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Neural and Stochastic Methods in Image and Signal Processing II
Editor(s): Su-Shing Chen

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Volume Number: 2032
Date Published: 29 October 1993

Table of Contents
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Poisson MAP superresolution estimator with smoothness constraint
Author(s): Philip J. Sementilli; Mariappan S. Nadar; Bobby R. Hunt
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Algorithm for classification of multispectral data and its implementation on a massively parallel computer
Author(s): Behzad M. Shahshahani; David A. Landgrebe
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Convergence measure and some parallel aspects of Markov-chain Monte Carlo algorithms
Author(s): Maurits J. Malfait; Dirk Roose; Dirk Vandermeulen
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Evidential reasoning based on Dempster-Shafer theory and its application to medical image analysis
Author(s): Shiuh-Yung James Chen; Wei-Chung Lin; Chin-Tu Chen
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Closer look at mutation in genetic algorithms
Author(s): Michael D. Vose
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Fast stochastic global optimization
Author(s): Griff L. Bilbro
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Cluster approximations for statistical image processing
Author(s): Chi-hsin Wu; Peter C. Doerschuk
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Image recovery and segmentation using competitive learning in a layered network
Author(s): Vir Virander Phoha; William J. B. Oldham
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Feature competition and domain of attraction in artificial-perceptron pattern recognizer
Author(s): Chia-Lun John Hu
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Probabilistic spectral feature extraction technique for neural networks
Author(s): Young Ro Yoon; Okan K. Ersoy
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Image compression using Boltzmann machines
Author(s): Ying Liu
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Storing temporal sequences of patterns in neural networks
Author(s): Dilip Krishnaswamy; Kishan Mehrotra; Chilukuri K. Mohan; Sanjay Ranka
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Global dynamics of winner-take-all networks
Author(s): Ibrahim M. Elfadel
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Classification of pen gestures using learning vector quantization
Author(s): Ravi V. Shankar; Dilip Krishnaswamy
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Spatiotemporal pattern recognition using hidden Markov models
Author(s): Kenneth H. Fielding; Dennis W. Ruck; Steven K. Rogers; Byron M. Welsh; Mark E. Oxley
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Training a Boltzmann machine for edge-preserving image restoration
Author(s): Luigi Bedini; Simone Pandolfi; Anna Tonazzini
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Topology and parameter estimation in Markov random field modeling
Author(s): Xavier Descombes; Francoise J. Preteux
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Practical computer-aided registration of multiple, three-dimensional, magnetic-resonance observations of the human brain
Author(s): Carl F. Diegert; John A. Sanders; William W. Orrison Jr.
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Evolving neural network pattern classifiers
Author(s): John R. McDonnell; Donald E. Waagen; Ward C. Page
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Texture segmentation with discrete fractional Brownian wavelet random field
Author(s): Huiguo Luo; Yaoting Zhu; Guang-Xi Zhu; Faguang Wan
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Transient signal classifier using constrained total least squares extracted features, nearest-neighbor association, and probabilistic neural networks
Author(s): Theagenis J. Abatzoglou; Hal B. Arnold; Donald F. Specht
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Neyman-Pearson detection for CSO processing
Author(s): Theagenis J. Abatzoglou; John T. Reagan
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Statistical mechanics approach to image-differencing-based inspection
Author(s): J. Balaram
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Robust fractal characterization of 1D and 2D signals
Author(s): Niranjan Avadhanam; Sunanda Mitra
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Explicit noise hypotheses in speech recognition
Author(s): Richard K. Fox; John R. Josephson
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Statistical texture-guided adaptive image coding by wavelet transforms
Author(s): Ling Guan
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Comparison of Bayesian and Dempster-Shafer theory for sensing: a practitioner's approach
Author(s): James C. Hoffman; Robin R. Murphy
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Bayesian part tolerancing with measurement uncertainty
Author(s): Alison J. Noble; Joseph L. Mundy
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Methods for numerical integration of high-dimensional posterior densities with application to statistical image models
Author(s): Steven M. LaValle; Kenneth J. Moroney; Seth A. Hutchinson
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