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Airglow and Aurora
Editor(s): Sergej Leontyev

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Volume Number: 2050
Date Published: 23 November 1993

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Rocket measurements of high-latitude summer mesospheric [O], OH, O2 Delta and spacecraft glow
Author(s): Anthony J. Ratkowski; James C. Ulwick
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Optical design for monochromatic auroral imaging
Author(s): V. R. Tagirov; Andrey V. Ivanov; L. N. Kurchinskaya
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Ionospheric signatures of solar-wind magnetosphere interaction in dayside aurora
Author(s): G. J. Fasel; Joseph I. Minow; Roger W. Smith; C. S. Deehr; Lou-Chuang Lee
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Dayside aurora signatures associated with ionospheric travelling twin vortices
Author(s): Vyacheslav Vorobjev; Vladimir Zverev
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Fine structure of aurora on the dayside
Author(s): S. Chernouss
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Calculations and observations of proton precipitation in the dayside aurora
Author(s): Fred Sigernes; G. J. Fasel; C. S. Deehr
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Numerical calculations and observations of the energy degradation of auroral protons and associated Balmer emission profiles in the upper atmosphere
Author(s): D. A. Lorentzen; Fred Sigernes; Kjell Henriksen
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Modelling of electron and proton aurora
Author(s): V. E. Ivanov; B. V. Kozelov; Tatyana I. Sergienko
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Calculation of luminosity height profile of 3914 A band in ionospheric D- and E-regions during electron invasions
Author(s): Larisa Zelenkova; Sergey Khvorostovskiy; Vadim Soldatov
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Telecentric optical system
Author(s): Y. Kharchenko
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Fine structure of the polar ionosphere in the midnight auroral zone during substorm activity: relationship between auroral electrojets, riometer absorption, auroral luminosity, ionospheric conductiv
Author(s): A. L. Kotikov; q. M. Shishkina; Oleg A. Troshichev
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Portable digital spectrograph
Author(s): S. Chernouss; Y. Platov; A. Pyndyk; N. Ulutsky
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Modelling of the altitude distribution of green line (lambda5577A) luminosity in aurora
Author(s): V. E. Ivanov; Andrey S. Kirillov; Tatyana I. Sergienko; Ake Steen
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Auroral emission and balloon electric field measurements in the equatorside region of the auroral zone
Author(s): Tamara Kozelova; Leonid L. Lazutin; Galina Totunova; J. P. Treilhou
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Preliminary estimation of optical effects stimulated by artificial proton beams in the Earth's atmosphere
Author(s): B. V. Kozelov; Tatyana I. Sergienko; V. E. Ivanov; A. N. Vladimirov; A. V. Pereslavtsev; N. M. Rybaulin; O. V. Miheev; S. D. Kovalev
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Auroral precipitation sounding by radiowaves
Author(s): Nicolai A. Gorokhov
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Calibration of the Viking auroral imager using ultraviolet stars
Author(s): Richard L. Gattinger; Richard Little; F. Meo; J. Nicholson
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Observations of Hbeta 4861 A proton auroral emissions at mid-latitude
Author(s): Richard L. Gattinger; A. Vallance Jones; K. D. Tyler
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OI 557.7 nm and N2+ 391.4 nm emissions in dayglow and daylit aurora
Author(s): V. S. Davydov; Vladimir N. Khokhlov; V. V. Pivovarov
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Modeling of IR radiation in auroral oval
Author(s): B. F. Gordiets; A. N. Stepanovich
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Brightness calibration of extended luminous ionospheric objects
Author(s): A. M. Evtushevsky; Milinevsky P. Gennadi
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Ion clouds in CRRES Caribbean barium releases campaign as tracers of ionosphere processes
Author(s): Milinevsky P. Gennadi; A. M. Evtushevsky; S. N. Zaitsev; H. C. Stenbaek-Nielsen; A. I. Kashirin
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