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Sensor Fusion VI
Editor(s): Paul S. Schenker

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Volume Number: 2059
Date Published: 20 August 1993

Table of Contents
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Sensor models and a framework for sensor management
Author(s): Alex P. Gaskell; Penelope J. Probert
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Variable state dimension filter applied to active camera calibration
Author(s): Philip F. McLauchlan; David W. Murray
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Design and experimental validation of a multiband-radar data fusion system
Author(s): Stelios C.A. Thomopoulos; Nickens N. Okello
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Robust computational vision
Author(s): Brian G. Schunck
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Automatic extraction of complex surface models from range images using a trimmed-rational Bezier surface
Author(s): Pierre Boulanger; Iwao Sekita
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Extraction of parametrically defined geometric primitives
Author(s): Gerhard Roth
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Robust surface perception in range data
Author(s): Kim L. Boyer; M. J. Mirza
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New random sampling operator for vision
Author(s): Charles V. Stewart
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Directed-sensing strategies for feature-relative navigation
Author(s): John J. Leonard; James G. Bellingham
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Active sensor fusion for mobile robot exploration and navigation
Author(s): Robert Mandelbaum; Max Mintz
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Exception handling for sensor fusion
Author(s): G. T. Chavez; Robin R. Murphy
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Novel graphical environment for virtual and real-world operations of tracked mobile manipulators
Author(s): ChuXin Chen; Mohan M. Trivedi; Mir Azam; Nils Terrell Lassiter
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Model-driven vision for in-door navigation
Author(s): Henrik I. Christensen; N. O. S. Kirkeby; Steen Kristensen; L. Knudsen
Information acquisition and fusion in the Mobile Perception Laboratory
Author(s): Bruce A. Draper; Shashi Buluswar; Allen R. Hanson; Edward M. Riseman
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Laser eye: a new 3D sensor for active vision
Author(s): Piotr Jasiobedzki; Michael R. M. Jenkin; Evangelos E. Milios; Brian Down; John K. Tsotsos; Todd A. Campbell
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Robotic 3D dual-drive force/velocity control for tactile sensing and object recognition
Author(s): Kelly A. Korzeniowski; William A. Wolovich
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Informed peg-in-hole insertion using optical sensors
Author(s): Eric Paulos; John F. Canny
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Global surface reconstruction from many views of the extremal boundary
Author(s): W. Brent Seales; Olivier D. Faugeras
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Building global surface models by purposive and qualitative viewpoint adjustment
Author(s): Kiriakos N. Kutulakos; W. Brent Seales; Charles R. Dyer
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Method for registering overlapping range images of arbitrarily shaped surfaces for 3D object reconstruction
Author(s): Eric Bittar; Stephane Lavallee; Richard Szeliski
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Accurate segmentation using multiple sources and probability networks
Author(s): Simon J. Davies; A. David Marshall; Ralph R. Martin
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Landmark-based 3D fusion of SPECT and CT images
Author(s): Lisa Gottesfeld Brown; Gerald Q. Maguire Jr.; Marilyn E. Noz
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Model-based vision for car following
Author(s): Henry Schneiderman; Marilyn Nashman; Ronald Lumia
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Outlier detection and motion segmentation
Author(s): Philip H. S. Torr; David W. Murray
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Relaxation matching of road networks in aerial images using topological constraints
Author(s): Richard C. Wilson; Edwin R. Hancock
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Locating the mouth region in images of human faces
Author(s): H. J. Grech-Cini; Gerard T. McKee
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Fusing multiple reprocessings of signal data
Author(s): Frank Klassner; Victor Lesser; S. Hamid Nawab
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Verification of nonlinear dynamic structural test results by combined image processing and acoustic analysis
Author(s): Yair Tene; Noam Tene; G. Tene
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Wavelet-based sensor fusion
Author(s): Terrance L. Huntsberger; Bjorn D. Jawerth
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Data fusion through nondeterministic approaches: a comparison
Author(s): Muhamad Abdulghafour; Mongi A. Abidi
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Multisensor data fusion of points, line segments, and surface segments in 3D space
Author(s): Joost van Lawick van Pabst; P. F.C. Krekel
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Data fusion for detection of early-stage lung cancer cells using evidential reasoning
Author(s): Lei-Jian Liu; Jingyu Yang; Jian Lu
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Sensor planning strategy in a CAD model-based vision system
Author(s): HuiQun Liu; Xueyin Lin
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Improving robot's indoor navigation capabilities by integrating visual, sonar, and odometric measurements
Author(s): Tarcisio Coianiz; Marco Aste
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Genetic algorithms in hypothesize-and-verify image interpretation
Author(s): Milan Sonka; Satish K. Tadikonda; Steve M. Collins
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Real-time implementation of structure estimation using image streams
Author(s): Arun K. Dalmia; Mohan M. Trivedi
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Regularization approach to multisensor reconstruction
Author(s): Jagath C. Rajapakse; Raj S. Acharya
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Continuous reconstruction of scene objects
Author(s): Steen Kristensen; Henrik I. Christensen
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Nonanthropomorphic viewing for teleoperation
Author(s): Gerard T. McKee; Paul S. Schenker
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Coping with delays for real-time gaze control: the fall and rise of the Smith `Predictor'
Author(s): Paul M. Sharkey; David W. Murray
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Multiresolution fusion of FLIR and ladar data for target detection with JDEF
Author(s): Stelios C.A. Thomopoulos; Byron H. Chen
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Modular agents for robot navigation
Author(s): Hans S. Dulimarta; Anil K. Jain
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Neural networks for processing data from multiple redundant sensors for mine systems management, operation, maintenance, and control
Author(s): Aaron Gordon; Hong Chang; Robert H. King
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Eye-hand relations for sensor placement and object location determination
Author(s): Xiang Wan; Guang-you Xu
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Three-dimensional object recognition and pose determination based on combined-edge and surface-shape data
Author(s): Yi Tan; Herbert Freeman
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