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Underwater Light Measurements
Editor(s): Hans-Christian Eilertsen

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Volume Number: 2048
Date Published: 10 December 1993

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Variability in photosynthetic parameters
Author(s): Egil Sakshaug
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Short-life fluorescence as an indice of chlorophyll 'a' concentration
Author(s): Ryszard Hapter; Jacek Piskozub; Slawomir Maksymilian Kaczmarek; Miroslawa Ostrowska
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Onset of the spring phytoplankton bloom in the Barents Sea: influence of changing light regime and other environmental factors
Author(s): Hans-Christian Eilertsen; Geir Arne Hansen; Harald Svendsen; Else Nost Hegseth
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Remote sensing of subsurface layers of turbid seawater with the help of an optical lidar system
Author(s): Victor I. Feigels; Yurij I. Kopilevich
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Chlorophyll pigment distribution in Norwegian coastal waters observed with optical remote sensing
Author(s): Cathrine Myrmehl
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Impact of stratospheric ozone depletion on UV penetration into the ocean at high latitudes
Author(s): Jun Zeng; Zhonghai Jin; Knut H. Stamnes
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Optical properties of waters around Svalbard and Franz Josef Land
Author(s): Slawomir Sagan; Piotr Kowalczuk; Marek Zajaczkowski
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Vertical attenuation coefficient investigation in upper and deep layers
Author(s): Anatoli I. Sud'bin; Vladimir A. Volynsky
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Weighted integrals of submarine irradiance
Author(s): Trevor Platt; Shubha Sathyendranath
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Characteristics of light backscattering by seawater and lidar sounding of water column
Author(s): Yurij I. Kopilevich; Victor I. Feigels
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Adaptive optimization algorithms in inverse hydro-optics problems
Author(s): Vladimir A. Volynsky
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Estimation of the uncertainties of the retrieved seawater parameters
Author(s): Igor V. Geogdzhaev; Timofei V. Kondranin; N. A. Krotkov; Alexander P. Vasilkov
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Inherent optical properties of crude oil-seawater emulsion: comparison of model and experimental results
Author(s): Wieslaw Stochmal; Henryk Gurgul
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Instrumented remotely operated vehicle for measuring inherent and apparent optical properties of the ocean
Author(s): Robert A. Maffione; David R. Dana; Jeffrey M. Voss; Glenn S. Frysinger
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Presentation of the optical sensor OPTISENS designed for Eulerian measurements of phytoplankton on a moored buoy
Author(s): Zsolt Volent; Geir Johnsen
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Optical fiber spectrofluorimetry for in-situ algae discriminations
Author(s): Michel Lehaitre; Dominique Birot; Patrice Feron; Olivier Hureau; Jacques Laine; Patrice Charrier
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In-situ marine spectral radiometer using frame-addition techniques and its calibration
Author(s): K. D. Moore; Eon O'Mongain; S. Plunkett; Roland Doerffer; Martina Bree
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Submarine light field in a phytoplankton model
Author(s): Geir Arne Hansen; Hans-Christian Eilertsen; Else Nost Hegseth; Kjell Henriksen
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Optical properties of the Laptev Sea near the Lena River delta
Author(s): Vladimir I. Burenkov
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Sea surface temperature mapping using Landsat Thematic Mapper data
Author(s): Jos Kogeler; Kai Sorensen
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Light attenuation on Chlorella vulgaris cells
Author(s): Tadeusz Krol; Maria Lotocka
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