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Optical Materials Technology for Energy Efficiency and Solar Energy Conversion XII
Editor(s): Carl M. Lampert

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Volume Number: 2017
Date Published: 22 October 1993

Table of Contents
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Optical and thermal characterization of advanced windows with low-e coatings
Author(s): Arne Roos; Bjorn Karlsson
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Angular-dependent spectral optical properties of architectural glazings: results of an interlaboratory comparison of measurements
Author(s): Michael G. Hutchins; Philippe Ageorges
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Optical constants of sputtered ZrN films for heat mirror applications
Author(s): Monica Veszelei; Kent E. Andersson; Arne Roos; Carl-Gustaf Ribbing
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Design optimization and manufacturing of holographic windows for daylighting applications in buildings
Author(s): Hans Dieter Tholl; Christo G. Stojanoff; Ruediger Kubitzek; Gabriele Willbold-Lohr
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In-situ measurement of reflectance and DC-resistivity of thin silver films in multilayer interference filters
Author(s): Thomas Eisenhammer; F. Muggenthaler; R. Sizmann
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Fine tuning the spectral response of metal insulator composites for specific solar applications
Author(s): Geoffrey B. Smith; M. W. Ng; A. J. Reuben; Alex V. Radchik; S. Dligatch
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Optimization of the electrical and optical properties of ITO layers deposited by magnetron sputtering
Author(s): Geoff Cochrane; Zhitao Zheng; Geoffrey B. Smith
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Effect of high-temperature treatment in different ambient on the properties of SnO2:F
Author(s): Georgi D. Beshkov; Kroum M. Kolentsov; D. B. Dimitrov; Lilyana S. Yourukova; A. S. Rachkova; M. T. Kamenova
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Electrochromic oxides: microstructures and optical properties
Author(s): Claes-Goeran Granqvist
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Fractal behavior of thin-film tungsten oxide electrodes
Author(s): Kathleen A. MacDonald; John M. Bell; Joanna Barczynska; G. Voelkel
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Self-bleaching mechanism of electrochromic WO3 films
Author(s): Ji-Guang Zhang; David K. Benson; C. Ed Tracy; John D. Webb; Satyen K. Deb
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Sol-gel deposition of electrochromic copper oxide films
Author(s): Nilgun Ozer; Fatma Tepehan
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Assessment of electrochromic devices based on sol-gel deposited films
Author(s): John M. Bell; Geoffrey B. Smith; David C. Green; Joanna Barczynska; L. A. Evans; Kathleen A. MacDonald; G. Voelkel; B. O. West; L. Spiccia
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Characteristics of laminated electrochromic devices using polyorganodisulfide electrodes
Author(s): Carl M. Lampert; Steven J. Visco; Marca M. Doeff; Yan-Ping Ma; Yongxiang He; J. C. Giron
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Electrochromic device with a polymer ionic conductor
Author(s): Yueming Zhou; Peifu Gu; Jinfa Tang
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WO3-based quasi-symmetric smart window
Author(s): Le-quang Nguyen; Pandurang V. Ashrit; George Bader; Fernand E. Girouard; Vo-Van Truong
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Structure study on electrochromic films of nickel oxide
Author(s): Xingfang Hu; Xiaofeng Chen; Xiangyun Song
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Electrochromic properties of manganese oxide (MnOx) thin films made by electron beam deposition
Author(s): Olof Erlandsson; Johannes Lindvall; Ngoc Toan Nguyen; Van Hung Nguyen; Thi Bich Vu; Nang Dinh Nguyen
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Development of thin-film polycrystalline silicon solar cells by a solid-phase crystallization (SPC) method
Author(s): Takao Matsuyama; Toshiaki Baba; Makoto Tanaka; Masao Isomura; Shinya Tsuda; Shoichi Nakano; Yukinori Kuwano
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Multiphoton photochemical reactions during laser-induced deposition of silicon thin films
Author(s): Shoshana Tamir; Yigal Komem; Moshe Eizenberg; Shammai Speiser
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Correlation between material properties and photovoltaic performance in amorphous silicon solar cells
Author(s): Masao Isomura; Yoshihiro Hishikawa; Toshihiro Kinoshita; Shingo Okamoto; Manabu Sasaki; Tsuyoshi Takahama; Takao Matsuyama; Shinya Tsuda
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Verification of the current voltage characteristics and efficiencies in dye-sensitized TiO2 solar cells
Author(s): Greg P. Smestad
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Colloidal films from TiO2, an electrode material for dye-sensitized solar cells
Author(s): Sten-Eric Lindquist; Anders Hagfeldt; Henrik Lindstrom; Hakan Rensmo; Ulrika Bjorksten; Sven Sodergren
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Design and optimization of a holographic concentrator for two-color PV operation
Author(s): Ernst Ulrich Wagemann; Klaus Froehlich; Jochen Schulat; Hartmut Schuette; Christo G. Stojanoff
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Properties of vacuum-evaporated CdS and CdSe double-layer-films doping with copper and chlorine
Author(s): Peifu Gu; Haifeng Li; Zhenchai Zhu; Jinfa Tang
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Multilayer coatings for solar energy control applications
Author(s): R. T. Kivaisi; G. Mbise
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Window coatings for energy efficiency
Author(s): ShengJun Huang; Peifu Gu; Jinfa Tang
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Some optoelectric properties of chemically deposited thin films of nickel and cobalt oxides
Author(s): A. Joseph Varkey; A. F. Fort
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Development and fabrication of a hybrid holographic solar concentrator for concurrent generation of electricity and thermal utilization
Author(s): Klaus Froehlich; Ernst Ulrich Wagemann; B. Frohn; Jochen Schulat; Christo G. Stojanoff
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Optical and structural studies of Cu-SiO cermet thin films
Author(s): Mohammad Sayeedur R Khan; E. J. Beynon
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Operation and efficiency of large-scale solar thermal power plants
Author(s): Gilbert E. Cohen
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Oxidation of small metal particles
Author(s): Rafi Gatt; Gunnar A. Niklasson; Maiken Heim; Claes-Goeran Granqvist
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Optimization of SiO2-TiNxOy-Cu interference absorbers: numerical and experimental results
Author(s): Michel P. Lazarov; R. Sizmann; Ulrich Frei
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Nitrogenation of amorphous carbon layers as a method for improving their performance as a spectrally selective absorber coating
Author(s): Olaf Stenzel; Ralf Petrich; Till Wallendorf; Martina Vogel; Michael Moehl
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Thermal and chemical metallic-dielectric transitions of TiNxOy-Cu absorber tandems
Author(s): H. Schellinger; Michel P. Lazarov; H. Klank; R. Sizmann
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Morphology of nanocrystalline titanium dioxide films
Author(s): Valery Shklover; Paul Liska; Mohammad Nazeeruddin; Michael Graetzel; Reinhard Nesper; Rene Hermann
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Diffractive daylighting: ways to obtain wide-angular-range, large-efficiency, near-achromatic operation
Author(s): Hendrik J. Gerritsen
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