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Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision XII: Active Vision and 3D Methods
Editor(s): David P. Casasent

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Volume Number: 2056
Date Published: 6 August 1993

Table of Contents
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Shape from active shadow motion
Author(s): Lei Wang; James J. Clark
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Invariants in visual motion
Author(s): Daniel Raviv
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Precise vergence control in complex scenes
Author(s): John R. Taylor; Thomas J. Olson
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Safe navigation for autonomous vehicles: a purposive and direct solution
Author(s): Gin-Shu Young; Tsai Hong Hong; Martin Herman; Jackson C. S. Yang
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Generic target tracking using color
Author(s): Yue Du; Jill D. Crisman
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Toward active pose estimation of a grasped object
Author(s): A. Lynn Abbott
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Use of a nonfrontal camera for extended depth of field in wide scenes
Author(s): Arun Krishnan; Narendra Ahuja
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Model building and autonomous exploration
Author(s): Peter Whaite; Frank P. Ferrie
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Predictive visual tracking
Author(s): Albert J. Wavering; Ronald Lumia
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Scene interpretation module for an active vision system
Author(s): P. Remagnino; J. Matas; John Illingworth; Josef Kittler
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Matching 3D segmented objects using wire frame analysis
Author(s): Charles R. Allen; Stephan O'Brien
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Recognizing 3D articulated-line-drawing objects
Author(s): Patrick S. P. Wang
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Optimal 3D object surface identification
Author(s): Mehmet Celenk
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Unconstrained shape from shading
Author(s): Kyoung Mu Lee; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Cyclopean stereovision for depth perception
Author(s): Chih-Ping Yeh
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Range data acquisition from an encoded structured light pattern
Author(s): Soung R. Yee; Paul M. Griffin
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Detecting surface boundaries on simple objects in an autonomous 3D machine vision system
Author(s): Craig McGarrity; R. L. Dalglish; J. Restrepo
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Using color to compute optical flow
Author(s): Jiansu Lai; John M. Gauch; Jill D. Crisman
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Three-dimensional object model correction for intelligent robotics
Author(s): Anatoly Pashkevich; Juha Roening; Andrew V. Sidorov
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Robust depth extraction for mobile robots
Author(s): Martin G. Nagle; Mandyam V. Srinivasan; Peter J. Sobey
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Research of 3D fields using technology of image processing
Author(s): Dezong Wang; Yingen Xiong; Jinxiang Wang
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Determining surface orientation by using spherical representation of a surface
Author(s): Dong Wu; Zhishen Liu
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Three-dimensional edge orientation detection
Author(s): Xiao-Hua Xie; Zheng Qin; Limin Luo
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Line-following using omnidirectional vision control
Author(s): Manoj P. Ghayalod; Ernest L. Hall; Fred W. Reckelhof; Bradley O. Matthews; Michael A. Ruthemeyer
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Visually guided stable grasping with a multifingered robot hand: a behavior-based approach
Author(s): Thomas G. Murphy; Damian M. Lyons; Antonius J. Hendriks
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Acquisition of randomly moving objects by visual guidance
Author(s): Antonius J. Hendriks
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Visual tracking without feedback control
Author(s): M. Ali Taalebinezhaad; Denis Poussart
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Camera-based stereo laser-tracking system for robot-positioning applications
Author(s): Charles R. Allen; Nilesh Mistry
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Three-dimensional geometrical model building for visual robot control
Author(s): Naser Prljaca; Hugh McCabe
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Fundamental principles of robot vision
Author(s): Ernest L. Hall
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Estimation of robot parameters using optical sensors
Author(s): Alexander Korzun; Evgeni Kukareko; Anatoly Pashkevich
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Contribution of visual servoing techniques to robotics deburring
Author(s): Eve Coste-Maniere; Marie Gatenholm
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Visual servoing based on ellipse features
Author(s): Patrick Rives; H. Michel
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Visually guided robot control for examination of the throat by naso-endoscopy
Author(s): Charles R. Allen; Corinne Boscand; Muriel Bories
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High-performance visual servoing for robot end-point control
Author(s): Peter Ian Corke
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Matching of 2D region in a monocular image sequence by a fixed or a mobile camera
Author(s): A. Sdigui; M. Benjelloun
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Long sequence analysis of human motion using eigenvector decomposition
Author(s): Noel A. Murphy; Niall James Byrne; Kevin O'Leary
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Technology of image processing for air vehicle and its property research
Author(s): Yingen Xiong; Dezong Wang
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Resolution of image processing problems by dynamic planning within the framework of the blackboard model
Author(s): Regis Clouard; Christine Porquet; Abderrahim Elmoataz; Marinette Revenu
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Task allocation model for minimization of completion time in distributed computer systems
Author(s): Jai-Ping Wang; Carl W. Steidley
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Sequential computer algorithms for printed circuit board inspection
Author(s): Moises E. Hernandez; Jesus Rene Villalobos; W. Carrol Johnson
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Safely adapting a hierarchical reactive system
Author(s): Damian M. Lyons; Antonius J. Hendriks
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Occlusion-free next view planning
Author(s): Jianchao Zeng; Guang-you Xu
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Fusion of multiscale edge maps for robust segmentation of range images
Author(s): Mohamed Baccar; Mongi A. Abidi
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