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EUV, X-Ray, and Gamma-Ray Instrumentation for Astronomy IV

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Volume Number: 2006
Date Published: 19 November 1993

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MOS CCDs for the European Photon Imaging Camera
Author(s): Andrew D. Holland; Martin J. L. Turner; D.J. Burt; Peter J. Pool
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Analysis of rocking curve measurements of LiF flight crystals for the objective crystal spectrometer on SPECTRUM-X-GAMMA
Author(s): Ingolf Halm; Hans-Joachim Wiebicke; U. R.M.E. Geppert; Finn Erland Christensen; Salim Abdali; Herbert W. Schnopper
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CUBIC: filters and the space environment
Author(s): Mark A. Skinner; David N. Burrows
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Implications of carrier mobility limitations for GaAs as an x-ray detector
Author(s): S. M. Grant; Timothy J. Sumner; J. P. Warren; D. Alexiev; K. S. A. Butcher
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Multilayer anode with orthogonal serpentine delay lines for high-spatial-resolution readout of microchannel plate detectors
Author(s): Peter G. Friedman; Raul A. Cuza; Judith R. Fleischman; Christopher Martin; David Schiminovich
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High-resolution monolithic delay-line readout techniques for two-dimensional microchannel plate detectors
Author(s): Oswald H. W. Siegmund; Mark A. Gummin; Joseph M. Stock; Daniel R. Marsh; Richard Raffanti; Jeffrey S. Hull
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Crossed-delay line detector for ground- and space-based applications
Author(s): Miles H. Baron; William C. Priedhorsky
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Calibrations of imaging gas scintillation proportional counters on ASTRO-D
Author(s): Yoshiki Kohmura; Yasushi Fukazawa; Yasushi Ikebe; Yoshitaka Ishisaki; S. Kamijo; Hidehiro Kaneda; Kazuo Makishima; Kyoko Matsushita; K. Nakagawa; Makoto Tashiro; Takaya Ohashi; Hiroyuki Inoue; Manabu Ishida; F. Makino; Toshio Murakami; Y. Ogawara; Y. Tanaka; Yoshihiro Ueda; K. Ebisawa; Teruyoshi Mihara; T. Takeshima; Takeshi G. Tsuru; K. Hiyoshi; M. Horii; R. Shomura; Koji Taguchi
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Hybrid gas detector/phoswich for hard x-ray astronomy
Author(s): Brian D. Ramsey; Robert A. Austin; Takahisa Minamitani; Martin C. Weisskopf; Jonathan E. Grindlay; Kenneth S. K. Lum; Raj P. Manandhar
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Marshall Space Flight Center imaging x-ray experiment (MIXE)
Author(s): Brian D. Ramsey; Jeff A. Apple; Kurtis L. Dietz; Martin C. Weisskopf; Robert A. Austin; Jeffery J. Kolodziejczak; Takahisa Minamitani
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Microstrip detector development for x-ray astronomy
Author(s): Melinda Ann Fulton; Brian D. Ramsey; Jeffery J. Kolodziejczak
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Measurement of the gamma-ray lines with high-pressure xenon spectrometer on board the orbital station MIR
Author(s): Yu. T. Yurkin; Aleksey E. Bolotnikov; I. V. Chernycheva; Valery V. Dmitrenko; A. M. Galper; V. M. Grachev; O. N. Kondakova; S. V. Krivov; V. I. Lyagushin; G. A. Shmatov; S. I. Sutchkov; Sergey E. Ulin; Z. M. Uteshev; K. F. Vlasik
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ALEXIS small satellite project: initial flight results
Author(s): William C. Priedhorsky; Jeffrey J. Bloch; Daniel H. Holden; Diane C. Roussel-Dupre; Barham W. Smith; Robert Dingler; Richard Warner; Greg Huffman; Robert Miller; Bob Dill; Richard Fleeter
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Berkeley EUV spectrometer microchannel plate detectors for ORFEUS
Author(s): Joseph M. Stock; Oswald H. W. Siegmund; Mark Hurwitz; Richard Raffanti; C. Stuart Bowyer; Michael L. Lampton
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Differential field-widened spatial heterodyne spectrometer for investigations at high spectral resolution of the diffuse far-ultraviolet 1548-A emission line from the interstellar medium
Author(s): John M. Harlander; Fred L. Roesler; Ronald J. Reynolds; Kurt P. Jaehnig; Wilton T. Sanders III
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Narrowband ultraviolet imaging experiment for wide-field surveys (NUVIEWS)
Author(s): Judith R. Fleischman; Peter G. Friedman; Christopher Martin; David Schiminovich
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Progress on high-efficiency photocathodes for soft x-ray, EUV, and FUV photon detection
Author(s): Daniel R. Marsh; Oswald H. W. Siegmund; Joseph M. Stock
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Numerical and analytical models of gain saturation in microchannel plate devices
Author(s): Michele Bassan; Leonardo Giudicotti; Roberto Pasqualotto; Andrea Sardella
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Stanford MAMA detector characterization facility
Author(s): J. Gethyn Timothy; Paolo Bergamini; Thomas E. Berger; Robert W. Bumala; Sharon Liu; Ted Martinez; David C. Slater
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Performance characteristics of the MAMA detectors for the SUMER instrument on the SOHO Mission
Author(s): J. Gethyn Timothy; Paolo Bergamini; Thomas E. Berger; Robert W. Bumala; David C. Slater
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Development of EXITE2: a large-area imaging phoswich detector/telescope for hard x-ray astronomy
Author(s): Raj P. Manandhar; Kenneth S. K. Lum; Stephen S. Eikenberry; Martin Krockenberger; Jonathan E. Grindlay
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Basic and advanced Fourier telescope performance for imaging the sky in hard x rays
Author(s): Jonathan W. Campbell
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Progress on detectors with superconducting tunnel junctions
Author(s): Hans Kraus; Josef Jochum; B. Kemmather; M. Gutsche
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Performance of back-illuminated Tektronix CCDs in the extreme ultraviolet
Author(s): J. Daniel Moses; Russell A. Howard; Dennis Wang; Richard C. Catura; James R. Lemen; Lawrence Shing; Robert A. Stern; Jean-Francois E. Hochedez; Jean-Pierre Delaboudiniere
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CUBIC: laboratory testing of 'thin poly' CCDs
Author(s): Mark A. Skinner; David N. Burrows; Gordon P. Garmire; Ralph Porter Kraft; David H. Lumb; John A. Nousek
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Recent developments for the AXAF CCD imaging spectrometer
Author(s): David H. Lumb; Mark W. Bautz; David N. Burrows; John P. Doty; Gordon P. Garmire; P. Gray; John A. Nousek; George R. Ricker Jr.
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CCD soft x-ray imagers for ASCA and AXAF
Author(s): Barry E. Burke; Robert W. Mountain; Peter J. Daniels; M. J. Cooper; Victor S. Dolat
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Soft x-ray and EUV efficiencies of CCDs
Author(s): Richard C. Catura; Lawrence Shing
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X-ray, EUV, UV, and optical quantum efficiency measurements of laser-annealed ion-implanted CCDs
Author(s): Robert A. Stern; Lawrence Shing; Morley M. Blouke
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Particle background in CCD detectors
Author(s): David H. Lumb
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Superconducting tunnel junctions as photon-counting detectors
Author(s): Phillipp Huebner; Nicola Rando; Anthony J. Peacock; P. H. Videler; Axel van Dordrecht; John M. Lumley
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Laboratory performance of the proportional counter array experiment for the X-ray Timing Explorer
Author(s): William W. Zhang; Alan B. Giles; Keith Jahoda; Yang Soong; Jean H. Swank; Edward H. Morgan
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Preliminary results from the diffuse x-ray spectrometer
Author(s): Wilton T. Sanders III; Richard J. Edgar; Michael Juda; William L. Kraushaar; Dan McCammon; Steve L. Snowden; Jiahong Zhang Juda; Mark A. Skinner; Keith Jahoda; Richard L. Kelley; A. Smale; Caroline Kilbourn Stahle; Andrew E. Szymkowiak
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Spectroscopic characterization of the EUV toroidal grating for the HiRES rocket
Author(s): Giampiero Naletto; Marco Perin; Giuseppe Tondello; Paolo Villoresi; Gabriella Contarini; J. Gethyn Timothy; Paolo Bergamini; Thomas E. Berger
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