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Optical Alignment
Editor(s): Mitchell C. Ruda

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Volume Number: 1996
Date Published: 15 October 1993

Table of Contents
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Alignment sensor with integrated analog signal processing
Author(s): Christopher B. Umminger; Charles G. Sodini
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Enhanced measurement of decentration in multielement lens assemblies
Author(s): Simon Magarill; Brian Welham
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Critical alignment techniques for precision lens assemblies
Author(s): Albert F. Slomba
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Fabrication, alignment, and test of an all-reflective soft x-ray microlithography objective
Author(s): Kenneth R. Castle; Mitchell C. Ruda; Timothy M. Gleeson; Daniel A. Tichenor; John E. Bjorkholm; Marc D. Himel; Tanya E. Jewell
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Misalignments in phased-array telescopes: description and correction
Author(s): Tilman Werner Stuhlinger
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High bore-sight accuracy collimators
Author(s): James A. Sterritt II
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Alignment technique for precision optical assemblies
Author(s): James J. Kumler; Marc Neer
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SDIO autonomous alignment system research
Author(s): Gary Golnik; Louis J. Palumbo; Alex Ballantyne; Michelle A. Thomas; Adam W. Bailey; George A. Hart; Mark A. Smith; Daniel Ray Wildt
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Automated alignment of complex optical systems using a simplex optimization algorithm
Author(s): Louis J. Palumbo; Mark A. Smith; Michelle A. Thomas; Alex Ballantyne; William J. Buitenhuys; Amy Jo Cielinski; Gary Golnik
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Experimental testing of autonomous alignment of a six-degree-of-freedom optical system
Author(s): Alex Ballantyne; Louis J. Palumbo; Michelle A. Thomas; Gary Golnik
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Development of autonomous techniques for figure control of a deformable mirror
Author(s): Adam W. Bailey; William J. Buitenhuys; Amy Jo Cielinski; Mark A. Smith
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ALINET: neural net automatic alignment of high-energy laser resonator optical elements
Author(s): George A. Hart; Adam W. Bailey; Louis J. Palumbo; Michael Kuperstein
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Overview of the HST optical systems performance
Author(s): H. John Wood; Sanford W. Hinkal
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Optomechanical verification of COSTAR using computer graphics simulation
Author(s): Dennis M. Hancock
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Active mirrors for on-orbit alignment of the second generation Wide-Field and Planetary Camera
Author(s): James L. Fanson; John T. Trauger
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Optical alignment and test of Wide-Field/Planetary Camera-II
Author(s): James P. McGuire Jr.; Robert P. Korechoff
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Optical design, fabrication, and alignment of a Hubble Space Telescope simulator for Wide-Field/Planetary Camera II
Author(s): Arthur H. Vaughan; Norman A. Page; Robert G. Chave; Kais Almarzouk; Juan L. Rayces
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Optical metrology of the Hubble Space Telescope simulator by means of Hartmann tests
Author(s): Arthur H. Vaughan; Robert P. Korechoff
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Corrective optics space telescope axial replacement alignment system
Author(s): Robert B. Slusher; Michael J. Satter; Michael L. Kaplan; Mark A. Martella; Ed D. Freymiller; Victor A. Buzzetta
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COSTAR phase I alignment description
Author(s): Robert B. Slusher; Michael L. Kaplan; Michael J. Satter; Mark A. Martella; Victor A. Buzzetta
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COSTAR phase II alignment description
Author(s): Michael L. Kaplan; Kim I. MacFeely; Robert B. Slusher; Raymond F. Cahill
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COSTAR refractive aberration simulator alignment
Author(s): Joseph F. Sullivan; Robin J. Mays; Michael L. Kaplan; Raymond F. Cahill; Renee M. Saunders; Paul D. Atcheson
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Holographic testing canal for large optical systems testing and alignment
Author(s): Mikhail A. Gan; Igor Stanislavo Potyemin
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