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Photopolymers and Applications in Holography, Optical Data Storage, Optical Sensors, and Interconnects
Editor(s): Roger A. Lessard

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Volume Number: 2042
Date Published: 20 January 1994

Table of Contents
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Orientational manipulation of chromophores through photoisomerization
Author(s): Michel L. Dumont; Sophie Hosotte; G. Froc; Zouheir Sekkat
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Excited state processes in photosensitive systems for imaging applications
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Fouassier; Fabrice Morlet-Savary; Abdelali Erddalane
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Optical characterization of azo dye-based electro-optic polymer films
Author(s): Paul M. Ferm; Keith A. Horn; Karl W. Beeson; Michael J. McFarland; David R. Schwind; James T. Yardley
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Xanthene dyes in poly(vinyl alcohol) matrix with and without chromium(VI)/electron donors: kinetics of photobleaching
Author(s): Philippe E.L.G. Leclere; Gurusamy Manivannan; Rupak Changkakoti; Yvon L. M. Renotte; Yves F. Lion; Roger A. Lessard
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Primary processes of photopolymerization or photocrosslinking in dichromated systems
Author(s): Michel Bolte
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Localization of excitations in silicon chains by electron donating side groups
Author(s): David Alastair M Smith; Scott Williams; P. Jenkner; Robert D. Miller; E. J. Ginsburg; Robin M. Hochstrasser
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Light-sensitive microdispersed systems in recording media
Author(s): Valery A. Barachevsky
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Photoinitiated polymerization of styryloxy-based liquid crystalline monomers via free radical and cationic polymerization
Author(s): Charles E. Hoyle; Doekman Kang; Sandy Williamson
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Dichromated poly(vinyl alchohol)-xanthene dye systems: holographic characterization and electron spin resonance spectroscopic study
Author(s): Gurusamy Manivannan; Rupak Changkakoti; Roger A. Lessard; Gilles Mailhot; Michel Bolte
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BMDO/U.S. Army electronics and optical materials research program
Author(s): Robert J. Trew; John M. Zavada
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Kinetics of polymerization and properties of polymeric thin films generated from macroscopically oriented liquid crystalline monomers
Author(s): Charles E. Hoyle; Joe B. Whitehead Jr.; E. Brister; Tsuyoshi Watanabe
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Photoconducting polymers in photonics
Author(s): Vladimir Mylnikov
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Holographic optical circuits
Author(s): Su Chiou Tsay; Haim Grebel
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System limitations due to channel cross-coupling in a highly parallel polymer-based single-mode channel waveguide array
Author(s): Suning Tang; Ray T. Chen; Mark A. Peskin
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Grating coupling to polymer optical waveguides
Author(s): Francesco Michelotti; M. Morelli; F. Cataldo; G. Petrocco; Mario Bertolotti
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Volume holography and material characterization by holographic methods
Author(s): Romano A. Rupp; Eckhard E. Kraetzig
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Self-processing photopolymer systems for holographic recording with red or near infrared sensitivity
Author(s): Daniel-Joseph Lougnot
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Xanthene-dyed dichromated colloid systems for real-time hologram recording
Author(s): Jean J.A. Couture
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Switchable holograms recorded in liquid crystalline monomers
Author(s): Jian Zhang; Christopher R. Carlen; Susanna Palmer; Michael B. Sponsler
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Three-dimensional confocal optical memory using photorefractive materials
Author(s): Satoshi Kawata; Tomokazu A. Tanaka; Yasuaki Hashimoto; Y. Kawata
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Measurement of birefringence of magneto-optical disks
Author(s): Pei-Yih Liu; Han-Ping D. Shieh
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Two-photon-induced isomerization and memory effect in functionalized polymers
Author(s): Fabrice Charra; Eneka Idiart; Francois Kajzar; Jean-Michel Nunzi; N. Pfeffer; Paul Raimond
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Efficiency of reversible optical storage in azo polymers
Author(s): Paul L. Rochon; Jiaxing Mao; Almeria Natansohn; Shuang Xie
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Thermally stable chromophores and polymers for chi(2) applications
Author(s): Robert D. Miller; K. M. Betterton; Donald M. Burland; Victor Y. Lee; Christopher R. Moylan; Robert J. Twieg; C. A. Walsh; Willi Volksen
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Integrated optics waveguide spectroscopy of self-organizing polymers and fractal composites
Author(s): Mark P. Andrews; Tanya S. Kanigan; Wenbo Xu; Mark G. Kuzyk
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Photocrosslinkable conducting polymers as nonlinear optical materials
Author(s): Lian Li; Kethinni G. Chittibabu; Jayant Kumar; Sukant K. Tripathy
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Polymer lightguides as optical sensors
Author(s): Hilmar Franke; R. P. Podgorsek; Martin Osterfeld
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Passive optical devices in polymers
Author(s): Werner F. Frank; Frank Linke; Alexander Schoesser; Torsten K. Strempel; Stefan Brunner; Dorothee M. Rueck; Uwe F. W. Behringer; Theo T. Tschudi; Hilmar Franke; Tomas R. Sterkenburgh
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Reprogrammable interconnects based on overrecordable holograms
Author(s): Andrei L. Mikaelian; Viktor K. Salakhutdinov
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Polarization-independent integrated electro-optic phase modulator in polymers
Author(s): Andreas H. Braeuer; Torsten Gase; Lars Erdmann; Peter Dannberg; Wolfgang Karthe
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Coupling between single-mode fiber and polymeric planar thin film waveguide of different structures
Author(s): Alok Kumar Das; Mehabub A. Mondal; Amar K. Ganguly; Angshuman Mukherjee; Dilip K. Paul
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Patterning polymer surfaces with laser radiation for fiber chip coupling
Author(s): Tomas R. Sterkenburgh; Hilmar Franke; Werner F. Frank; W. Garen; M. G. Becker
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Write-once optical recording performances of phthalocyanine compound films
Author(s): Fuxi Gan; Donghong Gu; Qiying Chen
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Holographic quarterwave plates in photoresist
Author(s): Nadia Capolla; Alain Beauregard; Jean-Marc Lavoie; Nicole Brousseau
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Elasto-optical investigations using polymer lightguides
Author(s): Michael Biebricher; Martin Osterfeld; Hilmar Franke; W. Lins; P. Bajons; K. Pfeiffer; Hans-Joachim Lorkowski
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Nonlinear eosin and its application to holographic storage
Author(s): Mingjun M. Zhao; Yulin Li; Andong Tang
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Reverse optical changing and rewrite recording properties of Langmuir-Blodgett films of phthalocyanine copper
Author(s): Fuxi Gan; Tao Luo
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Charge transfer phenomenon in optical storage material: Fe3+-doped poly(vinyl alcohol)
Author(s): Gurusamy Manivannan; Ognian Nikolov; Thiemo Kardinahl; Werner Keune; Hilmar Franke; Rupak Changkakoti; Roger A. Lessard
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Nd3+-doped graded index single-mode polymer waveguide amplifier working at 1.06 and 1.32 um
Author(s): Ray T. Chen; Maggie M. Li; Suning Tang; David J. Gerold
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Thirteen-channel wavelength division demultiplexer based on polymer waveguide holograms
Author(s): Mark A. Peskin; Ray T. Chen
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Polymer-based chirped grating lens working at visible wavelengths on a GaAs substrate
Author(s): Ray T. Chen; Maggie M. Li; Suning Tang; David J. Gerold; Mark A. Peskin
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Small angle x-ray scattering (SAXS) investigation on holographic recording materials
Author(s): Gurusamy Manivannan; Philippe E.L.G. Leclere; Guy Van den Bossche; Roger Sobry; Frederic Fontaine; Rupak Changkakoti; Yvon L. M. Renotte; Yves F. Lion; Roger A. Lessard
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Methylene blue and xanthene dyes sensitized poly(vinyl alcohol) for correlation peak detection
Author(s): Rupak Changkakoti; Gurusamy Manivannan; Philippe E.L.G. Leclere; Roger A. Lessard; Danny Roberge; Yunlong Sheng; Henri H. Arsenault
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Fiber optic displacement sensor
Author(s): Andrei M. Andriesh; Ion P. Culeac; V. A. Binchevici; Vladimir G. Abaschin; V. N. Schitsco
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Holographic optical elements (HOEs) with photopolymers used for optical perfect shuffle interconnections
Author(s): Songcan Lai; Dahsiung Hsu
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Computer-generated holographic optical elements on photopolymers
Author(s): Vladimir S. Solovjev; Yuri B. Boiko; Victor A. Soifer
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Holographic notch filters recorded on DCG-coated glass and polycarbonate substrates
Author(s): Nadia Capolla; Alain Beauregard; Denis Vincent
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Reading out holographic gratings with incoherent radiation
Author(s): J. Kohlbrecher; Romano A. Rupp; E. Finke; Matthias Mann; Klaus H. Ringhofer
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Surface light-induced changes in thin polymer films
Author(s): Andrew Skumanich
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CO2 laser diffractive optics fabrication on photopolymer and performance evaluation
Author(s): Yuri B. Boiko; Vladimir S. Solovjev; Albert W.H. Mau; Fernando Mendoza Santoyo; Daniel-Joseph Lougnot
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New type of optical input shift register
Author(s): Changchun Zhu; Xuejun Kang; Junhua Liu
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Resist recording media for holography at 10.6 um
Author(s): Rene M. Beaulieu; Roger A. Lessard; See-Leang Chin
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Photopolymer material for the phase hologram recording
Author(s): Vladimir V. Shelkovnikov; Eugene F. Pen; Alexander M. Sinyukov; A. V. Konstantinova
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Electro-optical and pyroelectrical thermal analysis of novel nonlinear optical side-chain polymers with high thermal stability
Author(s): Reimund Gerhard-Multhaupt; Stefan Bauer; Wolf-Dietrich Molzow; W. Ren; Werner Wirges; S. Yilmaz; U. Oertel; B. Haenel; L. Haeussler; H. Komber; K. Lunkwitz
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Conceptual design and practical implementation of dichromated gelatin films as an optimal holographic recording material for large-format holograms
Author(s): Christo G. Stojanoff; Olivier Brasseur; Stephan Tropartz; Hartmut Schuette
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Holographic diffusers
Author(s): Romuald Pawluczyk
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