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X-Ray and Ultraviolet Polarimetry
Editor(s): Silvano Fineschi

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Volume Number: 2010
Date Published: 15 February 1994

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Exploring ultraviolet astronomical polarimetry: results from the Wisconsin Ultraviolet Photo-Polarimeter Experiment (WUPPE)
Author(s): Kenneth H. Nordsieck; Arthur D. Code; C. M. Anderson; M. R. Meade; B. Babler; Donald E. Michalski; R. H. Pfeifer; T. E. Jones
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Stellar x-ray polarimeter and the Spectrum-X-Gamma mission
Author(s): Igor Y. Lapshov; Philip E. Kaaret; Robert Novick
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Status of the stellar x-ray polarimeter for the Spectrum-X-Gamma mission
Author(s): Philip E. Kaaret; J. Schwartz; Paolo Soffitta; J. Dwyer; Ping-Shine Shaw; Shaul Hanany; Robert Novick; Rashid Sunyaev; Igor Y. Lapshov; Eric H. Silver; Klaus Ziock; Martin C. Weisskopf; Ronald F. Elsner; Brian D. Ramsey; Enrico Costa; Alda Rubini; Marco Feroci; Luigi Piro; Giuseppe Manzo; Salvatore Giarrusso; Andrea E. Santangelo; Livio Scarsi; G. C. Perola; Enrico Massaro; Giorgio Matt
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New techniques in ultraviolet astronomical polarimetry: wide-field imaging and far-ultraviolet spectropolarimetry
Author(s): Kenneth H. Nordsieck; Pamela Marcum; Kurt P. Jaehnig; Donald E. Michalski
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Stellar x-ray polarimeter: polarizer development and calibration at the LEA/LLNL
Author(s): Klaus Ziock; Eric H. Silver; Michael P. Raffanti
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Polarization characteristics of synchrotron radiation by means of rotating-analyzer ellipsometry using soft x-ray multilayer
Author(s): Hiroaki Kimura; Toyohiko Kinoshita; Shyouzi Suzuki; Tsuneaki Miyahara; Masaki Yamamoto
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Scattering polarimetry for x-ray astronomy by means of scintillating fibers
Author(s): Enrico Costa; Maria Nerina Cinti; Marco Feroci; Giorgio Matt; Massimo Rapisarda
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Measurement of circular polarization close to the carbon K-edge using a transmission multilayer
Author(s): Franz Schaefers; Helmuth P. Petersen; Andreas Gaupp; S. DiFonzo; Werner H. Jark; James H. Underwood
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Stray light analysis of a reflecting UV coronagraph/polarimeter with multilayer optics
Author(s): Silvano Fineschi; Marco Romoli; Richard B. Hoover; Phillip C. Baker; Muamer Zukic; Jongmin Kim; Arthur B. C. Walker Jr.
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Design and fabrication of a reflection far-ultraviolet polarizer and retarder
Author(s): Jongmin Kim; Muamer Zukic; Michele M. Wilson; Douglas G. Torr
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Fabrication and test of a wide-field H-Lyman alpha coronagraph/polarimeter
Author(s): Richard B. Hoover; Arthur B. C. Walker Jr.; Silvano Fineschi; Phillip C. Baker; Muamer Zukic; Jongmin Kim
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Development of a hard x-ray imaging polarimeter
Author(s): Robert A. Austin; Takahisa Minamitani; Brian D. Ramsey
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Parametric determination of the inclination, velocity and density structure of circumstellar discs from spectropolarimetric profiles of scattered lines
Author(s): Kenneth Wood; John C. Brown
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X-ray phase plate for energy-dispersive and mononchromatic experiments
Author(s): Carlos M. Giles; Cecile Malgrange; Jose Goulon; Christian Vettier; Francois de Bergevin; Andreas K. Freund; Pascal Elleaume; E. Dartyge; Alain Fontaine; C. Giorgetti; S. Pizzini
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Polarimetry with use of soft x-ray multilayers
Author(s): Masaki Yamamoto
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Polarization properties of multilayers in the EUV and soft xray
Author(s): Jeffrey B. Kortright
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Circular polarization measurements at the BESSY crossed field undulator
Author(s): Johannes Bahrdt; Andreas Gaupp; William B. Peatman; Franz Schaefers; Ch. Wang
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Element-specific magnetic hysteresis measurements: a new application of circularly polarized soft x rays
Author(s): Hong-Ji Lin; Chien T. Chen; George Meigs; Yves U. Idzerda; Alison Chaiken; Gary A. Prinz; Grace H. Ho
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Soft x-ray magnetic circular dichroism on a paramagnetic bioinorganic system
Author(s): J. van Elp; S. J. George; G. Peng; B. G. Searle; Z. H. Zhou; M. W.W. Adams; Chien T. Chen; Stephen P. Cramer
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Design of precise ultraviolet imaging polarimeters that rely on in situ calibration
Author(s): Laurence J. November
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Application of a charge-coupled device as an x-ray polarimeter
Author(s): Hiroshi Tsunemi; Kiyoshi Hayashida; Keisuke Tamura; Susumu Nomoto; Mikio Wada; Emi Miyata; Noriuki Miura
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Optical constant determination for x-ray materials
Author(s): Michele M. Wilson; Jongmin Kim; Muamer Zukic; Douglas G. Torr
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Studies in optical solar polarimetry
Author(s): Steve R. Fullerton
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Transparent conductive coatings in the far ultraviolet
Author(s): Jongmin Kim; Muamer Zukic; Jong Ho Park; Michele Wilson McColgan; Charles E. Keffer; Douglas G. Torr
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