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Photosensitivity and Self-Organization in Optical Fibers and Waveguides
Editor(s): Francois Ouellette

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Volume Number: 2044
Date Published: 22 December 1993

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Temporal and spectral studies of large X2 in fused silica
Author(s): Richard A. Myers; Nandini Mukherjee; Steven R. J. Brueck
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Evidence for different photovoltaic mechanisms of photoinduced second-harmonic generation in semiconductor microcrystallite-doped and lead glass
Author(s): Eugeni M. Dianov; Peter G. Kazansky; Dmitry S. Starodubov; Dmitrii Yu. Stepanov
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Photoinduced second-harmonic generation in Tm-doped fibers
Author(s): Peter N. Saeta; Denise M. Krol; David J. DiGiovanni
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Influence of PbO concentration on photoinduced second-harmonic generation in lead glasses
Author(s): Eugeni M. Dianov; Peter G. Kazansky; Dmitry S. Starodubov; Dmitrii Yu. Stepanov; Elizabeth R. Manzanares-Taylor
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Optical preparation of organic materials for frequency doubling
Author(s): Jean-Michel Nunzi; Fabrice Charra; Celine Fiorini
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Photosensitivity in optical fiber and silica-on-substrate waveguides
Author(s): Bernard Malo; Francois Bilodeau; Jacques Albert; Derwyn C. Johnson; Kenneth O. Hill; Yoshinori Hibino; Makoto Abe
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Photosensitive index changes in germania-doped silica glass fibers and waveguides
Author(s): Doug L. Williams; B. James Ainslie; Raman Kashyap; Graeme D. Maxwell; J. R. Armitage; Robert J. Campbell; Richard R. Wyatt
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Excimer laser production of fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Jean-Luc Archambault; Laurence Reekie; Philip St.J. Russell
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Chemical reactions of Ge-related species in SiO2: GeO2 optical fibers
Author(s): Koichi Awazu; Hideo Hosono; Hiroshi Kawazoe
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Behaviors of spectral transmissions of photorefractive filters written in germania-doped fibers: writing and erasing experiments
Author(s): Marc Douay; Wenxiang Xie; Eric Fertein; Pascal Bernage; Pierre Niay; Jean-Francois Bayon; Thierry Georges
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Photoviscous annealing: dynamics and stability of photorefractivity in optical fibers
Author(s): Mark G. Sceats; Peter Krug
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Thermal stability of self-organized gratings and defects in Ge- and Ge-P-doped silica core fibers
Author(s): Tsung-Ein Tsai; E. Joseph Friebele; David L. Griscom
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Measurement and interpretation of fluorescence-like emissions in silica-based optical fibers
Author(s): Bertrand Poumellec; Herve A. Fevrier
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Use of the asymmetric photoionization model to explain the length and time dependence of second harmonic generation in fibers
Author(s): Peter S. Weitzman; Ulf L. Oesterberg; John J. Kester
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Kinetics of photoinduced second-harmonic generation caused by third-order photogalvanic effects in glass
Author(s): Eugeni M. Dianov; V. O. Sokolov; Vladimir B. Sulimov
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Self-phase-modulation effects in frequency-doubling fibers studied by the heat scan technique
Author(s): Monica M. Lacerda; I. B. Couceiro; Isabel C. S. Carvalho; Walter Margulis; Bernhard Lesche
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Electron implantation: a new technique for creation and modification of second-order susceptibility in glasses
Author(s): Philip St.J. Russell; Peter G. Kazansky; Avais Kamal
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Continuous-wave seeded second-harmonic generation in optical fibers: the enigma of second-harmonic generation
Author(s): Raman Kashyap; Eric Borgonjen; Robert J. Campbell
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Formation of electrostatic field gratings in glass by optical and acoustical waves
Author(s): V. O. Sokolov; Vladimir B. Sulimov
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UV-induced Bragg gratings in optical fibers and thin-film waveguides
Author(s): Gerald Meltz; William W. Morey; William H. Glenn; Daniel J. Fritz
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Pump power and birefringence effects in Nd3+ and Pr3+ fiber lasers using intracore Bragg reflectors
Author(s): Marc Douay; Pascal Bernage; Pierre Niay; Eric Delevacque; Roland Leners; Jean-Francois Bayon; Thierry Georges
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Mach-Zehnder fiber interferometers for sensing applications incorporating photoinduced mode coupling filters in elliptical-core high-birefringence fibers
Author(s): Sotiris E. Kanellopoulos; Vincent A. Handerek; Alan J. Rogers
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Cathodoluminescence study of defects in optical fiber preforms
Author(s): Graham R. Atkins; Mark G. Sceats; Simon B. Poole
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Spectral, temporal, and spatial study of UV-induced luminescence in Ge-doped fiber preform
Author(s): Francois Ouellette; Robert J. Campbell; Doug L. Williams; Raman Kashyap
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Resonant photosensitivity in rare-earth-doped glasses and optical fibers
Author(s): Matthijs M. Broer
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Photosensitivity of rare-earth-doped glasses
Author(s): Glen M. Williams; David A. Dutt; Jacqueline A. Ruller; David L. Griscom; John M. Jewell; Kathleen K. Crahan; E. Joseph Friebele
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Anisotropy of photoinduced index change in Ge-doped optical fiber
Author(s): Jocelyn Lauzon; Michel Poirier; Simon Thibault; Sophie LaRochelle; Alain Blouin; Francois Ouellette
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Index grating in multimode LiNbO3 monocrystal fiber
Author(s): Senlu Xu; Real Vallee; Lie-wei Zhu; Roger A. Lessard
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Second-order polarizability gratings in glass
Author(s): Victor M. Churikov; M. A. Bolshtyansky; Y. E. Kapitzky; Arthur Y. Savchenko; Boris Ya. Zel'dovich
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Defect orientation models of germanosilicate photosensitivity:paradoxical observations
Author(s): Richard J. Potton
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Optical low-coherence reflectometry of efficient Bragg gratings in optical fiber
Author(s): Hans G. Limberger; Pierre-Yves Fonjallaz; Patrick Lambelet; Rene-Paul Salathe; Christophe Zimmer; H. H. Gilgen
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Phase-shift measurments for second-harmonic generation in glass
Author(s): Vincent G. Dominic; Jack Feinberg
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