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Chaos/Nonlinear Dynamics: Methods and Commercialization
Editor(s): Helena S. Wisniewski

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Volume Number: 2037
Date Published: 1 March 1994

Table of Contents
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Fast variational algorithm for clutter removal through pyramidal domain decomposition
Author(s): Lenny I. Rudin; Frederick Nordby; Georges Koepfler; Jean-Michel Morel
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Archetype classification in an iterated transformation image compression algorithm
Author(s): Roger D. Boss; E. W. Jacobs
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Disembedology and chaotic noise reduction
Author(s): Robert G. Cawley; Guan-Hsong Hsu
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Optical real-time sensor of fractal dimension and engineering applications
Author(s): Michael Snowbell; Lawrence H. Domash
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Using the outputs of the Poisson filter chain to reconstruct attractors
Author(s): Jose C. Principe; Jyh-Ming Kuo
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Parametric entrainment of systems governed by ordinary differential equations
Author(s): Russel D. Shermer; Mark L. Spano
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Stabilization of chaotic oscillations in dynamical systems: rigorous results
Author(s): Natalya L. Komarova; Alexander Y. Loskutov
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Stochastic tracking in nonlinear dynamical systems
Author(s): Ioana A. Triandaf; Ira B. Schwartz
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Chaotic neurochips for fuzzy computing
Author(s): Harold H. Szu; Lotfi A. Zadeh; Charles C. Hsu; Joseph T. DeWitte Jr.; Gyu Moon; Desa Gobovic; Mona E. Zaghloul
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Using neural nets for controlling chaos
Author(s): Paul M. Alsing; Athanasios Gavrielides; Vassilios Kovanis
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Controlling chaos in a chemical oscillator
Author(s): Alexander Scheeline; Alfred Hubler
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Multistep method for controlling chaos
Author(s): Igor M Starobinets; Arkady Pikovsky
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Signal analysis applications of nonlinear dynamics and higher-order statistics
Author(s): James C. Solinsky; John J. Feeney
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Attractor identification and prediction for iterative dynamical systems
Author(s): Ying Liu
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Chaotic dynamics in a passive Q-switching laser
Author(s): Svetlana A. Tatarkova; Valery V. Tuchin
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Automating analysis of qualitative behaviors of ordinary differential equations
Author(s): Toyoaki Nishida
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Characterization of fractal Brownian process in laser damaged photodiodes
Author(s): Woei-Yun Ho; Chun Chi Ma; Robert W. Bene; A. Bruce Buckman; Rodger M. Walser; Michael F. Becker
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Desktop chaotic systems: intuition and visualization
Author(s): Michelle M. Bright; Kevin J. Melcher; Helen K. Qammar; Tom T. Hartley
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Possible mechanism of self-organization in a 2D network of coupled quadratic maps
Author(s): Alexander Y. Loskutov; Genrikh E. Thomas
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Blessing and curse of chaos in numerical turbulence simulations
Author(s): Jon Lee
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Special cases of damping in vibrating dynamical systems
Author(s): Jose Manoel Balthazar; Mario Francisco Mucheroni; Roberto Hideaki Tsunaki
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Control of trajectories of the kicked logistic map
Author(s): Mauricio S. Baptista; Ibere Luiz Caldas
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Anomalous diffusion in nonlinear dynamical systems
Author(s): Juergen Parisi; Ruedi Stoop
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Chaotic dynamics in a spatially extended system with solitons
Author(s): Jan J. Zebrowski; A. Sukiennicki
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Dynamic matched filters for transient detection and classification
Author(s): Jeffrey S. Brush; James B. Kadtke
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Experimental test of methods of reconstruction and dimensional analysis of noisy chaotic data sets
Author(s): Una M. Smart; J. C. Earnshaw
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