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Atmospheric Radiation
Editor(s): Knut H. Stamnes

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Volume Number: 2049
Date Published: 2 November 1993

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Polar climate studies from space: overview and current issues
Author(s): Dan Lubin
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Lidar measurements of the arctic stratosphere
Author(s): Allan I. Carswell; Arkady Ulitsky; David I. Wardle
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Role of cloud-surface interactions on the net surface solar flux in high latitudes: climatic implications
Author(s): Catherine H. Gautier; Y. Shiren
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Annual CO2 emission from forest floors predicted by simulation models including climate change
Author(s): Patrick W. Flanagan; L. T. Ramsey; E. Kostlan
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Application of a 3D delta-Eddington radiative transfer model to calculation of solar heating and photolysis rates in a stratocumulus cloud layer
Author(s): Victor V. Filyushkin; Douglas K. Lilly
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Radiative characteristics of the system 'broken cloudiness-underlying surface'
Author(s): Vladimir E. Zuev; E. I. Kas'yanov; G. A. Titov
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Radiation transport in cloudy and aerosol loaded atmospheres
Author(s): Arve Kylling
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Application of radiative perturbation theory to atmospheric remote sensing
Author(s): Michael A. Box; C. Sendra; C. Wong; Thomas Trautmann
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Atmospheric radiation measurement (ARM) program: project description and preliminary results
Author(s): Robert G. Ellingson
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Atmospheric Radiation Measurements (ARM) program's north slope of Alaska climate research site: ARM's window on the Arctic
Author(s): Knut H. Stamnes; Bernard Zak
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Cloud/albedo effects on the radiation budget in the Arctic
Author(s): Elena N. Leontieva; Knut H. Stamnes
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Retrieval of tropospheric profiles from IR emission spectra: preliminary results with the DBIS
Author(s): Jean-Marc Theriault; Gail P. Anderson; James H. Chetwynd Jr.; Randall E. Murphy; Vernon Turner; M. Cloutier; A. Smith; Jean-Luc Moncet
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Cosine error correction of spectral UV-irradiances
Author(s): Gunther Seckmeyer; Germar Bernhard
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Accurate measurements of biologically effective ultraviolet radiation
Author(s): Marian Morys; Daniel Berger
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Performance tests of two Robertson-Berger type UV meters Solar Light Model 500 and 501
Author(s): Kirsti Leszczynski; Kari Jokela; Reijo Visuri; Laura Huurto; Janne Simola; Tapani Koskela; Petteri Taalas; Antti Aarva
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SCIAMACHY instrument performance calculation and test
Author(s): Albert P. H. Goede; Ruud W. M. Hoogeveen; Sander Slijkhuis; R.J. van der A; Johan de Vries
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Instrumentation and implementation of a UV monitoring network
Author(s): Ann Ruth Webb
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Measurements of direct and global UV spectra under varying turbidity
Author(s): Mario Blumthaler; Martin Huber; Walter Ambach
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Mapping of surface UV over Antarctica using satellite observations
Author(s): Catherine H. Gautier; Paul Ricchiazzi; Dan Lubin
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Effects of arctic ozone depletions in 1992 and 1993 on UV exposure in Finland
Author(s): Kari Jokela; Kirsti Leszczynski; Reijo Visuri; Tapani Koskela
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UV spectra from the sun and the moon and geophysical and biological applications
Author(s): T. Svenoe; M. Olsen; Kjell Henriksen; Knut H. Stamnes
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UV irradiance and the risk of skin cancer in the Arctic
Author(s): Edvard S. Falk
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Ultraviolet radiation in the atmosphere-ocean system: a model study
Author(s): Nickolay A. Krotkov; Alexander P. Vasilkov
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Simulation of the thermospheric infrared emissions in the aurora
Author(s): Gennady Aladjev; Andrey S. Kirillov
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Effect of changes in ozone on solar UV-B radiation at Reykjavik
Author(s): Alkiviadis F. Bais; Christos S. Zerefos
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Comparison of radiation schemes for calculating UV radiation
Author(s): Piers M. deF. Forster; Keith P. Shine; Ann Ruth Webb
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Discussion of the aerosol optical thickness of the atmosphere over the Norwegian Sea, obtained from different experimental data
Author(s): Jolanta Kusmierczyk-Michulec
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Spectral albedo and inside radiant flux density of snow by a multiple scattering model
Author(s): Teruo Aoki; Tadao Aoki; Masashi Fukabori
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Infrared optical properties of clouds over the maritime Antarctic: radiometric FTIR measurements
Author(s): Dan Lubin; Catherine H. Gautier
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Earth's albedo in the middle ultraviolet
Author(s): V. I. Barysheva; Vladimir I. Ogurtsov
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Measured and modelled UV-B spectrum compared with some atmospheric parameters
Author(s): Tapani Koskela; Petteri Taalas; Esko Kyro
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Automatic scanning spectroradiometer
Author(s): Oddbjorn Grandum; Jorgen Lovseth
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Field measurements and comparisons with fascod2
Author(s): Olga Lado-Bordowsky; Eduardo Becerril; Franck Darde
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Utilization of absolute radiometer for calibration of selective detectors
Author(s): M. N. Pavlovich; Raisa I. Stolyarevskaya
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New solar UV radiation monitoring station in the Netherlands
Author(s): Henk A.J.M. Reinen; E. Schlamann; J. F. van Sonderen; Harry Slaper
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Temperature differences within the detector of the Robertson-Berger sunburn meter, model 500; compared to global radiation
Author(s): Berit Kjeldstad; Oddbjorn Grandum
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Method for determining the wavelength shift for measurements of solar UV-radiation
Author(s): Martin Huber; Mario Blumthaler; Walter Ambach
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Possibility to determine harmful technical gas spatial distribution
Author(s): V. S. Davydov; A. V. Afonin; A. I. Reshetnikov
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Reduction of atmospheric transparency by solar flare protons
Author(s): V. C. Roldugin; Eduard V. Vashenyuk
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