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Fiber Optic Physical Sensors in Manufacturing and Transportation
Editor(s): John W. Berthold III; Richard O. Claus; Michael A. Marcus; Robert S. Rogowski

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Volume Number: 2072
Date Published: 7 February 1994

Table of Contents
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Fiber optic sensors for Navy ships
Author(s): Carl P. Jacobson
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Study of fiber optic sensor reliability, durability, and failure modes for shipboard machinery
Author(s): Henry R. Hegner; Henry K. Whitesel
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Remote visual inspection for nondestructive evaluation in power plants
Author(s): Peter Samsonov
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Laboratory and in-vehicle evaluation of fiber optic combustion pressure sensor
Author(s): Gang He; Marek T. Wlodarczyk
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Multichannel fiber optic temperature monitor
Author(s): Larry A. Jeffers
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Industrial applications of a fiber optic emissivity measuring infrared pyrometer
Author(s): Edward K. Matthews
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Optical computer tomography system with fiber optic sensor for high-temperature distribution measurement
Author(s): Huimin Yan
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Integrated remote analytical screening system for hostile environments
Author(s): Shane Raymond Addleman; Beverly A. Crawford; B. D. Keele; Frank L. Kohlasch; Teofila V. Rebagay; Gary L. Troyer
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Demonstration of remote fiber optic spectroscopy using mid-IR sensors for in-situ monitoring of solid rocket propellent cure and aging
Author(s): Paul J. Glatkowski; Mark A. Druy; William A. Stevenson
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In-line monitoring of petroleum oil products using a fiber optic spectrocolorimeter
Author(s): Carole Meunier; P. Viltart
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Optical temperature probe for extended industrial monitoring
Author(s): P. J. Henderson; N. A. Pilling; Richard V. Smith; Gordon R. Jones
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Fiber optic flocculation sensor
Author(s): Lun K. Cheng; Uilke Stelwagen
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Digital fiber optic remote gauging system for oil storage tanks with temperature compensation
Author(s): Faji Wang; Lihua Fang; Qing Ye; Zhisheng Yang; Lihua Jing; Zhili He
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High-temperature Fabry-Perot-based strain sensor for ceramic barrier filters
Author(s): Shmuel J. Weinstein; Veerendra B. Vuppala; Michael F. Gunther; Anbo Wang; Kent A. Murphy; Richard O. Claus
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Practical considerations for a four-channel multiplexed Bragg grating fiber sensor system
Author(s): A. Tino Alavie; Myo Myint Ohn; Derek J. Glennie; Shawn E. Karr; Robert Maaskant; G. Fishbein; R. Lee; Shang Yuan Huang; Raymond M. Measures
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High-temperature sapphire extrinsic Fizeau interferometer for strain measurements on silicon carbide materials
Author(s): Tuan A. Tran; Jonathan A. Greene; M. Alcock; Kent A. Murphy; Russell G. May; Anbo Wang; George Z. Wang; Richard O. Claus; Jack E. Coate
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Fiber optic low-coherence Michelson interferometer for silicon growth measurement
Author(s): Robert R. Michael Jr.; Christopher M. Lawson
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Fiber optic rotary motion sensor for the real-time condition monitoring of rotating machinery
Author(s): P. A. Orton; Kayode A. Ayandokun; Nasser Sherkat; Peter D. Thomas
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Fluoride fiber thermometer and its industrial applications
Author(s): YinWen Lin; Hua Yan; Kunlun Zhu
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Bias of integrated optics Pockels cell high-voltage sensors
Author(s): Nicolas A.F. Jaeger; Farnoosh Rahmatian
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Use of microbend fiber optic sensor in material characterization
Author(s): Chonghua Zhou; Arun Shukla; Stephen V. Letcher; Ram-Nandan P. Singh; Frank Sienkiewicz
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Performance of miniaturized optical fiber interconnects between sensor-embedded composite panels
Author(s): Richard O. Claus; Ricky Crotts; Kent A. Murphy; Robert P. Dahlgren; Tuan A. Tran; Stephen H. Poland
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Multiplexing architectures for fiber laser strain sensors employing intracore Bragg gratings
Author(s): Shawn E. Karr; A. Tino Alavie; Shang Yuan Huang; Andreas Othonos; Raymond M. Measures
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Optical response of a sapphire multimode optical sensor for ceramic composite applications
Author(s): Mahmoud A. El-Sherif; Shichuang Hu; Jayakumar Radhakrishnan; Frank K. Ko; Don J. Roth; Brad Lerch
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Vibration analysis in simply supported cable using weighted optical fiber sensors
Author(s): Kent A. Murphy; Tuan A. Tran; Marten J. de Vries; Richard O. Claus; Sami F. Masri
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Novel strain-bend sensor using two-mode optical fiber
Author(s): Sergio F. M. Almeida; J. F. Salvador; Sidney L.A. Carrara
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Demodulation of Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Timothy E. Clark; Eric Udd; Jeffrey A. Eck
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Waveguide theory of elliptical fibers with Mathieus functions
Author(s): Qiuhua Nie; QingWei Ye
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Optical frequency domain reflectometry damage sensor based on a laser diode sweep generator for smart structures and skins
Author(s): Igor G. Goncharov; Alexander P. Grachev; Oleg V. Kazharsky; Alexander K. Matveev; Yury A. Mironov
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Evaluation of piezoelectric actuator-embedded composites using an absolute fiber optic strain gauge
Author(s): Richard O. Claus; Vikram Bhatia; Kent A. Murphy; Tuan A. Tran; Jonathan A. Greene; Jacqueline DiNuccio
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Simple fiber optic silicon impact sensor for smart skins applications
Author(s): Dawei Liang; Luis Fraser Monteiro; Maria L. Fraser Monteiro; Brian Culshaw
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Measurement of thermal degradation in epoxy composites by Fourier transform Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Stuart Farquharson; Rosemary Bassilakis; Marie B. DiTaranto; John R. Haigis; Wayne W. Smith; Peter R. Solomon; Rabeh Elleithy; Thomas Ebeling; John F. Wallace
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Introduction to the BRITE-EURAM II OSMOS project
Author(s): Catherine Lecot; Michel Lequime; Pietro VaNotti; Didier Lang; A. Windisch; Roger Davidson; Marc J. Turpin; Jean Chazelas; Brian Culshaw; W. Craig Michie; Pantelis Papadopoulos
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Fiber optic pore water pressure sensor for civil engineering applications
Author(s): Barry G. Grossman; Paul J. Cosentino; Shinobu Doi; Girish Kumar; John Verghese
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Fatigue-loaded fiber optic strain gauges performance in reinforced concrete structures
Author(s): Marten J. de Vries; Manish H. Nasta; Richard O. Claus; Sami F. Masri
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Measurement of the internal strain in concrete elements using embedded fiber sensors
Author(s): Alexis Mendez; Theodore F. Morse; Lawrence J. Reinhart
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Development of a structurally embedded in-line fiber etalon for internal strain measurement
Author(s): James S. Sirkis; Martin A. Putnam; Timothy A. Berkoff; Alan D. Kersey; E. Joseph Friebele; Richard T. Jones; Denise Brennan
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Fly-by-light status: issues and options
Author(s): Deepak Varshneya
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Detection of shipboard fires with fiber optic temperature sensors
Author(s): Henry K. Whitesel; Patricia A. Tatem
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PC-compatible optical time domain reflectometer card based strain sensors
Author(s): Seppo M. Nissilae; Veijo Lyori; Harri K. Kopola
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