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Image Algebra and Morphological Image Processing IV
Editor(s): Edward R. Dougherty; Paul D. Gader; Jean C. Serra

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Volume Number: 2030
Date Published: 23 June 1993

Table of Contents
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Anamorphoses and function lattices
Author(s): Jean C. Serra
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Differential inclusions for mathematical morphology
Author(s): Juliette Mattioli
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Morphological bounds on order-statistics filters
Author(s): Mohammed A. Charif-Chefchaouni; Dan Schonfeld
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Solution of morphological operator relations with invariance boundary conditions
Author(s): Edward R. Dougherty
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Dimensionality of morphological operators and cluster analysis
Author(s): Pierre Soille; Jean-Francois Rivest
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Binary random fields, random set theory, and the morphological analysis of shape
Author(s): John Ioannis Goutsias
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Decomposition of morphological structure element in hexagon lattice
Author(s): Wei Gong; Qing-Yun Shi
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Gray-level noise filtering with vector openings
Author(s): Stephen S. Wilson
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Mean-absolute-error theorem for computational morphology
Author(s): Robert P. Loce; Edward R. Dougherty
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Optimum morphological filtering to remove speckle noise from SAR images
Author(s): Alok R. Kher; Sunanda Mitra
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Classifier for evaluating the effects of image processing on character recognition
Author(s): James F. McNamara; David W. Casey; Robert W. Smith; David S. Bradburn
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Optimal shape description using morphological signature transform via genetic algorithm
Author(s): Sven Loncaric; Atam P. Dhawan
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FatBear: a nonarithmetic pico filter
Author(s): Harold G. Longbotham; Mike Johnson; Jack Harris; Redouan Rouzky
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Mathematical morphology, granulometries, and texture perception
Author(s): Maria Vanrell; Jordi M. Vitria
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Heterogeneous granulometries
Author(s): Francis M. Sand; Edward R. Dougherty
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Efficient algorithm for computing the antigranulometry
Author(s): Juliette Mattioli; Michel Schmitt
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Markov pyramid models in image analysis
Author(s): Jennifer L. Davidson; Noel A. C. Cressie
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Statistical morphology
Author(s): Robert M. Haralick; Edward R. Dougherty; Jaekyu Ha; Tapas Kanungo; S. Karasu; Chang Kyu Lee; Larry R. Rystrom; Visvanathan Ramesh; Ihsin T. Phillips
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Selection probabilities
Author(s): Pauli Kuosmanen; Jaakko T. Astola
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Algorithm development for fuzzy mathematical morphology
Author(s): Divyendu Sinha; Purnendu Sinha; Edward R. Dougherty
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Multiscale structure extraction using morphological tools: applications to edge detection
Author(s): F. Xavier Roca; Xavier Binefa; Jordi M. Vitria
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Stochastic recognition of closed object boundaries in images
Author(s): Jeffrey D. Helterbrand; Noel A. C. Cressie
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Comparison of pyramidal image decomposition techniques for image representation and compression
Author(s): Xuan Kong; John Ioannis Goutsias
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Image cellular complexes, morphological operators, and skeletonization
Author(s): Michael Pyeron; Oleh Tretiak
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Morphological processing for features extraction
Author(s): Ke-kang Chin; Jafar Saniie
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Image component labeling using local operators
Author(s): Hongchi Shi; Gerhard X. Ritter
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Supporting image algebra in the C++ language
Author(s): Joseph N. Wilson
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Prototype coprocessor for image algebra operations
Author(s): Patrick C. Coffield; Matthew B. Scudiere
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Connected operators and pyramids
Author(s): Jean C. Serra; Philippe Salembier
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Spectral conversion algorithm from weighted median to stack filter
Author(s): Sos S. Agaian; Karen O. Egiazarian; Jaakko T. Astola
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Morphological algorithm for ridge extraction in fingerprint images
Author(s): Charles D. Lake; Robert M. Lougheed; James H. Beyer
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