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Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Fiber Sensors V
Editor(s): Robert A. Lieberman

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Volume Number: 2068
Date Published: 10 March 1994

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Investigation of a near-infrared fiber optic immunosensor
Author(s): Maryam Izadi Daneshvar; Guillermo A. Casay; Malgorzata Lipowska; Gabor Patonay; Lucjan Strekowski
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Determination of the kinetic response and absolute sensitivity of a fiber-optic immunoassay
Author(s): Sandra F. Feldman; E. E. Uzgiris
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Antibody-based bacterial toxin detection
Author(s): Darrell E. Menking; Jonathon M. Heitz; Nabil A. Anis; Roy G. Thompson
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Comparative analysis of toxin detection in biological and enviromental samples
Author(s): Robert A. Ogert; James Burans; Tom O'Brien; Frances S. Ligler
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Automated optical sensing system for biochemical assays
Author(s): Peter Oroszlan; Gert L. Duveneck; Markus Ehrat; H. Michael Widmer
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Molecular self assembly on optical fiber-based fluorescence sensor
Author(s): Madhu Sudhan Rao Ayyagari; Harry Hong Gao; Bipin Bihari; Kethinni G. Chittibabu; Jayant Kumar; Kenneth A. Marx; David L. Kaplan; Sukant K. Tripathy
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Monitoring of fermentation parameters with fiber optics
Author(s): Venetka I. Agayn; David R. Walt
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Simultaneous imaging and pH measurments with a single fiber optic imaging bundle
Author(s): Karen S. Bronk; David R. Walt
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Near-field fiber optic chemical sensors and biological applications
Author(s): Weihong Tan; Zhong-You Shi; Bjorn A. Thorsrud; C. Harris; Raoul Kopelman
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Miniature integrated optical sensors
Author(s): Rino E. Kunz; Lothar U. Kempen
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Characterization of porous Sol-Gel films on fiber optic surface plasmon resonance sensors
Author(s): Kyle S. Johnston; Ralph C. Jorgenson; Sinclair S. Yee; Adrain Russel
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Total light loss fiber optic spectroscopy: Progress towards a fiber optic raman organic sensor
Author(s): Kevin R. Kyle; Thomas M. Vess; S. Michael Angel
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Parameter optimization in a methane detection system using a broadband source and interferometric signal processing
Author(s): Wei Jin; George Stewart; Brian Culshaw; Stuart C. Murray; David Pinchbeck
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Laboratory measurements of atmospheric water vapor and aerosol absorption at 1.064 um
Author(s): Daniel J. Golich; Michael M. Malley
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Robust carbon dioxide optrode based on a covalently immobilized pH indicator
Author(s): Bernhard H. Weigl; Andrej Holobar; Nena V. Rodriguez; Otto S. Wolfbeis
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Modeling of fiber optic-based pH sensors
Author(s): Luis H. Garcia-Rubio; Sylvia H. Chang
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Use of laser diodes for control of uranium vaporization rates
Author(s): Karla G. Hagans; Joseph J. Galkowski
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Using laser absorption spectroscopy to monitor composition and physical properties of metal vapors
Author(s): Leon Val Berzins
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Fiber optic NO2 sensor for combustion control
Author(s): Edward M. Schmidlin; Edgar A. Mendoza; Douglas J. Ferrell; Steven J. Syracuse; Albert N. Khalil; Robert A. Lieberman
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Design to dispel the pollution on the surface of optical fiber probe for liquid concentration
Author(s): Junxian Ma; Shuwen Yang
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Intrinsic fiber optic absorption sensor for the detection of volatile organic compounds
Author(s): Gregory L. Klunder; Robert J. Silva; Richard E. Russo
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Intrinsic fiber optic sensor for distributed water detection
Author(s): Robert A. Lieberman; Edgar A. Mendoza; Douglas J. Ferrell; Edward M. Schmidlin; Steven J. Syracuse; Albert N. Khalil; Ara Dergevorkian; Zongjian Sun; Michael F. Gunther
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Optical monitoring of organic liquid layers floating on aqueous solution
Author(s): Richard V. Smith; J. W. Spencer; Gordon R. Jones; John A. Lightfoot; Ellis M. Dean
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Fiber optic sensor for oceanic carbon dioxide
Author(s): Mariann McAllister; David R. Walt
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Multiwavelength detection for drift compensation in fiber optic chemical sensors
Author(s): Michael D. DeGrandpre
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Sol-gel coating-based fiber O2/DO sensors
Author(s): Mahmoud R. Shahriari; Jack Y. Ding; J. Tong; George H. Sigel Jr.
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Design considerations for infrared fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Jeffrey W. Griffin; Norman C. Anheier Jr.; Robert E. Osantowski; Charlene A. Matlock; Khris B. Olsen
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Fiber optic raman probe detection of chlorinated hydrocarbons in standard soils
Author(s): Tom G. Bilodeau; Kenneth James Ewing; I. P. Kraucunas; J. Jaganathan; Gregory M. Nau; Ishwar D. Aggarwal; Fred R. Reich; Stephen J. Mech
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Fiber optic fluorescence sensor for carbon tetrachloride
Author(s): Ashutosh Sharma; A. Z. Fasihi
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Design and performance of a new optical gasoline leak sensor for service stations
Author(s): Ralph F. Cohn; Qiang Wang; Ken A. Ritsher; Harvey R. Harrison
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Detection of trace levels of mercury in aqueous systems via a fiber optic probe
Author(s): Kenneth James Ewing; Gregory M. Nau; J. Jaganathan; Tom G. Bilodeau; I. Schneider; Ishwar D. Aggarwal; George E. Robitaille
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Fluorescence lifetime-based sensing of zinc in solution
Author(s): Richard B. Thompson; Marcia W. Patchan
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Fiber optical intensity-ratio refractometer with digital display
Author(s): Janis Spigulis; Juris Lazdins; George Barens
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Grating couplers in tapered waveguides for integrated optical sensing
Author(s): Rino E. Kunz; Johannes P. Edlinger; B. J. Curtis; Michael T. Gale; Lothar U. Kempen; Helmut Rudigier; Helmut Schuetz
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Thermoelectric cooled, purge-and-trap device for enhancing the utility of fiber optic VOC sensors
Author(s): Eugene A. Mizusawa; Paul F. Daley; Kevin R. Kyle; Kevin C. Langry; S. Michael Angel
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Cutoff characteristics of a chiroguide with parabolic cylindrical dielectric boundary
Author(s): Sant Prasad Ojha; Kh. S. Singh; P. Khastgir; P. K. Choudhury
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All-fiber liquid crystalline hydrostatic pressure sensor
Author(s): Tomasz R. Wolinski; Andrzej W. Domanski; Wojtek J. Bock
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Laser absorption spectroscopy system for vaporization process characterization and control
Author(s): Joseph J. Galkowski; Karla G. Hagans
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pH sensor based on a dielectric optical waveguide
Author(s): Jialing Yao; Daniel McStay; Peter J. Quinn; Alan J. Rogers
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Inline biconical taper fiber polarizer
Author(s): Leszek R. Jaroszewicz; Aleksander Kiezun; Jerzy Ostrowski; Ryszard Swillo; Mieczyslaw Szustakowski
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