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Video Communications and PACS for Medical Applications
Editor(s): Rudy A. Mattheus; Andre J. Duerinckx; Peter J. van Otterloo

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Volume Number: 1977
Date Published: 29 October 1993

Table of Contents
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Very-low-bit-rate 3D subband-based video coding with a dynamic bit allocation
Author(s): Arnaud E. Jacquin; Christine I. Podilchuk
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Mobile videotelephone communications: the CCITT H.261 chances
Author(s): Fernando Manuel Ber Pereira; D. Cortez; Paulo Nunes
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Extrapolation of a MPEG1 video coding scheme for low-bit-rate applications
Author(s): Miguel Roser; Paulo Villegas; L. Casamayou; Javier C. Caballero; Maria Simon
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Three-dimensional motion-compensated subband coding
Author(s): Jens-Rainer Ohm
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Bit-rate reduction for professional HDTV recording
Author(s): Marcel M. Breeuwer
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Scalable coding of HD video for magnetic recording
Author(s): I. A. Shah; R. Klein Gunnewiek
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Global motion compensation and motion vector smoothing in an extended H.261 recommendation
Author(s): Manuel Menezes de Sequeira; Fernando Manuel Ber Pereira
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Estimating motion vectorfields with smoothness constraints
Author(s): Kan Xie; Luc Van Eycken; Andre J. Oosterlinck
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Simple algorithmm to extract realistic motion fields out of video sequences
Author(s): Stefaan Desmet; Albert A. Deknuydt; Nan Li; Luc Van Eycken; Andre J. Oosterlinck
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Efficient image reconstruction from sign and energy information
Author(s): Andrea Basso; Alexander M. Geurtz; Murat Kunt
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Combined displacement estimation and segmentation in image sequences
Author(s): Christoph Stiller; Bernd Huertgen
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Estimation, transmission, and distribution of motion information in future image communication networks
Author(s): Bertrand Chupeau
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Steepest gradient descent method for estimation of motion parameters from image sequences
Author(s): Yusong Yu; Yi Lin Sun; Hui-Juan Liu
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Image coding for storage and transmission based on morphological segmentation
Author(s): Luis Torres; Philippe Salembier; Ferran Marques; Pierre Hierro
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Use of wavelet packets for image sequence coding
Author(s): Bruno Rouchouze; Mohsine Karrakchou; Alexander M. Geurtz; Murat Kunt
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DCT/subband coding techniques in frequency scalable video coding
Author(s): Nikos G. Panagiotidis; Stefanos D. Kollias
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Subband coding of museal images
Author(s): Marco Ardito; Guido Maria Cortelazzo; M. Martelli; Gian Antonio Mian
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Subband-based hybrid HDTV coding
Author(s): Guenter Schamel; Jan L.P. De Lameillieure
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Symmetry-based image segmentation
Author(s): Pierangela Cicconi; Murat Kunt
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Hierarchical vector representation of document images
Author(s): Sergey V. Ablameyko; Vladimir V. Bereishik; Nadeshda Paramonova; Angelo Marcelli; Sachiko Ishikawa
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Fast hierarchical codebook search for fractal coding of still images
Author(s): Bernd Huertgen; Christoph Stiller
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DIVA: a MPEG1 video decoder for interactive applications
Author(s): Ludovic Bergonzi; C. Dutein; Thierry Fautier; Lili Simon; Philippe Tychon
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Heterogeneous multiprocessor architecture for video coding applications
Author(s): Richard Hoffer; Winfried Gehrke; Peter Pirsch
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Filter banks and wavelets in signal processing: a critical review
Author(s): Ali Naci Akansu
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Overview of PACs and their impact on network evolution
Author(s): Andre J. Duerinckx; Brent K. Stewart
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End-to-end delay reduction in narrow bandwidth real-time multimedia tele-education applications
Author(s): Theo Algra
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High performance networking architecture for PACS
Author(s): Andreas Keizers; Dietrich Meyer-Ebrecht; C. Schilling; F. Vossebuerger
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NOSS: Object-oriented approach to network management
Author(s): Danny Ureel; M. De Molder; Rudy A. Mattheus
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Using broadband digital image communication for international remote expert consultation in the EC project TELEMED
Author(s): Marlene Gerneth; Frank-Reinhard Bartsch; Rudolf Schosser
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Hierarchical transmission of picture signals on a MAN
Author(s): Benoit M. M. Macq; Patrick Piscaglia; A. Laloux
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Videoconference as a tool for European interhospital consultations in radiology
Author(s): Frank-Reinhard Bartsch; Marlene Gerneth; Rudolf Schosser
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Remote consultation and diagnosis in medical imaging using a global PACS backbone network
Author(s): Ralph Martinez; Bijal N. Sutaria; Jinman Kim; Jiseung Nam
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Architectures for integrated multimedia medical information
Author(s): Gisle Hannemyr; S. Jensen; Hanne Larsen
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Hypermedia cooperative work in an OSI/ODP standard environment
Author(s): Andrew J. Hewett; Andreas Barth; Peter F. Jensch
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Adaptive compression scheme in medical imaging
Author(s): Olivier Baudin; Atilla M. Baskurt; Bernard Barbier; Robert Goutte
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Applications of the JPEG standard in a medical environment
Author(s): Ulrich Wittenberg
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Process synchronous CCD-video digitizer
Author(s): Heimo T. Blattner; R. Posch
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High-speed A/D and D/A interface for PCs with applications in image processing
Author(s): Aurel M. Vlaicu; Eugene Meciu; Sorin Marcel Iacob
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PC-based architecture to access remote image databases
Author(s): F. Leal; C. Oliveira; Jorge A. Silva; Paula Viana; E. Carrapatoso
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