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Advanced Signal Processing Algorithms, Architectures, and Implementations IV
Editor(s): Franklin T. Luk

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Volume Number: 2027
Date Published: 1 November 1993

Table of Contents
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Recent advances in nonstationary signal analysis: time-varying higher-order spectra and multilinear time-frequency signal analysis
Author(s): Boualem Boashash
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Real-time radar signal processing for autonomous aircraft landing
Author(s): Firooz A. Sadjadi; Michael A. Helgeson; Jeffrey D. Radke; Gunter Stein
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Radon transform-based velocity estimation of vehicles with linear arrays
Author(s): Alessandro Neri; Giovanni Jacovitti; A. Minniti; T. Tasselli
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Coherent signal-subspace processing for near-field broad-band source localization
Author(s): Shan Lin; Hsien-Sen Hung
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Performance analysis of the subspace-based DOA estimator in the presence of unknown noise
Author(s): Yifeng Zhou; Patrick C. Yip
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Tomographic imaging of the ionosphere using bidirectional extrapolation algorithm
Author(s): Helen R. Na; Hua Lee; Jian Shen
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Numerical integration of PDEs by discrete passive modeling of physical systems
Author(s): Alfred Fettweis
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Wave-like equations obeyed by information measures
Author(s): B. Roy Frieden
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Time-recursive computation and real-time parallel architectures, with application on the modulated lapped transform
Author(s): Emmanuel N. Frantzeskakis; John S. Baras; Kuo Juey Ray Liu
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Highly pipelined VLSI architecture for computation of fast Fourier transforms
Author(s): Hong-Jin Yeh
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Pipelined implementation of high-speed STAR-RLS adaptive filters
Author(s): Kalavai J. Raghunath; Keshab K. Parhi
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Pipelined adaptive DFE architectures
Author(s): Naresh R. Shanbhag; Keshab K. Parhi
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Discrete frequency estimation using parametric filtering and the contraction mapping method
Author(s): John T. Barnett; Benjamin Kedem
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Signal extrapolation in noisy data with wavelet representation
Author(s): Li-Chien Lin; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Evolutionary spectral estimation based on adaptive use of weighted norms
Author(s): Sergio D. Cabrera; Benjamin C. Flores; Gabriel Thomas; Javier Vega-Pineda
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Applications of time-frequency and time-scale transforms to ultra-wideband radar transient signal detection
Author(s): Monique P. Fargues; William A. Brooks
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GEM-algorithm for sea echo Doppler analysis with data corrupted by sparkling interference
Author(s): Yuri I. Abramovich; Johann F. Boehme; A. Y. Gorokhov; D. Maiwald
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Cooperative multiple-target tracking using wavelets
Author(s): Aiman Albert Abdel-Malek; Amer A. Hassan; Guy R.L. Sohie
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Bootstrap: theory and applications
Author(s): Abdelhak M. Zoubir
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Nonstationary fluctuations in stationary time-series
Author(s): David J. Thomson
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Application of cumulant TVHOS to the analysis of composite FM signals in multiplicative and additive noise
Author(s): Boualem Boashash; Branko Ristic
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Information in the time-frequency plane and its applications to adaptive radar signal processing
Author(s): Tarun Kumar Bhattacharya; Gegs Jones; Simon Haykin
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Signal-adaptive decomposition of multicomponent signals
Author(s): Khaled T. Assaleh; Richard J. Mammone
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Parametric methods for nonstationary seismic data analysis
Author(s): D. Maiwald; J. W. Dalle Molle; Johann F. Boehme
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Direction-of-arrival tracking by parallel array processing
Author(s): Ana I. Perez-Neira; Miguel A. Lagunas
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N-th order cumulant-spectral principal domain, stationary set, and transient set
Author(s): J. W. Dalle Molle
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Detection of non-Gaussian signals using integrated polyspectrum
Author(s): Jitendra K. Tugnait
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State-dependent nonlinear adaptive lattice filters
Author(s): Hassan M. Ahmed; Muzaffar U. Khurram
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Systematic construction of order-recursive LS estimation algorithms with elementary orthogonal transformations
Author(s): Fuyun Ling
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Adaptive lattice filters for block RLS based on QR decomposition
Author(s): Hideaki Sakai; Tomoshi Imura
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Modified Givens rotations for inverse updating in QR decomposition
Author(s): Terence J. Shepherd; John E. McWhirter
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Adaptive antenna beamforming using orthogonal decomposition
Author(s): Kai-Bor Yu
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Systolic algorithm for robust adaptive beamforming using an adjustable constraint
Author(s): Filiep J. Vanpoucke; Marc Moonen
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New algorithm for rational subspace estimation based on cascadable adaptive lossless filters
Author(s): Inbar Fijalkow; Philippe Loubaton; Phillip A. Regalia
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Controlling error propagation for the recursive least-squares prediction filter
Author(s): James R. Bunch; Richard C. LeBorne
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Error propagation of some fast RLS algorithms
Author(s): Sanzheng Qiao
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Stable chasing algorithms for modifying complete and partial singular value decompositions
Author(s): Jesse L. Barlow; H. Zha; P. A. Yoon
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Easily updatable approximate generalized singular value decomposition
Author(s): Franklin T. Luk; Sanzheng Qiao
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CMOS processor element for a fault-tolerant SVD array
Author(s): Kishore Kota; Joseph R. Cavallaro
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Enhanced interprocessor communication strategies for parallel TMS320C40 digital signal processor systems
Author(s): David Andrew Hartley; David Mark Harvey
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Efficient eigenvalue computation on the Maspar
Author(s): Yan Huo; Robert Schreiber
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Neural network processing to minimize quantization losses
Author(s): Yu-Jhih Wu; Paul M. Chau
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Unifying parametrized VLSI Jacobi algorithms and architectures
Author(s): Ed F. A. Deprettere; Marc Moonen
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Adaptive beam forming for active sonar
Author(s): James M. Alsup
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Mobile-radio propagation channel modeling: signal processing challenges
Author(s): Bouchra Senadji
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