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Chaos in Biology and Medicine
Editor(s): William L. Ditto

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Volume Number: 2036
Date Published: 5 November 1993

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Low-dimensional dynamics in cardiac tissues: experiments and theory
Author(s): Robert F. Gilmour Jr.; Mari Watanabe; Dante R. Chialvo M.D.
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Periodicity, quasiperiodicity, and chaos in coupled cardiac pacemaker cells
Author(s): Dongming Cai; Ying-Cheng Lai; Raimond L. Winslow
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Long-duration correlation and attractor topology of the heartbeat rate differ for healthy patients and those with heart failure
Author(s): Robert G. Turcott; Malvin C. Teich
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One more reason why neurons need to be noisy
Author(s): Dante R. Chialvo M.D.; A. Vania Apkarian
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Assessment of anxiety using heart rate nonlinear dynamics
Author(s): Julian F. Thayer; Bruce H. Friedman
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Wavelet transforms for electroencephalographic spike and seizure detection
Author(s): Steven J. Schiff; John G. Milton M.D.
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Estimating the dimension of a fractal point process
Author(s): Steven B. Lowen; Malvin C. Teich
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Epilepsy in a chaos neuro-computer model
Author(s): Masayoshi Inoue; Kenji Nakamoto
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Resonance, synchronization, and lexical redundancy in the expanding dynamics of brain stem neurons
Author(s): Arnold J. Mandell M.D.; Karen A. Selz
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Evolution of periodic states and chaos in two types of neuronal models
Author(s): Teresa Ree Chay; Yinshui Fan
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1/f2 and 1/f power spectra of short-term interbeat interval time series
Author(s): Ferenc Czegledy; Jose Katz
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Approach to blood oxygen level analysis by nonlinear dynamics methods
Author(s): Jan J. Zebrowski; Marek P. Tulibacki M.D.; Andrzej Kukwa M.D.
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Noise-assisted information transfer in crayfish mechanoreceptors: stochastic resonance in a neuronal receptor
Author(s): John K. Douglass; Lon A. Wilkens; Frank Moss
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Use of Feynman diagrams in large-scale neural networks with nonlinear behavior
Author(s): Jose Antonio Martin-Pereda; Ana P. Gonzalez-Marcos
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Style as mechanism: from man to a map of the interval and back
Author(s): Karen A. Selz; Arnold J. Mandell M.D.
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Nonlinear dynamical motion of cellular structures in the cochlea
Author(s): Conor Heneghan; Malvin C. Teich; Shyam M. Khanna; Mats Ulfendahl
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Oscillations and latency in the clamped pupil light reflex
Author(s): John G. Milton M.D.; Toru Ohira; Jeff Steck; John Crate; Andre Longtin
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Use of recurrence plots in the analysis of pupil diameter dynamics in narcoleptics
Author(s): Andrew P. Keegan; J. P. Zbilut; S. L. Merritt; P. J. Mercer
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Bonhoeffer-van der Pol oscillator under pulse-train forcing
Author(s): Avindam Rabinovitch; R. Thieberger; Menahem Friedman
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Quasi-periodic forcing: is it relevant in biological oscillation?
Author(s): Mingzhou Ding
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Spatiotemporal oscillations and chaos induced by an electrical field
Author(s): Arno F. Muenster; F. W. Schneider; Milos Marek
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Period-doubling bifurcation in Beeler-Reuter model and its relation to ventricular fibrillation
Author(s): Xiaoqin Zou; Herbert Levine; Alain Karma
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Peroxidase-oxidase oscillator revisited with rigorous control of reaction conditions
Author(s): Alexander Scheeline; Dean L. Olson
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Delays and tori in a nonlinear model from motor control
Author(s): Sue Ann Campbell; Jacques Belair
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Sequential response organization in humans or "how do people get their act together"
Author(s): Martin P. Paulus
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Chaos in the heart: the interaction between body and mind
Author(s): Dana Redington
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Noisy desired signal in transient detection using neural networks
Author(s): Jose C. Principe; Abir Zahalka
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Spatial mode dynamics of a thalamo-cortical network
Author(s): Gene V. Wallenstein
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Surrogate data analysis of renal tubular pressure fluctuations in hypertensive rats
Author(s): Kay-Pong Yip; Donald J. Marsh; N.-H. Holstein-Rathlou
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Periodicity, chaos, and the effects of noise in a forced Hodgkin-Huxley system
Author(s): Jeffrey S. Brush; Richard A. Gray
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Application of laser chaos control methods to controlling thyroid-catatonic oscillations and burst firing of dopamine neurons
Author(s): Minh Duong-van
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