waller; A. M. Delaney
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Measurement of fiber strain in optical cables
Author(s): William E. Beasley
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Organically modified silicate coatings for optical fibers
Author(s): Anna B. Wojcik; Lisa C. Klein; Vincenzo V. Rondinella; M. John Matthewson; Paul R. Foy
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Generic requirements for passive fiber optic components
Author(s): Ariel Dori; Felix P. Kapron
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Temperature effects on fused biconic coupler reliability
Author(s): Thomas S. Call; Anton Hu
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Modelization of field power distribution in specific singlemode optical fiber for optimal coupling in P-I-N photodiode
Author(s): Mohamed Ketata; Olivier Latry; B. Collette; V. De Pauw; K. Ketata; Roland Debrie
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Assuring reliability in fiber optic couplers
Author(s): David J. O'Brien; Julie Spangenberg-Jolley; Antoine Cucalon; Jean-Louis Malinge
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Reliability assessment of 1480/1550 nm filter-based WDM for optical amplifier applications
Author(s): Gary Duck; Brian Kawasaki
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Radiation effects on polymer waveguides: accelerated aging tests
Author(s): Warren N. Herman; Alvin S. Kanofsky
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Detailed performance measurements on high-sensitivity optical detectors
Author(s): Alvin S. Kanofsky; Vladimir Gershman; Warren A. Rosen
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Proton radiation effects on various electro-optical devices
Author(s): Alvin S. Kanofsky; William J. Minford
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Effects of radiation on long wavelength devices and fibers
Author(s): Alvin S. Kanofsky; Krishna Rao Linga
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Fiber optic video and audio link for adverse environment
Author(s): Vasilios E. Kalomiris; Richard W. Abbott; Wendell Hensley; Larry R. Sherrets
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Reliable multimode fiber optic system design
Author(s): Gair D. Brown; Sara Moneyhun Leite; James D. Kevern; Richard L. Neumann
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Experimental verification of embedded optical fiber data bus survivability enhancement using optical fiber sensors
Author(s): Stephen H. Poland; Mark S. Miller; Russell G. May; Richard O. Claus
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Dynamic response of an all-fiber ring resonator to a time-varying input signal
Author(s): Kyriacos Kalli; David A. Jackson
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Self-healing failures in the aerial plant
Author(s): Gabor D. Kiss
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Life-stress relationships and accelerated testing of connectors and splices
Author(s): Bruce G. LeFevre; J. W. Elling; C. S. Perry; R. L. Sweatt
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Reliability of optical connectors and splices
Author(s): William W. Wood
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Reliability characterization of adhesives used in passive optical components
Author(s): Irene M. Plitz; Osman S. Gebizlioglu; Michael Patrick Dugan
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Relation of beat length of high-birefringence fiber to wavelength and temperature
Author(s): Yanbiao Liao; Shurong Lai; Xiaogang Yin; Chongjie Duan
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Method of measuring optical fiber delay line used in a wideband radar system
Author(s): Rongqing Xu; Guolin Wang; Zhidao Cao
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Improving coupling efficiency and tolerance with self-focusing optical fiber
Author(s): Weitong Huang; Zuning Luo; Yinghai Yang; Benli Yu
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