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Multilayer and Grazing Incidence X-Ray/EUV Optics II
Editor(s): Richard B. Hoover

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Volume Number: 2011
Date Published: 1 February 1994

Table of Contents
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High-resolution x-ray studies of an AXAF high-energy transmission grating
Author(s): Salim Abdali; Finn Erland Christensen; Herbert W. Schnopper; Thomas H. Markert; Daniel Dewey; Christie S. Nelson
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Sputtered iridium coatings for grazing incidence x-ray reflectance
Author(s): John S. Bessey; James A. Roth
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Enhanced EUV performance of Wolter type II telescopes
Author(s): Anita Kotha; James E. Harvey
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Performance of the repolished S-056 grazing incidence mirror in the MSFC AXAF test facility
Author(s): Jonathan W. Campbell; Richard B. Hoover; Phillip C. Baker
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Image quality, surface statistics, and all that
Author(s): Eugene L. Church; Peter Z. Takacs
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AXAF VETA-I mirror ring focus measurements
Author(s): Ping Zhao; Mark D. Freeman; Diab Jerius; Y. Shao
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Production of ultrasmooth electroform-replica mirrors for multilayer optics
Author(s): Melville P. Ulmer; Robert I. Altkorn; Rudy H. Haidle; David W. Madsen
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Material optimization for hard x-ray Fresnel zone plates
Author(s): John J. Chrzas; Wenbing Yun; Barry P. Lai; Dan G. Legnini; Y. H. Xiao
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Engineering qualification model of the SAX x-ray mirror unit: technical data and x-ray imaging characteristics
Author(s): Giancarlo Conti; E. Mattaini; E. Santambrogio; Bruno Sacco; Giancarlo Cusumano; Oberto Citterio; Heinrich W. Braeuninger; Wolfgang Burkert
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Development and production of lightweight CFRP carriers for the XMM telescope x-ray mirrors
Author(s): Hubert Salmen; W. Becker; Bernd Abt; Gunter Helwig; Wilhelm J. Egle; Dieter Pauschinger
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Aberrations of images formed by curved capillary arrays and crystals
Author(s): Henry N. Chapman; Andrei V. Rode
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Optical demonstration model for the XMM telescope based on lightweight CFRP/EPOXY x-ray mirrors
Author(s): Dieter Pauschinger; Wilhelm J. Egle; Holger Glatzel; Hubert Salmen; W. Becker
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Diamond-turned very thin mirror for high-throughput x-ray telescope
Author(s): Yuzuru Tawara; Yasuhiro Sakima; Harumitsu Senda; Hiroki Endo; Shoichi Yasuba
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Conical foil x-ray telescope performance predictions for space astronomy applications
Author(s): William J. Gressler; James E. Harvey
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Investigation of the x-ray propagation in the planar waveguide
Author(s): Fadei F. Komarov; Yury Ivanivich Dudchik; Yaroslav A. Konstantinov; V. S. Soloviev
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Development of microchannel plate (MCP) x-ray optics
Author(s): George W. Fraser; Adam N. Brunton; John Ernest Lees; James F. Pearson; Richard Willingale; D. L. Emberson; W. Bruce Feller; Margaret Stedman; Jane Haycocks
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Focusing of x-rays using micromachined silicon lobster eye lenses
Author(s): Andrew W. Chen; Philip E. Kaaret; Thomas W. Kenny
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Calculated passage of a collimated photon beam through an amorphous nonuniform medium
Author(s): V. V. Beloshitsky; N. G. Popkov
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Kumakhov lenses investigation in energy range 1-100 keV
Author(s): Vladimir A. Arkadiev; Dmitrii I. Gruev
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Roentgen image transfer by means of Kumakhov lenses
Author(s): Svetlana V. Nikitina; Alexander S. Scherbakov; Aniouar A. Bzhaumikhov; A. M. Kanloev; A. Liev
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Experimental investigation of Kumakhov lenses and Roentgen optics possibilities
Author(s): Svetlana V. Nikitina; G. A. Vartaniants; Alexander S. Scherbakov; Aniouar A. Bzhaumikhov; A. M. Kanloev; A. Liev
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Studies toward the optimization of ion polishing for multilayer x-ray mirrors
Author(s): Eberhard Adolf Spiller; Ki-Byoung Youn
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Design and fabrication of a 40-cm-diameter SiC-coated normal incidence telescope and spectrometer
Author(s): Stephan Robert McCandliss; Mel E. Martinez; Paul D. Feldman; Russell Pelton; Ritva A. M. Keski-Kuha; Jeffrey S. Gum
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Nongrazing high-reflective narrowband multilayer x-ray coatings
Author(s): Muamer Zukic; Jongmin Kim; Michele M. Wilson; Jong Ho Park; Douglas G. Torr
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Determination of interfacial roughness correlation in W/C multilayer films: comparison using soft and hard x-ray diffraction
Author(s): Don E. Savage; Yew-H. Phang; J. J. Rownd; James F. MacKay; Max G. Lagally
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Imaging of laser-produced plasmas at wavelengths of 130 A and 34 A using a microscope with multilayer-coated mirrors
Author(s): John F. Seely; Glenn E. Holland; J. V. Giasson
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Multilayered supermirror structures for hard x-ray synchrotron and astrophysics instrumentation
Author(s): Karsten Dan Joensen; Peter Hoghoj; Finn Erland Christensen; Paul Gorenstein; Jean Susini; Eric Ziegler; Andreas K. Freund; James L. Wood
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Grazing incidence Fe-line telescopes using W/B4C multilayers
Author(s): Karsten Dan Joensen; Paul Gorenstein; Finn Erland Christensen; George Gutman
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Performance of the multilayer-coated mirrors for the MultiSpectral Solar Telescope Array
Author(s): Maxwell J. Allen; Thomas D. Willis; Charles C. Kankelborg; Ray H. O'Neal; Dennis S. Martinez-Galarce; Craig Edward DeForest; Lisa R. Jackson; James D. Plummer; Arthur B. C. Walker Jr.; Troy W. Barbee Jr.; J. W. Weed; Richard B. Hoover
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Transmittance measurements for a variety of x-ray/EUV filter materials and pinhole leak measurements utilizing a new visible light photometer system
Author(s): Forbes R. Powell; James Fox
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Designing thin-film optical filters for soft x-ray astronomical telescopes
Author(s): Alan Owens; Kieran J. McCarthy; Alan A. Wells; Barry J. Kent
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Astronomical observations with normal incidence multilayer optics III: selection of multilayer bandpasses
Author(s): Arthur B. C. Walker Jr.; Lisa R. Jackson; James D. Plummer; Richard B. Hoover; Troy W. Barbee Jr.
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Performance of laminar-etched multilayer amplitude grating used with a synchrotron beam
Author(s): Philippe Troussel; S. Bac; Robert J. Barchewitz; A. Sammar; Daniel Schirmann; A. Mirone; Philippe Guerin
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MultiSpectral Solar Telescope Array VII: a status report
Author(s): Arthur B. C. Walker Jr.; Richard B. Hoover; Troy W. Barbee Jr.
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Calibration of Astro-D telescope with an x-ray pencil beam
Author(s): Yoshiyuki Tsusaka; Hisanori Suzuki; Hisamitsu Awaki; Koujun Yamashita; Hideyo Kunieda; Yuzuru Tawara; Yasushi Ogasaka; Yasuhiro Uchibori; Hirohiko Honda; Masayuki Itoh; Hiroshi Tsunemi; Kiyoshi Hayashida; Susumu Nomoto; Mikio Wada; Emi Miyata; Peter J. Serlemitsos; Lalit Jalota; Yang Soong
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Improved reflectometry facility at the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Author(s): Charles Tarrio; Richard N. Watts; Thomas B. Lucatorto; M. Haass; T. A. Callcott; J. Jia
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Adapting the Duoplasmatron EUV light source for use entirely within vacuum
Author(s): Rene A. Boucarut; Douglas B. Leviton; Timothy J. Madison
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Evaluation of EUV toroidal diffraction gratings for SOHO/Coronal Diagnostic Spectrometer
Author(s): Rene A. Boucarut; Douglas B. Leviton; Roger J. Thomas; Timothy J. Madison
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Effects of heat load on the performance of a grating monochromator on an undulator beamline: simulation
Author(s): H. Raul Beguiristain; Masato Koike; Takeshi Namioka
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Expanded beam x-ray optics calibration facility at the Daresbury Synchrotron
Author(s): Finn Erland Christensen; Allan Hornstrup; Peter K. Frederiksen; Salim Abdali; P. Grundsoe; Herbert W. Schnopper; Robert A. Lewis; Christopher J. Hall; Konstantin N. Borozdin
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Evaluation by UV optical measurements of the imaging quality of grazing incidence x-ray optics
Author(s): Paolo Conconi; U. Bergamini; Oberto Citterio; Giuseppe Crimi; Mauro Ghigo; Francesco Mazzoleni
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Imaging XUV spectroscopy of a z-pinch plasma in the former Soviet Union
Author(s): H. Carl Bruns; Paul T. Springer; James A. Emig; Nick E. Lanier; John A. Moreno Hernandez
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Interface roughness characterization using x-ray standing waves
Author(s): Tomoaki Kawamura; Hisataka Takenaka
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W/C multilayer monochromator for radiation biology and materials science applications
Author(s): James F. MacKay; David W. Pearson; Paul M. DeLuca Jr.; Marion N. Gould; Max G. Lagally
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State and perspectives of capillary Roentgen optics
Author(s): Muradin A. Kumakhov
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X-ray/EUV/FUV calibration of photographic films for solar research
Author(s): Richard B. Hoover; Arthur B. C. Walker Jr.; Craig Edward DeForest; Maxwell J. Allen; David B. Gore
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VUV optical performances of the SOHO/Ultraviolet Coronagraph Spectrometer
Author(s): Giampiero Naletto; Piergiorgio Nicolosi; Claudio Pernechele; Luca Poletto; Giuseppe Tondello
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Normal incidence imaging multilayer x-ray mirrors with the periods of nanometer and subnanometer scale
Author(s): Nikolai N. Salashchenko; Sergey V. Gaponov; A. D. Akhsakhaljan; S. S. Andreev; Yuriy Ya. Platonov; Nicolay I. Polushkin; E. A. Shamov; S. I. Shinkarev; S. A. Zuev
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Multilayer mirrors and filters for soft x-ray spectroscopy of a high-temperature plasma
Author(s): Yuriy Ya. Platonov; Sergei V. Bobashev; Nikolai N. Salashchenko; Dmitrii M. Simanovski; L. A. Shmaenok; S. Yu. Zuev
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Results from the recent flights of the IBM/SAO x-ray telescopes
Author(s): Eberhard Adolf Spiller; Troy W. Barbee Jr.; Leon Golub; Kenneth Kalata; George U. Nystrom; A. Viola
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Measurement of multilayer reflectivities from 8 keV to 130 keV
Author(s): Peter Hoghoj; Karsten Dan Joensen; Finn Erland Christensen; Jean Susini; Eric Ziegler; Andreas K. Freund; E. Lueken; Christian Riekel
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Quantitative measurements of the performance of capillary x-ray optics
Author(s): Carolyn A. MacDonald; Carmen C. Abreu; S. Budkov; Huaiyu Heather Chen; X. Fu; Walter M. Gibson; A. Kardiawarman; Andrei A. Karnaukhov; Vladimir Kovantsev; Igor Yu. Ponomarev; Bimal K. Rath; Johannes B. Ullrich; Michael H. Vartanian; Qi-Fan Xiao
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Production and characterization of ion-beam-sputtered multilayers
Author(s): Joseph Pedulla; Richard D. Deslattes Jr.
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15-30 arcsec resolution replica x-ray optics for AXAF-S
Author(s): Luigi Stella; Guido Chincarini; Oberto Citterio; Paolo Conconi; T. Maccacaro; G. Tagliaferri; G. Trinchieri; A. Wolter; Giovanni Fabrizio Bignami; F. Bocchino; A. Maggio; G. Micela; Salvatore Sciortino; Salvatore Serio; Alfonso Collura; P. Giommi; L. Maraschi; Roberto Pallavicini; S. Pellegrini; Giovanni Peres
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High-resolution x-ray scatter and reflectivity study of sputtered IR surfaces
Author(s): Finn Erland Christensen; Salim Abdali; Allan Hornstrup; Herbert W. Schnopper; Patrick O. Slane; Suzanne E. Romaine
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