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Advanced Optical Manufacturing and Testing IV
Editor(s): Victor J. Doherty D.V.M.

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Volume Number: 1994
Date Published: 1 February 1994

Table of Contents
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Ion beam milling of thin films for optical fabrication
Author(s): Charles M. Egert
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Application of design of experiments to a multilayer optical coating process
Author(s): Charles M. Egert; D. D. Schmoyer; James D. Howe
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Ion beam milling of silicon carbide optical components
Author(s): Kathy W. Hylton; Charles L. Carnal; J. R. Jackson; Charles M. Egert
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Modular reconfigurable spot tool
Author(s): Ray Williamson
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Ductile grinding of silicon carbide as a production method for reflective optics
Author(s): William K. Kahl
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Advanced manufacturing technologies for the BeCOAT telescope
Author(s): Michael N. Sweeney; Slobodan Rajic; Roland D. Seals
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Ultraprecision diamond turning of optical crystals
Author(s): Junyi Yu; Jiwang Yan; Wensheng Ma; Rongjiu Han
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Automated inspection station for optical inspection of multifocal intraocular lenses
Author(s): Rong Sun; Paul W. Bolton; Valdemar Portney
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Shack-Hartmann analysis of the 3.5-m primary mirror of the Galileo telescope
Author(s): Rajiv K. Bhatia; Adriana Ciani; Piero Rafanelli
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Evaluation of a scanning Hartmann device for single point turning applications
Author(s): Arthur C. Miller Jr.; Tilman Werner Stuhlinger
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Sensitivity of two-channel Ronchi test to grating misalignment
Author(s): William Stephen Meyers; H. Philip Stahl
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Dual reflective baffle system for the BeCOAT telescope
Author(s): Richard N. Pfisterer; Gary L. Peterson
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Phase retardance and optical extinction symmetry measurements for some birefringent materials
Author(s): Michael A. Bukshtab; Gregory J. Mizell
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Low-cost conversion of a bi-directional reflectance distribution station to off-axis rejection testing of a cold stop
Author(s): Mark A. Lundgren
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Making a null lens by using optimization and manufacturing iterations
Author(s): Jeng-Dang Juang; Ming-Wen Chang
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Aspheric surface testing by a phase-shifting shearing interferometer
Author(s): Hong Gao; Qiming Xin; Kaixiang Huang; Robert E. Parks
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Three-dimensional optical profiler using Nomarski interferometry
Author(s): Hong Gao; Qiming Xin; Robert E. Parks
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Characteristic of photo-hardening polymer
Author(s): Xiangqun Cao; Hualiang Fan
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Development of an automatic spectrophotometer
Author(s): Peiyun Wu; Peifu Gu; Xu Liu; Jinfa Tang
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Diffraction efficiency of recurrent image of multiple holograms
Author(s): Xiao-Wu Ni; Hong-Yi Wang; Jian Lu; Anzhi He
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Continuous process improvement: manufacturing optics in the twenty-first century
Author(s): Jerrold Zimmerman
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Enabling advanced mirror blank design through modern optical fabrication technology
Author(s): Timothy J. Wilson; Victor L. Genberg
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Fabrication and testing of the 3.5-m, f/1.75, WIYN primary mirror
Author(s): David S. Anderson; James H. Burge; Dean A. Ketelsen; Hubert M. Martin; Steve C. West; Gary A. Poczulp; John H. Richardson; Woon-Yin Wong
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Manufacture of an 8-meter-class primary mirror
Author(s): W. Scott Smith
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Thermal response of a lightweight gas-fusion mirror blank
Author(s): Robert E. Parks; David S. Anderson
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Automated mirror figuring using dynamic control of polishing forces
Author(s): Tapio K. Korhonen; Timo Lappalainen; Aimo K. Sillanpaa
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First Chinese machine for computer-controlled polishing
Author(s): Qiming Xin; Robert E. Parks
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Certification of null correctors for primary mirrors
Author(s): James H. Burge
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Calibration issues for testing large concave optics in a reflective null configuration
Author(s): Michael J. Fehniger
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Unified mirror surface profile using subaperture testing
Author(s): George W. Jones
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Testing an optical window of a small wedge angle
Author(s): Chiayu Ai; James C. Wyant
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